Walk through the doors of Adoption Network Law Center and you will discover a life altering experience. Miracles of life through adoption are enriching the lives of adoptive parents, birthmothers and children.

UNPLANNED PREGNANCY - Considering Adoption?

As a woman with an Unplanned Pregnancy, you will find a passionate and supportive group of women adoption counselors that respect you for your courage in bringing a precious life into the world. Resources are available for you to make your journey through the adoption process safe, secure and smooth. We are not like a typical Adoption Agency... we are here to assist you with free legal services, financial support and 24/7 guidance and counseling. Learn More..

ADOPTIVE PARENTS - Considering Adoption?

As a prospective Adoptive Parent, you will discover a magical haven through adoption where miracles unfold and families are built. Our professional staff understands the real fears and anxieties associated with adoption and it's intricate processes. Unlike adoption agencies, Adoption Network Law Center is not confined by stringent state-mandated restrictions. Helping build families through adoption, one miracle at a time. Learn More..

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Testimonials: The following quotations were randomly selected from families journeying through the adoption process.

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May 13 is Birthmother's Day It is a day to honor women who create miracles for so many of us ... learn more

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