Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy?

Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy?

We may provide free assistance with living expenses, housing, and other support services.

How to Adopt a Newborn Baby

Looking for your precious baby?

We can help you find and adopt a newborn baby to fulfill your dreams of parenting.

Find the Perfect Family For Your Baby

Pregnant? Find a family ready to adopt.

Find a loving home to provide your child with everything they need to thrive. You decide!

Adoption Network - Safer than Adoption Agencies

Safer Than Adoption Agencies

As a Law Center, we are better able to recognize scams and ensure the integrity of the adoption process.

Unlike adoption agencies, ANLC is held to a higher standard and has a legal obligation to protect its clients' interests and advise of any red flags.

ANLC works with its network of attorneys and agencies throughout the U.S. to ensure the most legally sound adoption plan, thereby protecting the interest of all parties.

Multiple attorneys are on staff to guide you through the adoption process and provide oversight. Emotional and financial realities of adoption are explained.

ANLC ensures that background checks, medical records and home stuides are obtained.

We work to reduce potential legal risks involving Birth Fathers.

ANLC's legal team is involved as needed during the post-placement period to assist with birth certificates, IRS letters, insurance letters and finalization questions.

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Want To Adopt?

How to Adopt with ANLC Adoption Packet:
To help you learn more about your options, we will send you our FREE Adoption Information Packet. There is no obligation and you will receive:
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How to adopt with ANLC Adoption Packet

2017 ANLC Calendar Kids



"Emilia has been a true blessing, and most incredible gift that we have received from God.
Her adoption journey taught us the true meaning of unconditional love! We just couldn’t be happier.
Emilia Isabel is a true testament that you should never give up on your dreams.... And that miracles DO happen!"
Emilio & Carmen


"This is Sebastian ("Bash") born on 2/12/2014.
He fits into our family like a glove and we could not imagine life without him. Bash is so much like his Daddy already and never takes his eyes off of his Mama.
We had an amazing experience with ANLC with the way they handle everything, their professionalism, and how they express empathy to all parties involved."
Douglas & Shirley


"My husband and I had started the adoption process in September 2010…but he died unexpectedly in December 2010. One year later, I decided to begin the journey by myself. I received a call from ANLC on 9/7/12 that I had been selected by a birth mother. On 9/21/12, my daughter, Aubree, made her entrance into the world. My dream of becoming a mother was finally a reality. I’m beyond grateful that her birth mother made the unselfish decision to place her for adoption. God could not have placed a more perfect child in my arms and heart."


"We thought we knew how much love and joy Kanyan would bring to our family, but it is so much more than we could have ever imagined! Kanyan is our little ray of sunshine!"
Mike & Sheila


"Our journey to Noah was and continues to be a complete reminder of God’s love, grace and mercy for our family. It doesn’t matter that we do not share similar looks or DNA; the love we share with him is beyond measure. From the first time our birth mother handed him to us, there was always a sense that this was the little baby we’ve been looking and praying for."
Jeremie & Katy


"This is Asher at one year. He was born 1/24/15 and there has not been one day that has passed without us giving thanks to God, our birth mom and ANLC for our beautiful gift. It's true, the longer and harder the road, the sweeter the ending."
Michael & Michele


"The support we received from ANLC throughout the waiting and adoption process made us feel like we were surrounded by friends. They were there for us through difficult times and during the happiest moments of our journey, as we welcomed our baby girl. The moment Zoe entered our lives, our happiness multiplied immeasurably! Her place in our family and in our hearts was clear from the start. Zoe is such a sweet, fiery, tenacious little soul and she makes friends and spreads giggles wherever we go. We simply cannot imagine our lives without her and we feel very fortunate to have found ANLC to help unite us."
Chris & Jaime


"After many years of trying to become parents, we made the life-changing decision to adopt through ANLC. We could not have made a better decision. Rilyn is the absolute light of our lives and our love for her grows every day. We will forever be grateful to our Birth Parents and to ANLC for the indescribable gift they have given us. We are the family we always wanted!"
Ryan & Rebecca


"It has been 3 years since we became the proud parents of Mason, and we are so grateful for each and every day! We couldn't have asked for a more loving, affectionate, intelligent child. We love him more than words can express and we thank ANLC for all of their help."
Ryan & Rochelle


"Our adoption journey was filled with ups and downs, but we are so happy with the outcome!
Baby J was more than worth the wait! He is an amazing blessing to our family!"
Todd & Alice


"Garin was born on June 17, 2011 and we were fortunate to be present for his birth. Since Garin was able to smile, he has been lighting up the world. He is so full of love, joy, and the desire to make people laugh. Our adoption journey has not been easy and we continue to face daily challenges, but the sound of his laugh and the warmth of his hugs truly melts our hearts. He is exactly where he is supposed to be and we wouldn’t change a word of his adoption story."
Charles & Valerie

Nathaniel & Adalyn

"After experiencing the loss of our triplets, and praying through our healing process, the Lord blessed our family twice within a 14 month period with the birth of our precious son Nathaniel and our daughter Adalyn. We are delighted to share that they are growing into strong, healthy, intelligent little ones. Nathaniel and Adalyn exude pure joy as witnessed through their contagious smiles, filling our lives with beautiful singing, dancing, special creations, adventure and unending love."
Vincent & Kimberly