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2016 ANLC Calendar Kids



"My husband and I were fortunate enough to be blessed with this perfect little boy in May of 2014. He was the gift we'd been waiting to complete our family. Every day we are thankful that Adoption Network Law Center was able to help us make that dream a reality. Thank you."
Brendan and Krista, parents of Kyle


"Noah was born on Sept 19th 2011. He is energetic and the most loving boy you will ever meet. You will never have a bad day with him around! ANLC is our second home!"
James and Courtney, parents of Noah and Abel


"When Sandra and I began this journey with Riley nearly three years ago, we couldn't have been more blessed with a healthy and happy child who touches hearts and draws smiles from everyone she meets."
Russell and Sandra, parents of Riley


"It has almost been two years since we adopted our precious Jozie Layne. Jozie has filled our lives with such joy and laughter I can't imagine life without her. I look forward to seeing her amazing smile every morning and thank god every day for the strength that took us on this amazing journey to find her."
Shawn and Anta, parents of Jozie


"The day we received the call that we had been chosen we couldn’t have been happier, until May 3 came. About an hour after arriving at the hospital we were holding our little girl. We were in awe of her at how beautifully perfect she was and is. Nina has completed our family and her little face lights up our lives every day!"
Jaime & Cynthia, parents of Nina

Emily & Caden

"We adopted our daughter Emily 3 years ago and she is such a funny, energetic, loving little girl and big sister. 5 weeks ago we were blessed with our little man, Caden. We are so blessed to have had ANLC with us throughout both of our journeys. Everyone we worked with were so supportive, loving, and caring."
Gary and Dana, parents of Emily and Caden


"Tristan is a bright and intense light of happiness and joy."
Simon and Marina, parents of Tristan


"Each adoption journey is an adventure, and ours culminated in the gift of an energetic and fun-loving boy... Isaiah brings inexpressible joy to our lives, and to nearly everyone with whom he interacts. We cannot imagine our lives without him, and are so thankful for the Adoption Network Law Center!"
Thomas and Jessica, parents of Isaiah


"Adeline has been a true blessing to us, our friends, and family. Adeline is nearly 4 now, and we could never imagine our life without her in it, after all she’s the boss. We will be forever grateful to all the wonderful people at ANLC who worked for 2 years to bring Adeline in to our lives. Their kindness and encouragement kept us going on our life changing journey."
Jim & Monica parents of Adeline Mae


"It’s hard to describe our adoption journey with words... Our friends and family said our baby would find us. Our ANLC family said have faith. The love and support carried us through and when Jackson was placed in my arms for the first time I knew a love so powerful it couldn’t be measured. He was so worth the wait!"
Tom and Debbi, parents of Jackson


"We could never have imagined how amazing adoption would be. We owe this all to Adoption Law Network for making our dream a reality. Ethyn is the most amazing little guy. He is full of personality and his tight hugs and kisses will melt your heart. He is our treasured gift."
Karen and Juan, parents of Ethyn


"Lola Claire is sweet and sassy and full of life! She brings a smile to our faces every day! She loves to play outside and swing and slide and ride her tricycle. We are blessed beyond measure! "
James and Tricia, parents of Lola Claire
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