Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy?

Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy?

We may provide free assistance with living expenses, housing, and other support services.

How to Adopt a Newborn Baby

Looking for your precious baby?

We can help you find and adopt a newborn baby to fulfill your dreams of parenting.

Find the Perfect Family For Your Baby

Pregnant? Find a family ready to adopt.

Find a loving home to provide your child with everything they need to thrive. You decide!

Adoption Network - Safer than Adoption Agencies

Safer Than Adoption Agencies

As a Law Center, we are better able to recognize scams and ensure the integrity of the adoption process.

Unlike adoption agencies, ANLC is held to a higher standard and has a legal obligation to protect its clients' interests and advise of any red flags.

ANLC works with its network of attorneys and agencies throughout the U.S. to ensure the most legally sound adoption plan, thereby protecting the interest of all parties.

Multiple attorneys are on staff to guide you through the adoption process and provide oversight. Emotional and financial realities of adoption are explained.

ANLC ensures that background checks, medical records and home studies are obtained.

We work to reduce potential legal risks involving Birth Fathers.

ANLC's legal team is involved as needed during the post-placement period to assist with birth certificates, IRS letters, insurance letters and finalization questions.

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How to Adopt with ANLC Adoption Packet:
To help you learn more about your options, we will send you our FREE Adoption Information Packet. There is no obligation and you will receive:
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2018 ANLC Calendar Kids



"Our little boy is the love of our lives and we cannot even begin to explain the joy he brings us each and every day. It is like every day is Christmas over and over again!"
Joshua & Jeanne


"Our family is the happiest it has ever been from the second Bash was born. The love we have for our precious son is unmeasurable and we can’t imagine a moment without him. His spunky personality is a perfect blend of both of us. Much gratitude to ANLC for taking such care to ensure that everything fell into place just as it was meant to be."
Doug & Sam

Neriah & Annabeth

"We adopted Neriah, who is now 4 and Annabeth, 9 months, both through ANLC. They both bless our family beyond what words can express on paper. Their bond as sisters is undeniable! The people at ANLC have become an extended part of our family that we will forever love and be grateful to for bringing us our girls."
Joshua & Lis


"Adelia came to me October 9, 2016. She is precocious, laughs easily, is extremely strong, loves to play and has a predilection for giggles for just about anything. She loves to swing outside and loves her library story time."
Julie Renee

Lola Claire

"Lola Claire is our sweet bundle of sugar with a personality larger than life! God truly blessed us with the happiest, sweetest, sassy little girl. She brings our family and friends so much joy and her smile and love for life is contagious! She loves to explore, dance, bake and play outside. Bath time is her favorite and the more bubbles the better! There are simply not enough words to express our LOVE for our sweet sugar! We are blessed beyond measure! We can’t thank ANLC enough for helping us through the wonderful journey of adoption and bringing Lola Claire home."
James & Tricia


"Eleanore is such a joy in our lives. Every day is an adventure full of smiles and laughs."
Roger & Sara


"There will never be enough words of thanks to express how grateful we are to Justice’s birth parents for choosing us. He has made our family complete and our hearts whole. There is nothing better than waking up and seeing his smiling face every day or seeing the world through his innocent eyes."
"Because of ANLC we have the family we always dreamt of."
Neil & Crystal

Ethan & Ivy

"We want to thank ANLC so much for making our dreams come true. We have adopted two, perfect, beautiful children through ANLC. Ethan was born in 2011, he knows how to light up a room with his smile and laugh. He enjoys entertaining us with his singing and dancing. Ivy was born in 2014, she loves to make silly faces and has a great sense of humor. She melts our hearts and she’s our perfect little princess. Our lives have been blessed with the greatest joy that a family could ask for."
Bryan & Barbara


"We didn't give Austin the gift of life, life gave us the gift of Austin. This truly magical little boy arrived smiling in 2015 and our family has been shining ever since. Our adoption journey has been the greatest blessing of our lives. Our extended family, including Austin's Birth Parents and ANLC has transformed what family means to us."
Mark & Sarah


"Three years ago we brought home the most incredible little man. His laugh is infectious, his curiosity insatiable and his imagination knows no bounds. We didn’t just grow our family by one bundle of joy that day, but by the dozen thanks to an amazing open adoption. His entire family loves him beyond words. A year later we brought home Benjamin and life has been busy ever since!"
Thomas & Debbi


"Adoption truly is love. I had no idea how much fun becoming a parent would be. Becoming an adoptive parent is scary with so many emotions in the in the adoption triad. It’s both challenging and rewarding. We have so much respect for the birth parents and love sharing Samuel’s milestones with them. So many people love this boy, it’s amazing!"
Scott & Mellisa


"From the moment my precious son Marshall arrived in this world, he has been warming hearts and charming everyone in sight. His electric smile and laughter light up any room. The fact that I get to be his mom makes me the luckiest mama in the world and my heart explodes with love in a way I could never fully describe. I thank God daily for his incredibly courageous Birth Mother and for ANLC for bringing us together. They were there for us through every twist and turn, and my gratitude flows eternal. I chose to embrace the journey and trust in God’s plan, and ANLC helped place the most perfect soul into our family."