Adoption Successes

Christopher and Jennifer
We feel so blessed that you have decided to unselfishly give birth to a child that will be raised by another set of loving parents. This decision will change and enhance our lives, the lives of many others, and is a gift that can never be repaid. A thank you doesn’t seem like it’s enough. Having a child is something that we only dream of at this point, but we hope through adoption, our dream will come true.
Jason and Tamara
As we sit here full of excitement and anticipation of the prospect and privilege of becoming parents, we must also acknowledge the difficulty and bravery behind your decision of adoption. We would like to reassure you that if chosen we will forever be grateful and honor the trust and faith you have invested in us. 
David and Stacy
There aren't even words to describe how grateful we are that you have made this choice. We have such a tremendous amount of respect for you, and can't even imagine how difficult a decision this has been.
Richard and Anna
Your child will grow up knowing love, respect, honesty, selflessness, and joy. He or she will enjoy holidays and lots of fun activities.
Erik and Cynthia
There is so much we would like to tell you about ourselves to help you make your decision, but the most important thing we want you to know is how much we would love and cherish your baby. We have very strong values and are in agreement on how we would like to raise your child. We believe in giving unconditional love in a warm, stable, and caring home.
Roger and Sara
What do we even say and where do we begin? We write in love and gratitude. We hope that within this letter you find in us, two loving and caring people, who will raise your baby in our home filled with love, laughter, family and fun. Thank you for loving yourself enough, for loving your baby enough, and for hopefully loving us enough. 
David and Diana
We are amazed at the profound act of love and selflessness you are undertaking at this time in your life. We can’t even imagine the courage it must take for you to make this decision for your baby. We can promise that with us your baby will be loved, cared for, and celebrated. 
Edward and Kimberly
What we can tell you as parents is that we sympathize with you; we know as a parent that you only want what is best for your child and to ensure that every choice you make is in the best interest of your bundle of joy. We first want to commend you on the decision are contemplati
Claude and Nora
How could we ever thank you enough for opportunity to raise your child? We will feel so blessed to be chosen by you, and we will feel honored to take on the responsibility of fulfilling the dreams you have for your child. We promise to give unconditional love to your child and make sure he/she knows what a blessing he/she is to our family. Your child will know how brave, unselfish and loving you are and how much love was involved in making this decision.
Brian and Sheryl
We believe that the choice you made to give your child the gift of adoption was a difficult choice and that you must love your child very much. We are praying that God will help you and your child through this time and that He will give you peace. We are confident that adoption is God's will for our life.
Ryan and Rayleen
We are very excited to write this letter to you. Thank you for taking the time to view our profile. Words cannot express the respect and admiration that we have for you and the decision you are making. We know that we can never fully understand or imagine the emotions that you are feeling, but we pray for you and that you have the faith that you need to find the right family. If you consider us as parents for your child, he or she will know that your decision was made out of love.
Mark and Sandra
Know that your precious child would be so loved with us and we hope to provide him or her with the best life we can offer. Know that we embrace open adoption and that your presence will always be honored and welcomed in our home.
Eric and Joanna
We will always remember, respect and honor the brave choice you made. We wish you all the best wisdom and strength in the decision you are making. If you choose us you will be fulfilling our biggest dream. We will give your child a loving, safe, and stable home.
Kevin and Celeste
There is no other way to start off this letter but with a huge thank you. Kevin and I have a great deal of respect and admiration for the choice you are considering for your expected child. We feel the most important thing in a child's life is that he or she feels loved and comfortable in their environment. If blessed to be chosen by you, we want to assure you that your child will grow up with all the love that anybody could possibly ask for and more!
David and Krystle
While we cannot begin to fathom what you are going through or what you are feeling right now, we want you to know that we are in awe of your courage and strength. We are overwhelmed by what a loving sacrifice it is to create an adoption plan for your child as it takes a truly amazing woman to do what you are doing.
Nejoua and Ruth
We want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for considering us to be the parents of your dear little one. We can only imagine how difficult it was for you to come to the decision to make an adoption plan for your baby. It is truly a courageous decision. Our family is one that loves fiercely and laughs often. Rest assured that your little one will be loved and cherished by us all.
Bryan and Corinne
As we sit here thinking about what to say to you, we are struck with the thought that we could never hope to understand or come close to feeling the way you do. Nothing we can say, no words, however well put together or intentioned, can come close to understanding or conveying how you must feel. We can, in truth, only do two things: THANK YOU, and try to explain why we would make a great family for your baby.
Barton and Sarah
Words can not express the courage it must take to make a decision like this. We are graciously thrilled to start this journey of adding your little one to our fun and busy family! We are so excited to start this new chapter in our life.
Eric and Sandra
We write you this letter not yet knowing you or your unborn child and yet the love and compassion we feel for you both is beyond what we could express in words. As you read this, we hope you get a sense of the love we have for each other, and that you will choose us with unwavering confidence to bring your child into our home to raise as our own. Whatever the circumstances are that have brought you to this place, we hope you find peace and rest in knowing that God uses all things together for good and for His purpose. We have tremendous joy knowing it is His plan for us to grow our family through adoption.  
Joseph and Sandra

We cannot begin to imagine what you are going through. We admire your courage and strength. You are making our dream of being parents a reality and we will always be grateful for that! Your child will be raised in a home that is stable, fun, comfortable, and loving. We cannot wait to provide a joyful, secure, loving, and nurturing home to your baby.

William and Angela
We want you to know that our life and marriage are built on mutual respect, love, and of course, practical jokes! Amidst the loving shenanigans and day to day tasks that make up our lives, we are committed to raising your child with unconditional love in a safe and nurturing home with a healthy exposure to the ups and downs of everyday life. As part of our military family, he or she would see the world, learn about other countries and cultures firsthand, and be genuinely welcomed, loved, and cherished by our large extended families both in our country and in Italy.
Vaughn and LaTanya

Vaughn and I are married, but before that, we were best friends. We have an incredible relationship and our goal is to take care of each other, and hopefully soon, your child. We met at a ballroom dance studio around Christmas and we instantly became friends. I must say, we have been together, ever since that wonderful evening. On April 18, 2012, we traveled to St. Lucia, West Indies to be married. Our wedding took place on the beach surrounded by friends and family.

Jason and Rhonda
Though we have never met, we are in awe of your compassion and courage. The gift of adoption is the ultimate act of profound love and selflessness. We are committed to love your child unconditionally, while providing a secure and happy home. We both have a lot of love to provide to a child and cannot wait to welcome a baby into our home and family. 
Jean Pierre
I am both excited and nervous as I write you this letter.  It is the love of your child that brings us together today.  The love you have for your child and my desire to be a father will form a bond between us that can never be broken. 
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