Adoption Successes

David and Christine

There are no words that can adequately express our gratitude and respect for your courage and love you have shown in deciding to entrust your child to another family through adoption. Should my wife and I be fortunate to have you bless us with this selfless gift, we promise to love and raise your child as our own, sharing our hearts and lives as we grow together as a family.

Robert and Joanie

Hi there! Our names are Joanie and Rob and we are extremely honored and truly excited to have the opportunity to write this letter to you. Why, you may ask? Because you can make our greatest dream come true; our dream to have a baby…a child to make our family complete.

Jeffrey and Cynthia

Thank you for giving us hope - hope that we can someday realize the dream of raising a child and sharing our love in a family of our own. And thank you as well for considering us for the responsibility of parenting your baby. The world is a wondrous place that provides opportunities for the countless crossing of paths by the people within it. Most of these crossings are brief and casual, while others have a lifelong effect of good fortune. That is the opportunity we see for the hope we hold in our hearts. We hope that you find comfort in knowing the good fortune you are creating for both you and us by your most courageous choice. We also hope you find comfort in knowing that we will parent your child to be a responsible and loving person.

William and Mel-Jean

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your baby. This decision has to be one of the most important and difficult you have ever made in your life!! You are about to give a family the most selfless gift one person can give another. We can only hope that your precious child will be our little bundle of love and joy.

James and Paulette

Thank you so much for your time and energy (we know that sometimes the energy level can be at a premium at this time) in reading our letter and getting to know us a little better. Our names are Jim and Paulette. We have a four-year-old daughter. After a rough birth, we are unable to achieve pregnancy again. We still have the dream of having more than one child. We know that your decision is a very difficult one, and we truly admire your strength and courage in giving your baby an excellent start in life. I (Paulette) was adopted when I was two months old. The feelings I have for my Birthmother, Birthfather, and birth families are one of admiration. They gave me the best gift that anyone could ever give - the gift of ultimate love. They gave me a chance to grow up and have a good life with much opportunity. I will forever be grateful.

Glenn and Linda
We realize your decision is most likely the hardest one you will ever make. We pray God leads you to a decision which brings peace to your heart. We promise to provide a loving, caring and nurturing family environment in which a child can grow up and have lots of exciting and wonderful choices and opportunities for their future. This will be our first child and he/she will be treasured and showered with more love and attention than one can imagine! 
Michael and Donna

“All things happen for a reason.” Mike and I cannot count the number of times in the past several years that we have heard this phrase expressed by loved ones. As we are writing this letter to you, we finally understand its significance. Perhaps the reason that things have happened in all of our lives has been for us to meet. You have such an incredible gift to give. What a selfless act you are completing to place your child for adoption. We would embrace the chance to bring that gift, your child, into our home to love, care for, and cherish, all the while being eternally grateful to you, the child’s birthmother, for allowing us the opportunity to complete our family.

Khalil and Sherri

If Khalil and I could say thank you to you in 1,000 different languages and 1, 000 different ways, it would not come close to expressing our extreme gratitude to you for the incredibly brave decision you are making. We have so much respect and admiration for your strength. Please know that your gesture will bring so much happiness and joy to our lives and the lives of our families. Every second of my life, from the time I was a very little girl, I have wanted to be a mother, and Khalil is incredibly excited to finally be a father. You are truly making our dreams come true.

David and Katherine

Where have you been? We’ve been waiting for you! The baby has decided that living in Colorado is the right place to be and has asked that you consider us.

Wayne and Carrie
We want to thank you for choosing life for your child. It must be a challenging decision for you to choose a family to fulfill your dreams for your child. Although we haven’t met, we already know that you love and care for your child by the fact that you are taking the time to read this letter. Your love for your unborn child is evident in the fact that you are doing everything you can to find the best home. We too want to love, care, and provide a nurturing family for your child. 
Eric and Stephanie

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to read this letter to learn more about my husband, Eric and me. We have always dreamed and talked about having children, and how wonderful it would be to be awoken by the sounds of laughter and little feet pitter-pattering across our floors. We have so much love to offer a child and would be honored to adopt your baby.

Kevin and Andrea

Let us begin by telling you that what you are undertaking is the greatest gift of love you can give a child. As we sit and try to write this letter to you, we are overwhelmed by what to say. There is so much to say and a single letter can hardly convey our thoughts. We do need to tell you things we hope you already know; you are courageous and inspiring, selfless and honorable. We are in awe of your decision to give the child you are carrying the best that you can. Your decision reflects your belief that there is much more to being a parent than simply having a child and this is also our belief. Being a parent to us means unconditional love, unwavering support, laughter, hugs, bedtime stories, being there through the good and the bad, no matter what. Many people idealize parenthood. We do as well, but as parents to our infant son, we also recognize from first hand experience that it is hard work. It is, in fact, the most important job there is.

John and Michelle

We would like to start out by saying how overjoyed we are at the idea of becoming a mom and dad to your baby. That is the most remarkable dream imaginable, as words cannot express how much we long for this opportunity. We’ve been happily married for twelve years and have been trying to conceive for eleven years. Even though the last couple of years have consisted of several failed fertility treatments and two devastating miscarriages, we’ve never given up on our lifelong dream to become parents. Adoption is the perfect way to expand our family and make our dream to become loving, proud parents, a reality. 

Jodey and Darla

Our names are Jodey and Darla. We have been together for five years and we have a lot of love to give to a child. Like most married couples who are happy and very much in love…we desire to share our lives with a baby. We are so excited about adopting a child. Jodey and I have discussed this for years. We have so much we can provide a child. We are financially secure and are able to care for our child ourselves. Darla will be a “stay” home mom and Jodey’s schedule is very flexible as we own a very successful company that allows us a lot of free time. We will be able to focus on our child and provide him/her with a wonderful life.

Raymond and Elaine

As you begin to read this letter, we’re sure you must have mixed feelings and emotions. We can only imagine the difficult decision you are facing right now and admire your selflessness. Whatever your circumstances may be, you have made a courageous decision to give life to your baby, and we commend you for that decision.

Jeffery and Melanie

It is hard to find the right words to begin such an important letter. There are no words to express the sincere gratitude and appreciation we have for you. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and look into our lives.

Norman and Alicia

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter and learn more about my husband, Laine and me. We are coming to you after two and a half years of being incapable of having a child on our own. Laine and I have always talked about how wonderful it would be to wake up to the sounds of laughter and little feet pitter-pattering across the floor. We believe we have so much love to give a child and promise to love your child as our own.

Mark and Laurie

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as the family for your child. We are amazed at the strength and dedication you have given to make sure your child has a loving home. It takes a lot of compassion to think of a child’s best interests over your own. You have already made one difficult decision and that was to carry your baby to term. We know that the next decision you make for the baby’s future will be difficult also, but we want to make it as easy as possible for you and the baby.

Andrew and Tiziana

Hello, our names are Andrew and Tiziana (although people call me Tiz). We want to start by saying how much respect and admiration we have for the decision you have made in choosing adoption for your child. It is an extraordinary gift to bring a child into this world. The courage and love in your heart that you have for your child will only carry on in his or her life. We assure you that we want nothing more than to provide a child with love, and a home that a child can grow, and be nourished in.

Jorge and Catherine
Thank you, we are so grateful for your courage. You are a remarkable woman to choose this unselfish path. Thank you for reading about us.
Jacob and Mandy

First and foremost, we want to say thank you. Thank you for being such a strong, brave, courageous, and kind person. Thank you for considering making our dreams come true. We don’t even know you yet, but by the fact that you are willing to consider such a selfless act, it is evident that you truly are a wonderful person with a bright future ahead. We hope that we are able to show you what great parents we would be.

Brian and Andrea

Hi! We are Brian and Andrea, a fun loving couple who is very anxious and extremely excited about adding another child into our hearts and home. It has been our dream to be parents and to give love, support and guidance to our children. Our family prays each night for our special angel to find us on our journey of adoption. We would like to share a little bit about us because you may be the angel we are praying for. Welcome to our family and thank you for reading our letter.

Daniel and Stefani

They say that by putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, you can understand them better. We’ve tried and failed; we cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through right now. Instead, we are only able to feel thankful for your difficult but brave decision. And while there may be hundreds of ways to actually express thanks, for those of us creating our family through adoption, no words seem adequate. Our appreciation for this amazing gift has no limits. We only know that we are deeply grateful for the hope that you give to us as we look to create our family.   

Gary and Noelle

It’s so hard in a short letter that’s open to the whole world to give you a true sense of who we are and the things that make us special enough to be entrusted with the miracle growing inside you. Our usual style would be to start with a joke or a funny story, because we’re able to find humor in almost any situation, but we wouldn’t want to give you the impression that we take this honor lightly. Instead, we’ve spent hours thinking about the best way to convey how much this opportunity means to us. In the end, all of us will be following our hearts, anyway…

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