Adoption Successes

Kevin and Colleen

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are Kevin and Colleen, and we are in awe of your courage and selflessness. We believe that creating a family is a miracle, however that family comes to be. And, while we have made a strong start on our family with just the two of us, you and your child are the blessing that will help our miracle continue.

Dondi and Khloe

If you are looking for the perfect parents, then we may not be the couple for you. It is our belief that nobody is perfect; but if you give us the opportunity to care for your precious gift, we will try our very best to be as perfect as possible.

Kirk and Lori

I would first like to thank you for your unconditional love and selflessness in deciding to give life to your baby and for providing people like Kirk and I (Lori), the opportunity to become parents.

Salvatore and Darcy

“Famiglia, Famiglia, Famiglia” is Italian for “Family, Family, Family”. It means family comes first. Salvatore and I have made choices to allow this to happen in our lives. We found right from the start that we value the same things – family, friends and faith. Salvatore and I have grown together and now have a strong foundation upon which to build a family. We look so forward to our family growing.

Nick and Kelsey

Because of your courage, we have hope. Because of your choice, we have a chance. Because of you, our dreams of having a baby seem possible – and that is amazing to us. Words cannot express how grateful we are for you and your strength.

Dale and Kami

Our names are Dale and Kami. We would like to wish you the best as you go though this difficult time. Please trust that if you were to choose us to raise your baby, he or she would be cherished and loved as a member of our family. After being told by our infertility specialist that we would be unable to have children of our own, the decision to adopt came easily and quickly. We strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, and that God has led us here in accordance with His plan.

Augusto and Rose

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter to learn more about us. We are Augusto and Rose, and we are coming to you after many prayers, which have led us to this amazing moment. Words cannot express our emotions and deep feelings at this time, as we present ourselves to you, a courageous strong woman. We will never know every detail of God’s plan for all of us but we do know our lives were brought together to share this miracle. Choosing adoption is the most selfless act of love, and asking us to be the adoptive parents of your beloved baby girl would be the greatest gift you could ever give us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Kevin and Leyla

Our names are Kevin and Leyla. We are so excited to be writing this letter to you. We did not know that we would be in this position, and our words cannot express the many emotions we feel now that we are finally here. Our paths were meant to cross long before either of us knew it, and we are in awe of you and your strength in making this choice. We have thought of many things to say to you that would show you how grateful we are for your existence, and it is not enough to just put words on paper. Let us tell you our story…

Colin and Lori

We would like to take this first moment to thank you for the opportunity to tell you about ourselves. We do not pretend to know the feelings and emotions you must be experiencing; we only know that, while it may seem a little cliché, it truly does take an amazing amount of strength and courage to make the decision to place your baby with another family. So, while things are no doubt a little crazy for you right now, if nothing else, please know this: if you choose us to be the adoptive parents, your child will grow up in a loving and caring home with plenty of laughter, affection, support, and a touch of craziness!

Jeffrey and Elizabeth
We are so happy to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you through our words and pictures. We hope that you can sense the type of people we are and the type of life we want to build for our family. More importantly, we hope this process helps you find peace with your decision, whatever that might be. We have more respect and admiration for you than can ever be expressed in words. We know that you love your child and that placing him or her in a loving adoptive home is the greatest sacrifice you can make. There is no more amazing act of selflessness. 
Robert and Michelle
Hello, we are Rob and Michelle, and you are an unselfish, loving person. At least, that is how we would describe you. We understand that you might be scared, frightened and confused. We hope after reading about us, you will feel a little more at ease with the situation you are in and the decision you have made. We want to thank you upfront for reading about us and our desire for a family.
Samuel and Hope

It is difficult to understand the place we find ourselves in at this time. Although we have never met, our lives may become intertwined, changing us forever. We write this letter with the utmost respect for you and the child you carry. I have had the pleasure and honor of carrying a little baby for 6 months. We shared a brief moment with her, which has eternally changed our hearts.  Your selfless act is immeasurable and will be spoken about with great honor to your child, forever.

Kevin and Rebekah
Thank you so much for considering us for the adoption of your child. We admire your courage in allowing this child the chance at a wonderful life and for doing such a selfless act as adoption. We promise to love this child unconditionally. We hope to be able to impress on him/her the love you must have for them as well. Thank you for considering us for this blessing.
Kenneth and Brenda

Oh, how you have been on our minds and in our prayers ever since we made the decision to grow our family through adoption! Of course, we don’t yet know who you are, where you are, or if you’ve even conceived yet as we write this. But one thing we know for sure is that God knows exactly where you are and what your circumstances are; He planned long ago that the precious child you’re carrying would be ours to raise. And we’ve been praying that He would surround you with love and support through what we know is a very difficult decision. A decision that is nothing short of courageous and selfless – because it will allow us to become parents; something we’ve always wanted to be! We hope that by reading our profile and getting to know us a little bit, you’ll know that your child will grow up in a home filled with love.

David and Genell

This is an incredible time in all of our lives. The experiences and emotions you must be going through every day continue to define the incredible person you are. Our family thanks you for considering our hearts, our hopes and our love for your unborn child as you make this difficult decision. Through this experience, you will consider many wonderful families for the future home of your child. We cannot imagine how hard it must be to consider each family’s values, lives, situations and opportunities. The fact that each family has reached out to you for this amazing gift says a lot about who they are.

Steven and Lynn

We cannot begin to imagine the decision you are facing. We admire your courage and strength, and the love behind your decision. Even though we have never met, we are united by the shared dream of the best possible life for your baby; one filled with unconditional love, nurturing, happiness, and security. We appreciate you considering us and helping us to realize our dream of having a family.

David and Patricia

Dave and I would like to first thank you for considering us to be the adoptive parents of your child. We can’t begin to express how much we admire you for putting the needs of your child first. It is a selfless act, one which deserves praise for making such a difficult decision. We hope this letter will give you an idea of who we are and the parents we aspire to be.

Clay and Julie
What a remarkable world adoption produces! As a birthmother you are blessed with the ability to create life and also the ability to create a family. As adoptive parents, we await our blessing: to be selected by a birthmother and further fulfill or dream of parenthood. We would like to thank you for taking the time to consider us as possible parents. Please let us introduce ourselves to you. 
Christopher and Mary

Hi! My name is Christopher. I am a 6 yr. old boy who is very excited about being a big brother! Me, my Mom and Dad, and our dog Molly are a very happy family, but a little brother or sister for me, and another child for my Mom and Dad to love, would complete our happy family! I love my parents very much. They are really good at their job of being parents! But we would all be so much happier with another baby in our family. So that’s why we’re writing to you! We believe that God wants us to grow our family through adoption, and we can’t wait to be matched with the Birthmommy who thinks our family would be perfect for their baby! 

Troy and Jamie

Please know that we think of you as so much more than a “birth mother”. We think of you as such a strong and selfless mother who is willing to give the most precious gift in the world, a baby to love and cherish, and for this we will always be grateful. 

David and Sara

Hello! Our names are Dave and Sara and we would first like to thank you for taking the time to read our story. Your courageous and selfless decision will enable us to start a new and exciting journey in our lives. We will forever be grateful to you and will be honored if you choose us as parents of your child.

Mark and Christa

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and to consider us as parents for your son or daughter. We admire and applaud your courage and emotional strength in facing what must be a very difficult decision, regarding your baby.

Douglas and Ruth Anne

Through the miracle of technology, we are communicating without ever having met. Although that is amazing, it pales in comparison to the precious miracle of life - which you have honorably chosen for your baby. May these positive steps truly comfort you, and bring you peace during this difficult time. 

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Adoption Success Stories