Adoption Successes

Tim and Dawn

We want to thank you so much for taking the time to read our letter. Tim and I are excited that you have chosen to learn more about us. As we become more familiar, we hope you come to view us as parents who will share dreams you already have for your precious child.

Scott and Lisa

How do we thank the most courageous woman we will ever know? We find it truly remarkable, thoughtful, and loving, that you are putting your baby’s needs before your own. You are the most unselfish mother we will ever meet. We say unselfish because you truly want what is best for your child. You are putting aside all of your own dreams and desires, for those of your child. We believe our paths are crossing because we can help you. We can provide a stable, loving and secure home for your baby; one filled with laughter and compassion. Your child will know who his/her birthmother is and will grow up understanding that you made the most loving decision on his/her behalf. 

Michael and Suzanne

Hi, our names are Susie and Mike and we have been happily married for seven years. We are both excited and thankful that you have chosen to read our letter to you. We both share a passion and desire to welcome a child into our loving home. We can’t wait to welcome him or her into our lives. We hope this letter about us will bring you comfort and reassurance when making your decision. We can only imagine what a difficult decision putting your child up for adoption must be; but take comfort in knowing that you are also helping us to fulfill our lifelong dream.

Protik and Becky

As I try to put myself in your shoes, I realize that I can't possibly imagine how hard this decision is for you. So, before I begin telling our story, I just want to thank you for taking the time to read our letter…While I’m certain that we can offer your child a life of excitement, adventures, opportunities, love, stability, and support; I’m sure you’ll also want to consider our personalities, ideals, experiences, parenting style, etc. I hope you can get an idea of who we are through this letter, but if we peak your interest, please feel free to contact us to learn more.

Jeff and Shari

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little bit better. You are a true inspiration to us and our families and we will never be able to thank you enough if you decide to choose us. This must be the hardest and most unselfish thing you have ever done and we pray that you will find relief in reading our letter and learning how blessed we would be to raise, love, honor and cherish your newborn baby.

Robert and Patricia

On St. Patrick’s Day of 2002, we both went into the city with friends. That was the first time we met. We were both looking for our soul mate and the search was not an easy one. However, we truly enjoyed each other’s company that day and started dating immediately. We dated for 8 months and then married. We have been married for almost 3 years, are best friends and are very much in love.

Chad and Heather

Life is truly a miracle. You have chosen to give birth and in doing so, you will be giving life in numerous ways. Although you have made a very difficult decision, it has opened a door for people like Heather and me. You can have a sense of comfort knowing that you have brought a child into this world, which will bring happiness and fulfillment to us as well others involved in your child’s life. 

Frank and Irina

“Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
Robert Frost

Matthew and Shelly
Our names are Kendall, Kayla, Kara, and Kyle. Our mommy's name is Shelly and our daddy's name is Matthew. They have been married for 11 years. They met in Kindergarten and have been best friends since they were 5 years old. They love us so much and make us very happy. We feel we are the luckiest kids in the world. Our parents are the BEST. But, our family would like to have another sister or brother. Our mommy cannot have any more children. Our mommy and daddy would like to have another child so much that their hearts are really sad. Our hearts are sad too. We pray every night for you and your baby to join our family.
Jason and Heidi

We want to start by thanking you for your amazing courage and strength. Although we can’t begin to imagine all of the things that you are feeling, we know that you are an incredible, unselfish human being, and that you love your precious child. Again, we thank you for providing a loving couple with the miracle of a child.

Marc and Racheal

If you are reading our letter you may be in the process of making this big decision for your life.  For us, your decision is the miracle of life. It’s a precious and special gift that is yours to make.  We are thrilled to be a part of it with you, to be honored with caring for and sharing our lives with this baby.

Scott and Nicole
First of all, we want to say that we think this is a very courageous and loving journey that you are about to embark upon. We understand that this is not an easy decision for you to make and we would be honored to be chosen as parents of your child.
Tim and Colleen

Hello, our names are Colleen and Tim. We were married on September 6, 2004 as a first time marriage for both of us. As of now, we don’t have any children of our own. Therefore we would like to add to our family through adoption. We have much to offer your child and would provide a very loving environment if adoption is the choice you make. Your child would live in a comfortable home in a new housing development with good neighbors, beautiful trees, and a clear blue lake.


David and Leslie

We know that you must be a very strong, loving and most importantly, unselfish person. You are thinking of what is best for your baby and we want you to know we are the ones meant to fulfill and end your search for the right parents.

Bryan and Melissa

I am not usually at a loss for words, but this is an exception. I am a little nervous writing this. I have been staring at this page for fifteen minutes now. I am writing a letter to a face I cannot see, a voice I cannot hear, and a person I do not yet know. It is a little intimidating. I cannot imagine what you must be feeling. What is most humbling to me is that you are the person who could change our lives as we know it forever. Words cannot express how in awe I am of your courage and character. What a special person you are. I guess my job here is to let you know who we are, so here goes….. 

Chad and Becky

We have incredible admiration for you and your decision to allow not only one, but two miracles! The first is the miracle of life for your child and the second a miracle of parenthood for a couple like us who have always dreamed of having a family. Our names are Chad and Becky and we are excited to share with you a little about our lives, our relationship, and our families.

Dustin and Cori

Words can not express the respect and admiration we have for you. We can not even start to understand the emotions you are facing at this time in your life. Our prayers and thoughts go out to you with making this decision for your baby. We once heard this quote, “Giving birth is nature and adoption is a miracle.” Because of people like you, this miracle happens. Thank you is just sufficient but it is all we have to give. We appreciate the time you are taking to get to know who we are and why we think we will be amazing parents.

Brian and Kelly

Hello and thank you for reading about us. We are grateful that you are considering adoption for your child. We admire your strength and courage during this emotional and difficult time.

Bayani and Maria

We would like to express our deepest concern towards you and your child. We know that you are in a great dilemma about your present situation. You may be feeling that having this child will be a big burden for you and you may be considering, giving up your child for adoption or another option, which is worse. That’s the reason why you are reading this letter. We are here for you and your child, to provide you with the choice that will be good for both you and your baby.

Todd and Becky
We are Todd & Becky. We believe that life hands each of us circumstances that bring people together – there is a plan for each of us. Many people cross paths in life; but we hope our paths may meet and together leave an everlasting impression on one special child. Our deepest desire is to be the caring and loving family you choose for your baby. Our hearts go out to you during this difficult decision and we wish you the strength and courage to choose the path that is right for you and your child.
Michael and Annamaria

Look no further because you have found the couple that will give your child all of the things you dream for them to have. Each day, your child will feel the greatest love any two parents could ever give. Your baby will have access to the greatest opportunities available with the understanding that you selflessly made this wonderful life a reality. Our family is the most important part of our life. Your child’s place will be next to his or her big brother at the center of our beautiful family. 

Tim and Darby

Hi. Our names are Darby & Tim. So far in our lives we have been called daughter/son, sister/brother, aunt/uncle, and granddaughter/grandson. While we have been blessed with the family that calls us these names, what we really dream of being called is mommy & daddy. You can make this dream come true.

Jason and Carmela

Rarely does anyone of us have the opportunity to change one’s life. You have the opportunity to change three lives. We cannot pretend to imagine the decision which is before you. We can, however, thank you for even considering making this decision. We can reassure you we are fully and completely prepared to undertake this most important of responsibilities and will never let a day pass without thanking God and asking Him to bless you for your unselfish gift which changed our lives.

David and Vicki

First we would like to tell you how much we respect you for your decision to choose adoption for your child. Your unselfish act has shown that you are determined to do the absolute best you can for your child. Please know that we share that determination with you. We will always honor your brave choice in how we raise your child and in how we explain your unselfish choice to your child.

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