Adoption Successes

Brian and Kathy
We take tremendous pride in our home and enjoy sharing it with our friends and family, and enjoy entertaining and opening up our home to family and friends. We own a 4-bedroom home with a large fenced yard in a family oriented neighborhood in the suburbs.
Olivier and Florence

Our hearts reach out to you. Through this letter, we hope that you will view us as parents who will share the dreams you already have for your precious child. We believe that together, with love and trust, we can make this a positive experience for all involved. We are very excited about expanding our family again through adoption, and so are our family and friends. We know from experience, what a blessing it is for children to have other siblings in their lives to grow up with, and to have lifelong friends. The larger the family, the more love there is to go around and the more people to count on in your life.

Andy and Angie
Even though we have never met, we think of you often. We have so much compassion and admiration for the choices and ultimate decision you are making. People come into our lives for a reason and they never know the kind of impact they may have. In whatever road you take, you have already made that impact, by wanting what’s best for your child. We would never be able to thank you enough for allowing us the honor of nurturing and loving the child you are carrying.
Dale & Sheila
We have been married for almost 15 years, but have known each other our entire lives. Our grandparents were friends and grew up together, and our parents went to school together. We also attended the same High School where we were friends and dated until he joined the Navy immediately after graduation.
Frank and Marilyn

Thank you for making the courageous decision to have your baby, and for providing the opportunity to then release him/her into the arms and hearts of a childless couple. What a difficult decision you have before you, in choosing the right family! We believe that God has a plan for you, your baby, and for us. Please know that if we were chosen to be the adoptive parents of your baby, he or she would be placed into a very loving home. You would be able to know with all your heart that you made the very best decision for you and your baby. We feel that we would be able to offer your child all the love, attention, and affection he/she deserves. And, we would be forever grateful to you, for making it possible for us to become the parents we were born to be!

Seann and Jana
My husband and I want to support you the best we can during this time. We pray that as you read this letter, you will be comforted to know that your child will be raised by warm, caring and loving parents, surrounded by wonderful siblings just waiting to guide him or her through life. We thank God for you and the gift you will be giving us every night. We hope you get to know our family from reading our letter, as we hope to get to know you soon.
Ryan and Anna
We can’t imagine what you must be going through and all the emotions you are feeling. It must be overwhelming and taken you a long time to decide to let your baby be adopted. We know you have not made this decision lightly, and respect and honor your bravery. What an extremely special person you must be. We have always wanted to have a family and have been praying a long time for God’s plan in our lives. We feel God has called us to adopt. For us, adoption is a very special gift, a blessing.
Wes and Amy
Even though we have never met, I feel a definite kinship with you because I too have experienced an unplanned pregnancy. At age 17 I became pregnant and I vividly remember the feelings of fear, uncertainty, and sheer desperation. The road you are taking is the one less traveled…It is the road of courage and selflessness. We honor and applaud your valor and strength of character. God bless you for your decision to give your baby and yourself the lives that you both deserve.
John and Joleen
We are truly appreciative to be considered in one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make. Your commitment to this process shows us the love you already have for your unborn child. We promise to continue this selfless dedication if you are guided through God to choose us as your child’s new parents. Our promise to you is unconditional love for your child in a safe, secure and loving environment where he or she will have every opportunity to become the very best person they can be.
Matt and Lizzie
Although we have never met, we know how special you are for choosing adoption. We realize this is a difficult decision, but we hope that you can find peace in that this is the greatest gift you could ever give. We are Lizzie and Matt and we are ready to be loving parents to your child. Please know that you will be celebrated in our home. Your child will be proud of the unique way they were brought into our lives and will know that they came from the most loving person we could ever imagine. We wish you all the best.
Brian and Heidi
We admire your courage and our hearts are filled with love and respect for the decision you have made to bless your child with the gift of life and loving parents. Being parents and having a loving family has been our lifelong dream. We promise to love your child unconditionally and help him or her to explore all of his or her talents and dreams. We wish you peace and hope you will follow your heart and if it is meant to be, God will lead you to us.
Joey and Andrea
We believe God plans different paths to parenthood for different people. Some couples are meant to have and raise their own children. Others, we believe, are destined to step into the life of another to give her the peace of mind to make an impossibly difficult decision. If you allow us to be those people for you, we promise your child a safe, nurturing home always filled with laughter and love. And by so doing, you will give us the most magical gift we could ever desire.
Robert and Nova
What an amazing woman you must be to choose the gift of life for your baby and to consider us to love and care for your miracle. You have the opportunity to make us the happiest couple in the world and to give your baby the opportunity of unconditional love and support. Our family will be complete when we welcome a child into our lives and it is courageous women like you that will make this dream come true!
Todd and Mary
We cannot fully appreciate the difficult decision you are now considering, this is the most courageous and unselfish decision a woman can make for her baby. Please be assured that we all want the same thing for your baby, a loving, supportive, healthy and safe home. We are honored that you are considering us as adoptive parents for your baby. We promise to thank God for this tremendous gift, which you are making possible.
Steve and Lisa
We have a tremendous admiration for you and the decision you are about to make. Through your decision, as difficult as we know that it is, you will have answered our dreams of adding to our family. We have a precious five-year old boy who is adopted. We know that it takes courage to think about what would be best for your child and to choose adoptive parents for him or her. We would like to be those lucky parents. Please know that we will never forget your strength and selfless courage.
Bob and Kathy
We have a lot of love and a yearning for a family, and we’re excited about the opportunities that adoption presents. We understand that you’ve been faced with tough choices. It is noble and courageous of you to choose adoption. If in fact you were to choose us as your adoptive family, you can be certain that your child will be raised in a loving, nurturing, financially secure atmosphere.
Barry and Jennifer
Life is full of opportunity and we are blessed each day with the tools to fulfill our personal dreams. Everyone has a unique destiny and ours is to be wonderful parents and we are looking for someone to help us achieve our dream. Although we are physically unable to conceive, we possess a yearning desire to be parents. We can promise your baby a warm and loving home full of laughter, kisses and a lifetime of adventure. We look forward to talking with you and getting to know you better.
Barry and Kathy
Hello, we are Barry and Kathy, and we want to thank you so much for considering us to be the parents of your child. You have our solemn promise that we will stop at nothing to provide the warmest, safest, and most love-filled environment for your baby. With us, your child will look forward to a lifetime of understanding, encouragement, and support to do and achieve whatever they dream. Words cannot express our gratitude towards you for helping to make our dream of having children become a reality.
James and Bonita
As we sit here thinking about what we could possibly write to make us stand out or somehow appear different than all of the other waiting couples, we realize that we don’t even know where to begin. We know that this is such an incredibly difficult time in your life. Please know that you are appreciated for the love that you have shown your child thus far by choosing to give him or her life.
Chris and Laura
Thank you for choosing life for your baby and helping to make our dreams come true. Adoption is such a loving option. Chris’ dad was adopted as a toddler and he had such a loving childhood and close relationship to his parents that adoption is something that we have always considered. We are committed to loving your baby unconditionally and letting him/her know you made your decision from love.
Mike and Connie
Thank you so much for considering us as the parents of your wonderful baby girl. We think you are an incredible woman for acting so unselfishly and bravely. We can only imagine the gamut of emotions you must be going through. We hope to share with you a little bit about our lives and show you what a wonderful family this baby will have and the love that we can’t wait to share with her.
Jay and Kelly
Please allow us to start off by saying “thank you!” Thank you for so many things…first and most importantly, for choosing life. Second, for taking the time to learn more about us, and third, for offering us the hope that the dream of becoming parents could be possible! You can rest assured that your child will be a proud and confident individual, knowing that he or she was adopted, and that the choice was made from unconditional love. We want your baby to know about you, your sacrifices and bravery.
Max and Robyn
We want to welcome you into our life, and hope that you will want all of us to get to know one another. This letter offers you a glimpse of our life, to help you imagine your child as a part of our family. We’d love to be parents, to share our passion for reading, music, sports, and theatre. To us, nothing is as important as being a parent. We know it will be the best, most amazing and rewarding job we’ll ever have. We have so much wonder, learning, and love to share with our children.
David and Cathy
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give your child a loving and happy home. Your selfless choice has blessed us with a chance to complete our dream of having a family together. We will raise your child with love, affection, and patience. We know that a child is a unique and special individual from day one and as parents we will nurture and support that. We will encourage and motivate our child to pursue their dreams and do the best they can with our help and advice.
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