Adoption Successes

Stephen and Jill
We look forward to many new adventures and you could be rest assured that your child would be loved and encouraged to be anything he or she hopes for. We hope that in knowing us you will become a member of our family and a valuable friend for both us and your child. We truly appreciate you taking time to read our letter and getting to know us. We hope to get to know you too.
Alex and Jessica
The love you have for the child you are carrying must be so immense for you to consider something as brave, selfless and beautiful as adoption. Whether you know it or not, you are the answer to our prayers.
James and Kellie
We imagine your situation is hard and overwhelming. But love is still at work. You're taking time out of your life to ensure the life inside you is loved beyond measure and knows of your love.
Greg and Lauren
We want to start by saying that we are so profoundly grateful to you for considering the brave and selfless choice of adoption for your child. It has to be tough to have to make such a decision, but we want you to rest assured that your child would have a fulfilling, exciting, safe, healthy, and all around amazing life with us as his or her parents!
Sumeru and Tania
We want you to know the joy and excitement we feel about expanding our family and the gratitude we extend to you for your selflessness. We admire you for your courage and commitment to your adoption plan. Your baby will always know that your plan came from the great love you have for him or her. We look forward to getting to know you, as we are about to start on a very special journey together.
Paul and Susan

Timothy and Jennifer
You are at an important step in your life and pursuing adoption is a courageous act. Choosing adoption is selfless and we are praying for you during your pregnancy. Tim and I would care for and love your child as if he or she were our own. We are so grateful for the sacrifice that you are making. We'll always pray that you are at peace with your decision.
Enrique and Vilmarie

Adoption is something we both believe in, just as you do. As you search for the right adoptive parents, please know that with us, your child would always be protected, guided, and supported. We would love nothing more than to be given the opportunity to watch your baby as he/she grows from a precious, little child into a successful, well-adjusted, independent, and happy adult.

Jake and Nicole
It feels like “thank you” isn’t nearly enough for this incredibly tough decision you are making. Though we’ve not met, we are in awe of your compassion and courage and have been praying for you daily. We promise that your baby will be loved, protected, celebrated and will be surrounded by family, friends and a community who will always celebrate and love him or her unconditionally. We will always let your child know that you are an incredible woman who placed her baby's needs above those of your own.
Joshua and Geisa
Regardless of who you choose to adopt your baby, know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and we hope that you can find peace as you go through your journey. Please know that your child will be very much loved, cared for and that he or she will receive rich life experiences as well as all the guidance that he/she needs to become a loving, independent, compassionate and well balanced human being.
Nicholas and Nicole

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your beautiful baby. Adoption is an amazing act of love. Your courage is truly inspiring! We would be truly blessed to build our family with another child. We wish you peace in making this important decision.

Jonathan and Kirah
We cannot pretend to know what you are going through and how difficult the choice to place your baby in the arms of another can be. We want you to know that we think you are one of the bravest and most courageous people there is! We believe you are making this decision with your baby’s best interest at heart. 
Matthew and Kelley
Thank you for taking the time to consider our profile. We can only imagine how difficult this time is for you, and we want you to know how much we admire you for your decision to pursue adoption. We truly believe that adopting a child is the most wonderful gift a family can ever be blessed with. As a birthmother, it is the ultimate act of love and selflessness. We promise that your baby will be loved, protected, celebrated and surrounded by family and friends who will love him or her unconditionally.

I am ever so grateful and honored that you consider me to raise the precious child you are carrying. I can only imagine how difficult your journey has been to bring you to this decision. I attempted three rounds of fertility treatments with insemination. I discovered I am not able to have children of my own through the loss of two babies through miscarriage. I have always wanted to have a child in my life and you could make my dream come true! One of my life long desires is to raise a child and help him or her live to their fullest potential.

Ricardo and Sandra
Your selfless decision is a precious gift that will fulfill our dreams of having a family together. We respect your strength in considering adoption and intend on being completely open, explaining to your child from an early age that you made your decision with love in your heart.
James and Courtney
Our names are James and Courtney. We met on a blind date during a surprise birthday party, and knew the moment we saw each other that one day we would be married. We have known both joyful times and times of sorrow together, and the experiences we’ve shared over the years have made our marriage better and our family stronger. We want you to know how courageous and brave we think you are to decide to give your child to a family that can provide everything you wish you could. You are our blessing and without you, we would not be adding another precious child to our family.
Samuel and Lisa

If you are reading our profile right now, we believe it is not by accident. An entire team of family and friends have been praying for you and your baby without even knowing you by name! We have prayed for you to have peace and hope as you make this selfless journey. We have prayed for you and your baby to be healthy and cared for. We respect you so much for having the strength and courage to allow this special baby the chance to have the best life possible.

Christopher and Ashley
Hugs, kisses, laughter, and saying “I Love You” are what we promise to give your child daily. Your courage in choosing adoption has given us hope to expand our family. We are humbled by your strength and we are committed to making the happiest home for your child by providing encouragement, support, and unconditional love.
Jason and Lynne

As you read this letter, you are making a very difficult decision for both you and your baby. We know that loving a child unconditionally means acting selflessly. We feel that you have this quality because you are searching for a loving home for your child. We believe in God’s words from Psalms 127 “Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord.” It would be an honor to raise your child, so thank you so much for considering us. We only want the best for your baby, and to raise him or her in our loving, forever home.

Benjamin and Jessica
Thank you for taking the time to view our profile. We first and foremost want to recognize YOUR courage and strength. We can’t imagine being in your situation and deeply admire your decision to proceed with adoption. We firmly believe that people come into each other’s lives for a reason. Although our stories and journeys are different, we feel connected to you, in that our ultimate goal is the same – to provide the best life possible for the tiny miracle you are carrying.
Timothy and Carrie
When we initially became aware that having biological children might not be a possibility for us, adoption was the first thing we discussed as a couple.  It was a natural choice for us because Tim himself was adopted as was one of his sisters.  We know that his birthmother wanted him to have a life she could not give him herself, and she gave it to him another way: through adoption.
David and Susan
We have been daydreaming about what our lives would be like raising a child. We dream of a child of our own to take on walks in the neighborhood parks, to explore the nature trails and play in the small water streams. During the backyard BBQs with our friends where the children run and play while the adults chat about the weather, we imagine the joy of seeing our child’s eyes light up for the first time they are old enough to twirl around a sparkler on the 4th of July and oh, the many baseball games we will enjoy as a family. We hope you find that special family and pray that it will be us and that together we can make our dreams for your child come true.
Paul and Laura
We know you have some important decisions to make. We hope that you consider us in your decisions and know that we will love, protect, and cherish your child. Our son Corbin has even started collecting his toys and his favorite rocks to share with his new baby sister or brother. Your child will be surrounded with loving family and friends, who will also love her/him unconditionally. We want you to know that your baby will always know that you are an incredible woman who made a brave decision and loves her/him very much.
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Adoption Success Stories