Adoption Successes

Robert and Tracey

We would first like to extend you our warmest thanks for spending your time learning about us.  Currently, we reside in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, and have decided it is finally time to make our family complete. We have two wonderful boys and are no longer able to have children. They delight us each day with their energy, curiosity, and innocence, yet we have always longed for a little girl, (our princess), to add to our happy family. Your courageous and unselfish decision can make all of our hopes, dreams, and desires come true. 

Kevin and Wendy
Someone once said, “True love is caring more about another’s needs than your own”. Your actions as a birth mother exemplify those words. In choosing adoption, you are giving your child, and a prospective adoptive family an incredible gift. As sincerely as we possibly can, please allow us to thank you for making that choice. If you entrust us with the care of your child, please know that we will love and cherish him/her all the days of their lives.
Jesse and Janet
Where there is great love, there are always miracles. You are the miracle we have been praying for. With our entire hearts we have always wanted to be parents, but nothing we have tried through medical means has helped us to have a child. We want to thank you for the gift of life and love that you are giving your baby. We promise to dedicate our lives to your child. Your child will always know that you are the remarkable and heroic woman who made the first and most important parental decision in his or her life.
Andrew and Tracey
We would like to express how much respect we have for the decision that you are currently trying to make and how excited we are to potentially match your expectations. It is our dream to raise a child in our home and to share our values by building a family bond built on love, respect and devotion. We promise to love and cherish your child forever and hope that we are the type of family you are looking for.
Mike and Angie

Giving the gift of adoption to a couple is the most gracious thing a woman can do. You are brave and very considerate. We hope you find it easy to talk with us and feel free to share anything with us; we want you to feel in your heart that we are the choice for you and the future of this baby. Please know that we have so much love for one another and plenty of room in our heart for a baby. This baby will be raised in a loving home and given every opportunity in life.

Bill and Liz
Our extended families are so excited to have a little baby to love and spoil. In fact, our parents will be Grandparents for the first time! We thank you whole-heartedly for taking the time to read our letter. Should you choose to select us as the parents for this baby, we would be extremely appreciative and want you to always remember that this child will have an amazing family and life because it has been that way for us.
Joe and Shannon
Thank you; two simple words that come to mind every time we think about you and your tremendous strength and courage. We know this decision is a difficult one and we want to ease some of the anxiety you must be feeling by assuring you that with us your child will grow up in a stable home full of love and laughter. We know the choice you have in front of you is not an easy one, and we understand the importance of finding just the right family. Maybe we are the missing piece to make that plan come true.
Jamie and Donna

Your child will not only receive support and guidance from us, but from every member of our family as well. Jamie and I both are looking forward to the joys of raising a child and are committed to the responsibilities that come along with being parents. You and your child are both a gift from God. It is important that this child will know what a courageous, selfless, and loving person you are. Remember, always, that your child will be loved and protected. We will provide a home filled with compassion, love, fun, and safety.


Andy and Sara

We are so excited that you are reading our letter and giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. Words cannot express how much we respect you and how courageous we think you are for choosing adoption. We have always wanted children and after years of infertility we chose to have our family through adoption. We have been blessed with the adoption of our daughter, Lauren and we love her dearly. Our hearts are filled with love and desire for a second child and cannot wait for our new baby to arrive. We will ensure that your child will know how much you love and wish to give the best in life to him or her. We promise you that your baby will be loved unconditionally.    

Chris and Shauna
Four years ago we began a journey to make our family complete. Your selfless and brave decision may finally allow us to begin a new and exciting journey as loving parents to your precious gift. The fact that you are taking the time to become more familiar with us brings hope and excitement to a home that yearns for the coos, cries, and laughter of a child. Words cannot express the joy that your choice will bring to whomever it blesses.
Jim and Paula
We can only imagine the various emotions you must be experiencing. Through adoption education and counseling, we believe we have a better understanding of what you are going through. We know it takes a great deal of courage and selflessness in making an adoption plan for this baby. You have the support of a great agency to help you make the decision that is right for you. We want you to know that you are admired dearly for choosing life for your baby and are in our thoughts and prayers.
John and Jayme

We are John and Jayme, and we would like you to know that we extend our heartfelt prayers to you for the many tough decisions and sleepless nights we know you are experiencing. We imagine that much time and energy go into making the right decision of choosing adoptive parents for your unborn child, and we hope you find a sense of peace through this process. It takes true inner strength and courage to make a selfless decision. While not even knowing your name yet, John and I have already developed a strong respect for you as your selfless actions speak directly to our hearts. God has guided us in our decision to adopt, and we know and have faith that God has already chosen our “perfect angel”.

Todd and Anne
We thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We hope that you make whatever decision feels best to you in choosing the parents who will raise your child. Please know that if you choose us, we will love your child immensely and will provide a wonderful environment filled with laughter, celebration, faith and affection. We are so grateful that our children will be able to find us through adoption. We cannot wait to be parents!
Todd and Lisa
The difficult decision you’re considering enables us to love and welcome another child as well as to grow our family. We had a good relationship with our first birthmother and valued learning about her. We know God has planned the perfect match for us all, and this gives us hope in continuing to expand our family. We thank you for considering us to provide a supportive and loving home for your child. Our prayers are with you as you make this decision.
Tamir and Roberta
We look so forward to raising a child together - passing on our love for life and providing a safe environment full of opportunity which is so important for kids. We welcome the lifestyle change a child will bring and the opportunity for growth this will afford us. Now we are able to provide a happy, loving and stable environment for a lucky child and ready to realize our dream! Here’s to a bright future for you, your child, and for us!!
Milton and Jill
Because of your unselfishness in choosing adoption, couples like us are able to fulfill our lifelong dream of extending our family to include children. We wish you peace in your decision and want you to know that if you choose us, we promise you that we will protect your child throughout his or her life and will provide an environment filled with fun, love, safety, adventure and compassion. We realize that in order to make this kind of decision it takes a great deal of courage and unselfishness, and we will always honor and respect you for that.
Brian and Uni

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know Brian and me. First, we applaud you for your generosity, strength, and selflessness. We praise God for your courageous choice and are so grateful for the opportunity to start a family that we could not have had otherwise.

Brett and Martha
Thank you so much for taking time to read this. We realize that this is an agonizing decision for you. We have been including all potential birthmothers in our prayers for quite a while. And we will continue to do so. You are stronger than we could ever be! We hope that you will consider making our dreams come true. You are so generous and so brave.
Graeme and Alison
We don’t pretend to know everything you are feeling. We understand you have important choices for your future and that of your child. We honor and respect your strength and commitment in giving life to the child you are carrying. Words cannot describe how much we admire your unselfishness. Most importantly, we will never forget the decision you have made, or take it for granted, and will forever be grateful for the most wonderful opportunity given to us. We promise to make you proud, if you allow us. Please take care.
Chris and Tammy
To us there is no such thing as a coincidence - we believe everything happens for a reason. That reason is what we hope to share with you - the gift of adoption. We are Chris and Tammy and as you read on, we hope to share with you how adoption has already impacted us and why we hope to share this journey with you. You are a special person and we are sensitive to your challenge in selecting a family for this baby. There is no greater gift you could give us than the honor of adopting this child…
Ron and Lizbeth
We are Ron and Lizbeth and we want to thank you for the brave and selfless decision you are making. We cannot express the joy and love you will be bringing to our family if you choose us to raise your baby. We thank you with all our hearts for the possibility of making our dreams of parenting come true. We can not imagine how difficult a decision this is and admire you for your courage, bravery, and strength. We are a loving couple with strong family values and a strong relationship that is built on love and mutual respect. We are extremely excited to share our life, values, goals and dreams with your future child.
Bill and Cindy
Our hearts are overwhelmed with hope and joy at the possibility of becoming parents. We are encouraged that there are brave, unselfish women like you who choose life and choose adoption. This very difficult decision for you, in turn is a miracle for us. You are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you all the strength and courage needed as you make this most difficult decision. God Bless you now and always.
Mark and Jerri

Both Mark and Jerri were raised by a stepparent and count their blessings that this “bonus” parent was a part of their lives. Because of this and having several friends who have adopted, the decision to build our family through adoption was easy. We are extremely excited to know that our dreams will be coming true because of a courageous person like you. We hope you will learn more about who we are through our letter and will see how committed we are to being loving and nurturing parents.

Gary and Minal
We cannot imagine anything that would bring us more pleasure than being able to become a mommy and a daddy. Should you choose us as parents for this unborn child, you will be providing the gift of life to this child and the gift of parenthood to us. It is your wisdom, strength, and courage that have led you to make one of the most difficult decisions of your life and for this, you have our eternal thanks and admiration.
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