Adoption Successes

Trey and Kathie
This letter is probably one of the hardest things that Trey and I have ever written. Hard because we want you to feel how much respect we have for the enormity of the decision you are making and the gratitude we have for you in making it. Hard because we want to convey to you in just a few short paragraphs that we are dedicated parents who will give love, respect, devotion and a sense of strong family to your child as his or her parents for the rest of our lives.
Deric and Serena

As we write this, we are imagining the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions that you must be experiencing. We know you are facing a very big decision and we admire the strength and courage you have in making sure that you find a loving home for this baby. We are looking forward to telling you more about our dreams and commitment to providing a stable and unconditionally loving home for this child.

Scott and Leslie
We haven't met yet, but we know already that you are a woman of great strength and courage. This must be a very difficult time for you, yet you are committed to making a couple's dream of parenting come true. We are grateful for you, and are absolutely ready to love your child completely and forever. The baby will always know of the unselfish gift you gave to us.
Aaron and Jodi

We hope this letter finds you and your baby healthy and as happy as you can be. We know you are about to make the most difficult decisions of your life and I know this is the scariest time of your life as I have been there; I was 19, pregnant and alone. I know how it is to feel that there is no “right” decision. We admire your selflessness and hope this letter makes your decision easier in some little way.

Jorge and Idalgis
Life presents many unexplained obstacles, and while we don’t always know why, we do know that things happen for a reason. While we are unable to conceive a child to fulfill our dream of becoming parents, we are confident that through adoption we will end up with the child that we were destined to love and parent. We hope this letter will help let you know who we are and the kind of parents we hope to be.
Glen and Sue
We are so excited about the chance to share our love and life with a child! Our highest priority is the happiness and future of your baby. We will provide daily doses of hugs, kisses, encouragement, and kind words! How can we thank you enough for giving us this wonderful opportunity to be parents? Your concern, love, and thoughtfulness at giving life will remain in our hearts forever and your child will have a terrific life with us!
Michael and Caroline

We both feel very fortunate with the flexible way we live our lives. Our family comes first. Mike and I, Joelle, and all of our families are so very excited and happy and look forward to our family growing. Joelle asks us all the time about when her baby brother or sister will be born and come home to be with us. We tell her to pray and hopefully it will happen soon. Our hearts are filled with love and hope.

David and Beth
We have the utmost respect for you because we know that the decision you're making is probably one of the most important decisions of your life and we admire your courage. Please know that we will welcome your child wholly, that we will love them unconditionally and that we will make sure they know that you, Birthmother, started our family through an act of pure and selfless love.
Patrick and Kristin

We’ve created a number of memories that warm our hearts and anxiously wait to bring your child into our family with plans to create more memories. Our hearts are open wide, and we take the responsibility that goes along with this opportunity very seriously. We are joyful and excited, excited to help this new life grow and flourish, and to help this young life strive for whatever he or she dreams. Our hearts and minds are with you in your decision.

Frank and Parta
We see unlimited possibilities for your baby. We can promise you that we will love, respect and nurture your child unconditionally and forever. We will do all that we can to share the wonders and awe of the world and encourage his or her natural talents. We hope you will choose us to be the couple to raise and love your baby. Please know that whatever your decision, we wish you nothing but joy, happiness, and the best life can offer for you and your child.
Greg and Leigh Ann
For a birthmother and adoptive parents, adoption is the most profound decision one can make. Your decision to choose life through adoption is commendable at the very least. In fact, it is the very essence of love itself. Knowing that your child will be cherished and loved unconditionally can ease the emotional stress you must be feeling. We admire the strength and commitment that is revealed by your selfless desire to place your unborn child with the right family.
Kim and Jennifer
We know in our hearts that God has a plan for all of us. We don’t know each other yet but God knows each and everyone of us as well as the wonderful new life growing inside of you. We honor your courageous decision to find a loving home for your child and hope that you find what you’re looking for in us. We pray for you every day and hope that you can feel confident that we will give your child everything you could dream of, and more.
Byron and Joanne

We both understand the hopes and dreams you have for this child. Rest assured that we would share all of our goals and dreams, as well as your unselfish love and the concern that you have for this child’s future. Our absolute promise and commitment to you is to love and nurture our child and provide a happy and secure home. Our greatest desire is to offer endless opportunities for our child to develop his or her own talents and fulfill their dreams as they grow, whatever those dreams may be.

Chris and Terri
We hope that it may comfort you to know that both Terri and I were adopted as children. We were raised by nurturing families in an atmosphere of unconditional love and acceptance. While we always knew and understood that we were adopted, we have also come to realize that we are just a family that love and care about each other and could not imagine our lives any other way. This is the family we hope to create, where our child will know how we became a family and will cherish your act of love.
Jim and Diana

The decision to place your child for adoption is most probably very difficult for you. I can imagine you are filled with emotions and uncertainties at this time in your life. Though we cannot fully understand, we do empathize. Your extreme generosity to give others a chance at parenthood will never be forgotten. You are an angel granting a true blessing.

Mark and Kelly
We are so excited to become parents and eagerly await the joy of loving and nurturing your child. We understand and are committed to the responsibilities that raising a child brings. Our hearts go out to you as you embark on this difficult journey. We want you to know that we are in awe of the courage and love you have for your child.
Jerry and Jennifer
We have lots of love to give and look forward to sharing that love with your baby as part of our family. Your baby will grow up secure in the knowledge that he/she was blessed with two sets of parents who love him/her very much. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you face this difficult time in your life. Please know that your child will be coming to a warm, loving and happy home.
Mike and Wanda

Thank you so much for giving life and taking time to get to know our family. Mike, Megan and I hope that after you read this letter you will see we can provide a happy, loving and well-balanced home. We admire your courage and love as you make your decision. We are eager to open our hearts and home to a child and we hope you will choose our family. May God guide you as you make this most important and difficult decision.

Keith and Darla
Your baby would become part of a well-established, successful, happy, spiritually-grounded family, would be loved, cherished, nurtured and encouraged, and would grow up with a big brother that adores him/her, and the knowledge that he/she is safe, loved, and able to do and accomplish anything. Your decision is an important one, and we wish you wisdom, Divine guidance, peace and happiness. You are a courageous person and you deserve the best that life has to offer.
John and Gabriella
Where to begin - how do you thank someone for helping to fulfill a dream you have had for so many years? It is especially hard knowing the difficult choices with which you are faced. You are truly a brave woman and we respect the choices you are making for your child. If, after reading about us, we are the couple you select, we know that we will be able to offer your child a loving home and a happy and joyful family life.
John and Corinne

You are in our thoughts and prayers each day. We are so grateful for the courageous plans you are making for your baby. We learned just months after our wedding that we will never conceive biological children, but thanks to you, our dreams for a family will come true! Should you choose us, we promise to raise your child with an abundance of love and opportunities, and will teach him or her about the true love you have shown.

Keith and Lisa
We want to thank you for inviting us into your life. Words cannot begin to express what the possibility of raising a child means to us. It is with sincere gratitude that we also thank you for taking time to learn a bit about us, and for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. Please feel confident that we will be loving, compassionate and nurturing parents and that we will do all we can to support you in this loving and selfless decision.
Chad and Jill
We know this must be a very hard decision to make. But when you select us, the love your child will get from us and the extended family will be overwhelming. So rest assured that our new addition to the family will be accepted, loved, cared for, and nurtured in the best possible way.
Tom and Maria
We both look forward to the joys and the responsibilities that come with being parents. We hope that you will choose us to love and cherish your child and want you to know that whatever decision you make we wish the best for you and your child. Remember that God is with you and blessing you and that your faith in God will get you through your difficult time. May God bless you and your child.
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