Adoption Successes

Tom and Maria
We both look forward to the joys and the responsibilities that come with being parents. We hope that you will choose us to love and cherish your child and want you to know that whatever decision you make we wish the best for you and your child. Remember that God is with you and blessing you and that your faith in God will get you through your difficult time. May God bless you and your child.
Brent and Jennifer

Hi, we are Brent and Jennifer and we thank you for being our angel by helping us to fulfill our dreams of finally becoming parents. After 4 years of infertility, we know that adoption is the path we are suppose to be on. Without you, we would have no chance of having a child to love, nurture and spoil. We want you to know your child will always know the ultimate sacrifice that you made out of love.

Chris and Michelle

It is so exciting for us to be writing this letter to such an angel. We want you to know that we will do everything we can to help and support you as you make the difficult decisions that lie ahead. Though it seems overwhelming at times, keep the faith that all is in God's hands. Since I (Michelle) am adopted, I hope I can reassure you about the future of your unborn child as well as diminish fears you may have about your decision.

Bill and Jennifer
Different circumstances have brought all of us together, but we are united in the love for the child you are carrying. We promise to provide your child with a loving and nurturing home, and to give him or her everything we have to give. We will raise our child to be proud of his/her loving and caring birthmother, and to be a person worthy of you. Thank you considering us. We look forward to the day we meet you. Until then, know that you are in our thoughts and our prayers.
Tim and Joni

Although we have no idea what you are going through right now, we do know what a blessing adoption is, as Tim is adopted! Our home is filled with love, laughter and happiness. Having a daughter would add so much to our lives and we would cherish her always. We are hopeful that we will have more children and we hope that our home will be the one that you will choose. Whatever your decision, thank you for taking the time to get to know us. God bless you.

Gary and Kim
We pray you know that your decision to give your child life is the most precious and selfless gift you can ever give. We believe our destiny is to be given such a gift and then, to shower the gift with our love and to provide a nurturing environment resulting in a beautiful child who may someday in someway change our world. We pray that you feel blessed.
Jamie and Donna
Having both been raised in warm, nurturing and close family environments, our first priority is, and will always remain, family togetherness. While at this time we do not know who our child will be, we do know that we are ready and willing to share all that is us. We respect and admire you greatly for your decision to search for a loving adoptive family. In turn, we offer unconditional love, boundless energy and a wonderful, secure family oriented lifestyle.
Todd and Gina
We truly believe that there is something more at work here than just luck or just a letter. Call it fate. Call it destiny. Call it God. Whatever is supposed to happen, will happen. We hope that you believe that. If you follow your heart you really can't make a "wrong" decision. Please know that what you are doing is such an amazing, unselfish thing. We wish you love and peace of mind.
Jason and Juanita

This must not have been an easy decision for you and we admire your courage and unselfishness in choosing what is best for your baby. Be assured that you are making the right decision. Please know that if you choose us to be adoptive parents of your child, he or she will be surrounded with unconditional love and joy. Even though we don't know your baby yet, we wish you could feel the love we have already. We pray that you will find peace in your decision.

Mike and Jen
There is no way to tell you what a blessing a child would be to our family and us. Your gift to this child will be a loving family, one that will nurture them and encourage them to reach their full potential. Your child will grow up knowing of the courageous decision you made. We welcome the opportunity to meet you and for you to learn more about the loving home we can provide for your child.
Daniel and Jill
With the blessing of this child, we will make sure they always know how they came to be part of our family and how we wanted and waited so long for their arrival. While we’re sure we won’t be perfect parents, we can promise that we will not only love and nurture our child, but also protect and support them. We will laugh and cry with them, and we will encourage them to pursue their interests and dreams and provide every opportunity possible to make them happen.
Michael and Judy

We both come from large families and always wanted a family of our own. Unfortunately, we have been unable to conceive naturally so our decision to adopt came very easy to us. Mike as well as his two siblings were adopted by their father. Mike's father was also adopted, as well as an aunt and cousin. We are close to our families and spend a lot of time together. We are always together for the holidays, birthdays, and family dinners.  This bond and sense of security means so much to both of us and we would love to provide this support system to your baby.

Robert and Lisa
Thank you for the wonderful gift you are giving to your child and to a couple who desperately wants a child. You are a very brave and caring person. We do understand that this is a very trying time for you, and we have total and complete respect for you and your choice to keep your child’s best interests at heart. We can promise you that we will provide a happy, stable, and loving home for your child and will give him or her wonderful opportunities in life.
Walt and Dolores
We appreciate your courage and recognize the difficulty of your decision to plan your child’s future. We had always planned on having a family, and after learning of our infertility, we decided that life without children wasn’t an option. We have a wonderful little boy, Joshua, who is adopted and brings us joy and laughter every day. We love being parents so much that we’d like to share our family with another child.
Todd and Carrieann
Thank you for taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents. We both realize what a difficult, yet, courageous and selfless decision you are making. Both Todd and I would like you to know that we are very committed to each other and our marriage. We have been waiting a long time for a "baby miracle" to love unconditionally. Our hearts are filled with love to give and our arms are open to embrace, nurture and provide.
Brian and Michelle
Thank you so much for taking an interest in us. Brian is adopted and has always been appreciative of the love his birth mother had shown him by allowing him to live with the incredible parents he was raised by. Adoption has always been a part of our lives, and we think we can give the child you are carrying a wonderful understanding and perspective that will be unique to our household.
Alan and Nikki

We cannot begin to express to you how grateful we are that you are willing to consider us to become the adoptive parents of your child. Your selfless, loving act is certainly not an easy one, but we know that we can offer you an alternative that will allow your child to be a part of a stable home that is filled with laughter and love.  Mostly though, we are appreciative that you are willing to consider helping us achieve the dream of parenthood and give us the gift of becoming a family.

Patrick and Connie
We want to thank you for this most precious gift of life. Your decision to give your child up for adoption must truly be the most difficult decision you have ever had to make. We respect you for this most caring and selfless act. We both have always hoped for a family but unfortunately are unable to conceive a child naturally. We are both very committed to being parents, will love your child as are own, and will provide a warm and nurturing family environment.
Felix and Lourdes
In our minds, the definition of family is to be around people that love you and care about your well being for as long as you live. This unconditional love is what we want to offer your child. We have been looking forward to and preparing for being a family for a really long time. We assure you that your child will receive all the love, security, safety and spiritual values that you will want them to have.
Frank and Cindy
We are grateful for you taking the time to review our profile and hope that you strongly consider our family when making your decision. We understand, and I can relate (being adopted) to the difficult decision a birthmother faces when choosing the best suitable parents. Our hope and promise to our children is that we will be the best parents we can, giving them as much love, happiness and attention as possible. May God help you with this decision and bless you with strength in this difficult time.
Tim and Mary
What an incredible decision you have made. We want to thank you for reading this letter in order to get to know who we are. We can't even begin to imagine what you might be going through at this time. We want you to know that we think you are very brave, and that you must have a lot of love in your heart. We are at the point in our lives where we want to share our love with a child, and grow as a family.
Bill and Cindy

We can only imagine the difficulty of the decision you are facing, and are not only respectful, but also grateful to you for choosing life and adoption for this baby. We are hopeful that by getting to know us you will feel how much love we have to give to this baby. Adoption is very near and dear to our hearts as there are several cousins in our family who are adopted and so loved by our family. We have always wanted two children and are excited to expand our family by adoption because of all the love we have to share.

Anthony and Sarah
We are so thankful that you are considering us as parents for your baby. Early on in our relationship, we decided that we would adopt a child, and we are so excited to begin this journey. We cannot begin to comprehend how difficult this decision has been for you, and we admire your courage and selflessness. We promise that we will raise your baby with strong moral values, in a home full of love, laughter and happiness.
Brad and Kimberly

Thank you for choosing life for your child and thank you for considering us to receive this wonderful gift. Rest assured, should you place your child with us, they will be raised in a family where Christian values are demonstrated and your child is taught to love, honor and respect you for your selfless decisions.

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