Adoption Successes

David and Jyoti
We are David and Jyoti, and are so excited at the possibility of having the paths of our lives come together. Our hearts go out to you, as we know this must be such a difficult time for you. Thank you so much for considering us as you make this incredibly important decision in your life. You can feel confident that if you were to entrust us with your baby, we would love him or her with every bit of our hearts.
Daniel and Shelley
Your strength and courage to choose life for your baby says a lot about your character and spirit. Thank you for taking out the time to read our letter. We are Daniel and Shelley and are very appreciative of wonderful women like you that make our dream of having a family become a reality. We welcome the opportunity to expand our family and love, nurture and enrich the life of your baby.
Tim and Angie

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making our dreams come true. We cannot even begin to imagine how trying these past few days and months have been for you. We would not want to be guilty of trying to pretend that we can understand your pain. What we do understand is how much you love your child. We know this because of your willingness to make this incredible sacrifice. By offering your precious gift to us, you are filling the emptiness in our hearts by completing our family.

James and Debbie
What do you say to the person who can make all your dreams come true? James and I believe that what’s meant to be will always find a way. We believe we were meant to have a child to care for and love. And it is through wonderful people like yourself and the miracle of adoption that we look forward to beginning the incredible journey that is parenthood.
Barry and Jennifer
We are Barry and Jennifer. We would like to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves to you. The decision you are making is monumental and we want you to know that by choosing this decision you have shown one of the greatest acts of unselfishness.
Shawn and Jennifer
Jennifer, having been adopted herself, has a special place in her heart for adoption. We understand the difficulty of the decision and appreciate you giving this child the same chance Jennifer’s birthmom gave her to have a happy and complete life. We look forward to having the same wonderful and fulfilling relationship with this child as Jennifer has with her own adoptive parents.
Ernest and Carey
Ernest and I were meant to be parents. It is in God’s plan for us to adopt a baby because, after years of treatments, we were unable to have a biological child. God works in mysterious ways and life takes unexpected turns. We have so much love and support to give to a child. We know that a little miracle angel is out there waiting to be united with us. We thank you for your consideration of us as adoptive parents.
Ron and Marissa
We want to thank you for your courage and for the selfless and amazing love you have for your unborn child. Most importantly, your child will always know they are blessed because your love for them is so strong you wanted the best life possible for them. And they will always know that though we are not the birth parents, they were “born in our hearts”.
Tom and Cathy
We cannot imagine what you are going through, but admire your strength, courage, and selflessness with the difficult decisions that lie ahead for you. What a tremendous decision this must be for you, to choose parents for your baby. After reading our letter, we hope your heart will find comfort in knowing your child will be loved, nurtured, and provided for under our care.
Eric and Yvonne

Our thoughts and beliefs in the past years of experiencing infertility have only reinforced for us that things do happen for a reason. We are eager to share the joys of a child’s life; caring for and loving a child unconditionally is a dream we have. Our promise to you is that we will cherish and raise this child with openness and we will share the difficult decision you have made and how the choice was made by you out of love.

Bob and Lisa
Lisa’s parents adopted her and her older brother as infants and provided a loving, caring and secure environment. We hope you will allow us the opportunity to provide the same type of environment for your child. With much excitement and anticipation we look forward to becoming a family. We thank you for the opportunity to make our dreams of having a child come true.
Stan and DeAnna
Thank you for taking this time to read our letter. We understand this is a difficult decision, just as it has been for us. We want to commend you for your courage and selflessness to think solely of your child only, as we will. We are excited to give a child a lifetime of love and support, and instill good moral decisions, along with being conscientious of others and their feelings.
Joe and Doreen
Words cannot express our admiration to parents who are as selfless and devoted as you. Without you, people such as us, could never have our dreams of having a family come true. We thank you for your consideration. Should you choose us as adoptive parents, please be assured you have our trust, and we will be warm, loving, caring and protective parents.
Troy and Susan
We would first like to say how wonderful it is that you made such a courageous choice for yourself and your baby. Because of you, our life long dream of becoming parents will come true. It is a tremendous gift, and for that we will always be grateful.
Richard and Marianne
We want you to know that your child will be the center of our universe. Children should be dreamers and we want you to know that we will always support his/her dreams. Your child will be protected and nurtured. He/she will have any educational opportunities they desire. Your child will also be taught the life lessons he/she will need, so that you know your child will also make a wonderful parent, when his/her time comes.
Darrin and Patty
We know you are a very special person because you are looking for a loving, caring family to raise your baby and provide your special child the best life possible. We are Darrin and Patty and would be honored if you take the time to get to know us better and possibly consider us to be that family. We realize as you journey through life your circumstances will change, we will always try to support your choices and grant your requests.
David and Brenda

Thank you for choosing adoption for your child and for taking the time to learn about us. We understand that this is not an easy time for you. Only with the deepest love, strength and courage could a woman make this selfless decision. As parents of an adopted child, we know that your choice - to place your child with a loving family - is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give. Thank you for considering us.

Kevin and Valerie

As we sit down to write this letter our thoughts turn to you and the strength and courage you must have to make this very difficult decision. We are delighted to tell you about ourselves and hope this letter helps set your mind at ease. We know you have a difficult decision ahead. No matter which family you choose for your child, we hope you will find happiness and comfort in your decision.

John and Jody
Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us, and our desire to add to our family. We hope to meet with you so that we can tell you just how excited we are about having such a blessing in our lives. We look forward to bringing a child into our lives and sharing all that love, happiness, and life has to offer.
David and Cathy

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give your child a loving and happy home. Your selfless choice has blessed us with a chance to complete our dream of having a baby together. We will raise your child with love, affection, and patience. We know that a child is a unique and special individual from day one and as parents we will nurture and support that.

Andrew and Laura

The child you place for adoption will be the greatest gift you can ever give. We promise you that your child will be well provided for, receive unconditional love and experience a loving, safe environment where he or she will be encouraged to develop his or her natural abilities. We have anxiously awaited the moment when we can start our family and we thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

Mark and Michele
We do not know each other; however, we have one thing in common-a child. Mark and I are so very anxious to have a child to love and cherish, and you would like to find the best suitable parents to love and cherish your child. We cannot begin to imagine the degree of your emotions. We can only assure you of the love and care this child will have if we are the parents you choose.
Jim and Kelly
Thank you for considering Jim and I as your lifetime partners in this noble endeavor! Jim and I believe in miracles, we believe in the power of people and the power of True Love. We also believe that adoption, and all the people involved in the process qualify as miraculous! Just imagine, people from across the country, whose paths may never have crossed otherwise, brought together with one common goal – to love, nurture and raise a child.
John and Kathy
We want to tell you how thankful we are for you helping us have a family. We can't begin to imagine how hard this is for you, but we want you to know we will be forever thankful for the gift of life you are blessing us with. We will provide a safe, happy home with love and laughter. Thank you again for helping us have a family.
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