Adoption Successes

Dean and Cathy
It's hard to summarize our lives in a few paragraphs, just as it is difficult for you to decide parents for your child by reading a letter. We would be honored if you would consider us as your child's adoptive family and would feel privileged to share letters and pictures. This child will be the gift of our life!!!
Chris and Ruth
Right now we are anonymous to each other, but I wish I had a name to call you by, for I know that you are more than a "birth mother," just as I am more than an "adoptive mother." Please know that our prayers are with you as you make this most difficult decision.
Ken and Debbie
First we want to say how much we admire and respect you for your strength, courage and determination to find a loving home for your child. You are hoping to find a loving home for your child, where he/she will be cherished and nurtured. We are looking for a child to love, protect, and spoil just a little bit. We look forward to sharing all our experiences and the miracle of life with a child. We promise to provide a secure and loving home that is filled with laughter and support.
Dan and Michelle
While we cannot begin to understand your thoughts and feelings, as parents of an adopted child we know that your decision to choose life through adoption for your baby is one made with love and selflessness. We appreciate that you would consider blessing us with the most precious gift of another child, fulfilling our dream of growing our family. If you honor us with this opportunity, a nurturing family, unconditional love, strong values, and every opportunity will surround your child’s life.
Mark and Tina
We would first like to thank you for choosing life. When two people desperately love each other and are unable to have children on their own, it is amazing what a pro-life advocate you become. Next we would like to express our gratitude to you for considering us to parent your child. We can only imagine the difficulty of the decisions you are faced with at this time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you, and every other woman considering giving the gift of life.
Lance and Amanda

We are writing to you to thank you for choosing to change a couple’s life and the life of your child forever. We know that the decision you are making is a difficult one. If chosen as adoptive parents, we will make sure your child will always feel loved. You will remain a positive and loving influence in our family’s hearts forever.

Robert and Lia

Before we even get into who we are, we both want to let you know we realize that you are probably making the most important decision of your life and we are honored that you have taken the time to review our letter. We both respect your decision, for it shows courage and unselfishness, and you have our utmost admiration. We also want to thank you for considering us.

Gerry and Christine

We would love to include our new child in all of our family events, and have many other special parties and events to plan for her, as the day we are chosen as her parents would be very special. We really are a fun loving, happy, and caring family who want to share our love with another child, our adopted child. We know that somewhere there is a birth mother who would choose us to be the loving, devoted, and caring parents for her precious child.

Mark and Mary
First of all, my husband and I would like to commend you for your brave decision to place your precious baby with a loving family. This shows a strong character on your part. We would like to introduce ourselves to you. We are Mary and Mark, so we are affectionately called "M&M". We have been very happily married for 5 years. We look forward to offering your child a bright, optimistic future with many opportunities and dreams. Most of all we have the love to give to your child. If you should choose would be an absolute honor!
Carlos and Cynthia

We are Carlos and Cynthia. We know this decision is the hardest one you will ever make, and also the most courageous. By choosing life, you help create and expand our family. We promise you that our children will always know the depth of your love, the difficulty of your decision and the selflessness of their birthmother.

Fred and Maria

We are so happy you have had the opportunity to consider us. We pray everything goes well for you during this time. Whatever choices you make, may God bless you today as well as in years to come. Simply by choosing to bear this child, you have made a brave, selfless and kind gesture and we applaud and respect you for that! In our eyes, you truly are a hero!

Mike and Mindy

We want to start out by saying that you are an amazing and strong woman. We understand that this is the most difficult decision of your life and we hope that this letter will help ease your mind. We hope that we are able to convey to you our love for each other and our desire to raise your child.

Jason and Melissa

What a great opportunity you are giving your baby. To have a couple that wants to love your child so badly, and a birthmother who loves him/her so much she wants the best life possible. We can't begin to understand the decision you are about to make, but our prayer is that it will go as smoothly as possible for you and your baby. You will find a couple with all of the love in the world to give.

John and Angela

We wish we could say to you in person what a courageous woman we think you are. We think of your situation and can only imagine how you must be feeling. So many women have been where you are right now and so few are willing or able to deliver the highest form of selflessness. We are so honored to even be considered to parent your most precious gift.

Conrad and Karen
We know the many pages you will be viewing offer an overwhelming selection of potential adoptive parents for your baby and we truly appreciate your time and consideration in including us in this process. We have great respect and appreciation for birth parents and the decision(s) they face, and can assure you that we will do everything to love, safeguard, and nurture your baby. We would consider this the ultimate gift and would cherish every day as parents. We wish you the best in your quest to provide a good home for your baby and hope that you will consider us as adoptive parents.
Greg and Sherie

First, we would like to thank you for considering the special gift of adoption.  We truly applaud the courageous decisions you have made - to have your baby, and to choose adoption. We view adopting a baby as a beautiful gift from God, sent in an extraordinary way.  Without you, families like ours would never have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and we hope that we will have the opportunity to meet you.

Jeff and Michelle
We cannot try to place ourselves in your situation, or even try to comprehend all that you are going through right now. The only thing that we can offer you, to comfort and help quiet the thoughts running through your mind, is that there are people out there that would truly love to raise your child as their own. We want you to know that we find your decision to place your child a truly courageous act on your part.
Jeff and Susan

Life does not always go according to plan, but things do happen for a reason. Neither of our lives is going according to plan, but maybe we can help each other. We are unable to conceive but being parents and raising a family is the most important thing to us. We are honored that you are taking the time to read this and possibly consider us to be those special parents. We wish you peace and comfort in knowing that you are doing a wonderful and selfless thing by considering adoption.

Ed and Nancy
We couldn’t be happier that you’ve taken the time to review our family. We know the decision you’ve made to place your baby could not be easy, but it shows how courageous and loving you are. No matter what the outcome, we’ll always know in our hearts that your decision, though not easy, was one made from the love you have for your child.
Mike and Mia

We can only imagine the emotions that flood your mind at a time like this. Though time may be the only teacher to understanding some of them, you may rest easier knowing that if you choose us as your child's adoptive parents, he or she will be loved and cherished forever. We promise to instill all of the valuable teachings that our parents taught us - along with many others we have learned along the way. We will continue to work hard to provide opportunities to this child throughout his/her entire lifetime.

Jeff and Maria
If it weren't for such courageous and loving women as you, there would be absolutely no way for many couples to experience the joy of parenthood. Because you have such a strong desire to ensure that your baby will have the best possible opportunity in life, “you” make “hope” possible for many people. Thank you for that incredibly precious gift you give us. I am a firm believer that the gift of love that you give, will come back to you in truckloads of good fortune.
Patrick and Maureen

We are so excited to have the opportunity to be parents through the adoption process. It gives us joy and warmth knowing we can share our love and lives with a child. We have much to offer; a loving home, family support, financial stability, a strong commitment to loving the Lord, and a lifetime of learning experiences that we will be able to share together. We are so grateful for your consideration in adoption.

Mike and Kimberly

While we hope, and pray, everyday that God would bless us with the opportunity to adopt a baby, we are compassionately sensitive to the fact that you are making one of the most difficult and selfless decisions a mother can make.  We pray that God will bless you with the strength and wisdom in these difficult times.  We admire you greatly and have sincere respect for your decision to choose life for your baby.  We promise to provide for your baby a lifetime of unconditional love, support and security.

Ken and Kim

Ken and I cannot begin to thank you enough for the completely selfless act you are taking and the unconditional love you are showing for your child. We can only begin to imagine the emotions you are going through, and we thank you for taking the time to consider us as parents for your child. Please know that our love, thoughts and prayers are with you.

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