Adoption Successes

David and Amy
We wish to "paint you a picture" of what your child's life is going to be like growing up with us. The day we bring your baby home, a hand painted “welcome home” sign is taped to the door of our garage. Our house is filled with great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who want "their turn to hold the baby". After the initial excitement and "ga-gaing" over the newest member of our family, your baby is introduced to her/his bedroom...
William (Bill) and Norma
Dear Birthmother, as you read this letter we hope that you have been able to see what a wonderful life we can provide for your child. We know this is a difficult decision and one that should not be taken lightly. All we ask is that you trust your heart and do what is best for your baby. Regardless of what you decide we respect your strength and courage and commend you for granting your child life. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We hope to hear from you soon, until then take care of yourself.

Edward and Anne
I truly believe that things happen for a reason, and I like to believe that maybe some children are loved so much they are given two sets of parents; one set to give them life and another to raise them. We can't pretend to know what you're going through, what your life is like, or how you feel about all of this. We can only hope that whether or not your child finds a home with us, you will always have some measure of comfort that your selfless decision to seek out what is best for your child was the right one.

David and Sherri
We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how happy we are that you are considering us in your decision. The decision you are making is a very generous one. We would like to let you know that your baby will be loved and well taken care of and surrounded by family and friends.
Stephen and Shari
First of all we would like to thank you for the gifts of life and love that you are giving your baby. The decision you have made in choosing adoption for your child is the most courageous and unselfish act a person can make. We hope that after reading about us and getting a glimpse of our life, you will discover how committed we are to be nurturing, loving parents.
Vince and Kathy
Warm, loving, caring, fun, financially secure and stable family-if these are traits you are looking for your child to be raised with, then we may be the family for you. We have been fortunate to be entrusted with three wonderful children by three separate birth mothers. We continue to communicate with these wonderful women as often as they desire. We wish you the best and peace in your decision.
Joey and Andrea
We can only imagine how it must feel for you to read through all of these letters, hoping that in one of them you will find something – a face, a thought, some kind of connection – that will help you choose two people to become loving parents for your unborn child. We too feel a bit lost, sitting here in our home and searching for the words that will reach out across the miles to find the courageous stranger who will help us fulfill our lifelong dream of parenthood.
Del and Carolyn
We have been happily married for almost four years. Each of us was raised with a strong sense of family and has a lot of love and energy to devote to a child. Family and friends who are fully supportive of our decision to adopt surround us. We have many nieces and nephews who would be thrilled to have another cousin to play with. Your child would be showered with love and attention.
Glenn and April
We cannot begin to understand how difficult all of this must really be and so we won´t even try to put into words how you or we feel. Just know that you are loved and not alone. It would be our honor to add one more sweet spirit to our home. I´ve been thinking for several days over just the right thing to say and include and I´ve narrowed it down to just this: WOW! How can we adequately let you know what´s in our hearts in only one page. But here goes...
Anthony and Lisa

If we are granted the honor of parenting your child, he or she will be raised in a fun, nurturing and secure home as well as having a wonderful life filled with opportunities.  Your child will be cherished, as he or she becomes a part of a large close-knit family. Our prayers and thoughts are with you as you make this courageous and difficult choice in finding a family to love and raise your child.

Danny and Lara
We cannot express enough how much excitement and enthusiasm we feel as we write this letter to you. Although our paths have not physically crossed yet, we feel a sense of bonding. This has to be one of the most difficult life decisions you must make and we are sensitive to that. Your courage and unconditional love will never be forgotten. We cannot thank you enough for just reading our letter.
John and Kathy

Our love for each other, and our commitment to marriage and a family life are what bring us to you today through this letter. We thank you for choosing to preserve the life of your unborn child, so that the couple you choose can open their arms and hearts to accept, raise, love, and support your birth child unconditionally as adoptive parents.

Charles and Lynn
Chuck and I have known each other for seventeen years, the last five as a couple. We have been excited to start a family; however we have been unsuccessful at becoming pregnant. Although we are writing to you with excitement of becoming parents we know this is a very difficult, emotional decision for you to make. We would be deeply honored to be the parents of ´your child, the most precious gift of life. We admire your strength and courage.
Mark and Rachael
Our names are Rachael, Mark and Emma. We have been married for 11 years and Emma is now five years old. We went through 2 cycles of IVF and thankfully the second time worked. We were advised that we shouldn´t try this again so we have decided on adoption as a means of completing our family. Mark and I consider ourselves best friends and partners to each other and feel that a strong marriage is the best that we can give to our children. Another child would complete our family and that is more important to us than anything.
Chris and Christina
While no one has the “why” answer to questions that may be familiar to you – “Why is this situation before me?” “Is this the right decision?” “What can be expected?” – perhaps the solution can be found when you, as the birthmother, and us, as the couple, share a common interest in knowing that a child needs unconditional love and support. We hope you will trust us with the honor of parenting. Thank you for your courage and sacrifice to place your baby for adoption.
Todd and Pam
We know you are facing a big decision and wish you the best as you make plans for yourself and the child you are carrying. We hope that after learning more about us, your decision will be a little easier. We offer a nurturing environment and a loving home to a child and hope that we are the type of family you are looking for.
Sean and Rebecca
We have been happily married for 8 ½ years and have longed to have our own family. We have gone through numerous fertility treatments, emotional roller coasters, up and downs and thankfully, through God´s help, our relationship has strengthened us and brought us closer from it. We find it difficult to express how much a child means to us, but we can say that we will love our child unconditionally and teach them to love and respect life. Thank you so very much for considering us, we know your decision is a difficult one.
Paul and Michelle
We are so excited right now about the possibility of having a baby to complete our family! We won’t even pretend to understand what you must be going through right now but we can say that we think this is one of the bravest and most unselfish acts a woman can do. Without you, this process would not exist. Without you, childless couples would remain just that - childless.
Paul and Michelle

We are Paul and Michelle and in October we will celebrate our 7th anniversary. We are very much in love and are high school sweethearts. After facing the reality of being unable to have a child we reviewed our options and decided that we would pursue adoption. Our dreams of a family have always included a child. We are loving, patient, and affectionate people. If we are chosen, please know that we will treasure your baby and raise your child with strong morals, values, love and encouragement

David and Reina
David & I have been happily married for ten years. . Since that time we began trying to have a biological child unsuccessfully, including two fertility procedures. We have turned to adoption in order to fulfill our dream of being able to become parents. We won´t even pretend to imagine how you are feeling, and could only hope that if we were in your position, we would be able to make the decision to place our child with adoptive parents who are as passionate about loving & raising a child as we are.
Ken and Stephanie
Hello we are Stephanie and Kenny. We realize that this is a difficult time for you. It takes a lot of courage to do what you feel is best for your child and to choose adoptive parents for him or her. We thank God for your unselfish decision. We are sensitive to the fact that this is truly the most difficult decision a person can make. As you make your adoption plans, we are thinking and praying for you and your precious child. Your gracious decision will make it possible for us to start a family.

Tim and Sherry

Thank you for the step you are about to take in choosing to place your child with a loving family. We truly admire the strength, courage, and selfless love that has guided you in making this decision. We know it is not an easy decision you are making; trying to pick the "right" family, and we hope that we are able to convey enough about ourselves in this short letter to help make that decision a little easier.

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Adoption Success Stories