Adoption Successes

Mark and Lori
We are Mark and Lori and we have been married for nearly seven years. Although our lives have been filled with lots of change and excitement, we have been missing one thing, a baby. We can´t begin to imagine how difficult the decision process must be for you. You are granting a child with the precious gift of life and a promising future. Thank you for taking the time to look at us as potential parents for your child.
Glenn and Jennifer

Thank you for inviting us into your life. We are very excited about adopting a child and appreciate your decision to place your baby with a loving family. We realize this kind of decision takes a great deal of courage and unselfishness to make, and we will always honor and respect you for that. We will always be open and honest with your child about how they became a part of our family.

Dan and Regina

Hello, our names are Dan and Regina. It is with utmost respect and gratitude that we write this letter to you. Your decision to place your child for adoption must be one of the most difficult choices that you've ever had to make. Thank you for giving this precious gift of love. Just know that if chosen, we promise to provide unconditional love, as well as a stable, nurturing, and opportunity-packed environment for your child. We also look forward to being a part of helping your child realize her or his dreams.


Mark and Stacy
As you read this letter, we are grateful and thankful that you have chosen the same avenue as we have, the road of adoption. You are a strong woman who is about to make a difficult and important decision involving the life of a child.  Mark and I hope that you will consider us, allowing our roads to merge for a short time. During this process we imagine we will all feel emotions of anxiety, fear, happiness, excitement, belonging and love. This will be a life experience for us all and we will share similar feelings, just on different sides. You will know in your heart when you find the right parents for the child, and if you find us to be your match, we promise to offer the "little one" a lifetime of commitment, love, support, encouragement and acceptance. 
Jason and Tracey
Tracey and I truly share a wonderful life together, but also have a void in our hearts and in our home. We have struggled with infertility problems for about two years now having gone through several infertility treatments. If you choose our home for your child, you can be certain that your baby will be very well taken care of and given every opportunity life has to offer.
Brent and Alisa
We were married 17 years before we were blessed with our children, Emily - 11 and Seth - 8. We want a third child and believe that third child will come to us through adoption. We would love to hold another small being in our arms and give - not just material things but more important - give of ourselves, our time, and our love to someone special who comes to us through someone´s act of giving. If you choose our family to love and raise your child, we would feel so special and blessed by God.
Stephen and Pamela
We are Stephen and Pamela; we have been very happily married for a little over 2.5 years now. We are not only husband and wife but are also best friends. We have struggled with the knowledge of infertility since before we were married when I had to have surgery for ovarian cysts. Stephen and I are very patient and affectionate and look forward to sharing our love with a child. We are very thankful for women like you who help make our dreams come true through your unselfish actions.
Family. It isn´t just biology, even though that´s an important part. We´ve been a family for seven years now and have always wanted to share our love with children. We decided that adoption was the right path to family for us. So we began reading everything we could about the needs of adoptive children. We´ve even taken a course about parenting adoptive children. We learned that our child will want – and even need – to know who their “mom” is and all about her courageous and loving decision.
Jay and Keri
When I was a small child, and as I was growing up, every time anyone would ever ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would always say, “a Mommy.” We are both very excited about the prospect of finally becoming parents. We are thrilled to be adopting because we have so much love to give a child. Words cannot express the happiness you have given us by making a very courageous and selfless decision.
Larry and Delia
Delia and I have been with each other for the last five and a half years, the last two and a half as a happily married coupled. We have been trying to have children for a number of years. We now turn to the incredible opportunity of adoption to fulfill our yearning to become parents. We understand this is an emotional time for you as a birth mother yet we look through this tough time with sensitivity and understanding.
Daryl and Dawn

Hi, our names are Daryl and Dawn and we are excited about having a child in our family. We are grateful for your courage and commitment to considering an adoption. We know you have a lot of decisions to make and we respect the time that you are taking to make them. Our home is filled with love and support and we can't wait to welcome a new baby into it. We appreciate your considering us to be the parents of your child.

Bert and Dawn
We are SO excited about adopting a baby, and would like to give your baby a secure home full of love and laughter. We have been married for 15 years and feel like we have found our soul mate. We have a stable, happy marriage and eagerly anticipate the day when we add our newest little addition to our loving family. We know you are facing difficult circumstances and we admire your courage and strength to pursue adoption.
Tom and Christine
We strive to live a simple and genuine lifestyle always grateful for our many blessings and always eager to help. We both view parenting as the best thing in our lives and pray for the chance to adopt a baby. Should we be matched we will always remember you with grateful hearts. We are selfless in our love and dedication to our children and would give the life you are carrying a most cherished opportunity at a beautiful life.
Mike and Kate

Hello! We are Mike and Kate! Although we are writing to you with excitement, anticipation and high hopes of bringing a precious baby into our family, at the same time we are also very sensitive to the fact that you are making one of the most difficult and selfless decisions. We have compassion for your situation; we are thrilled and excited at the thought of being parents and playing a part in such a beautiful miracle. We hope this letter conveys our respect for you in making such a courageous choice in considering adoption. We are SO excited about adopting a baby, and would like to give your baby a secure home full of love and laughter.

Tim and Gerri
We have been married almost twenty years and have been parents for seventeen years. Our son Taylor will be a senior in high school this fall. Our daughter Jessica died of cancer just shy of her fourteenth birthday. Having experienced the joys and sorrows of parenthood, we seek adoption fully aware of the commitment required to be Godly parents. We are sure you want the very best for your baby and we know we can love and nurture your child in our family.
Ronald and Michele

To look into our eyes you would see the sparkle of happiness, and to look into our hearts you would find an unconditional love we want to share with a child. Your decision however difficult it may be is the most loving and courageous gift you could possibly give to us. We already share the love, hope, and desire to see this baby raised in a loving home.

Ronald and Lori Ann
We wish you much strength as you make your decision. We have been happily married for almost eleven years. We spent the first six of those years trying to start a family. We are not able to become birth parents but we still believe that God has intended an equally important role for us as adoptive parents: to give love, a happy home and opportunity to a child.
Michael and Janet
Our hearts warm with the thought that someone like you will select us to love, cherish and raise your child. Since we first discussed marriage many years ago, we always dreamed that children would fill our home and share our love. We are encouraged that there are women, like you, who make the unselfish and difficult decision everyday to provide their children with unlimited opportunities.
Chris and Teri
We would like to say “Thank you!” Thank you for considering adoption and considering us as the parents of your precious child. Since Chris was adopted we understand that you have an immense love for the child inside you and what a blessing adoption can be. We would like to help continue that love after your baby is born. We would start by giving your child all the love and happiness that we share in our lives.
Aaron and Katherine

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter.  We can only imagine how emotional this time is for you.  Your decision to place your child for adoption demonstrates your strength, sensitivity, and kindness.  You are providing a life to a baby, and an opportunity for a deserving couple to become parents.  We feel a great sense of respect for you for making such a selfless act. We want to assure you of our commitment to family and our great desire to raise children in a loving, respectful, and fun environment.  We hope and pray our baby will find us soon and that you will find comfort in your decision.


Marcus and Victoria

As we try to give you a glimpse into our life through this letter, we would like to introduce ourselves. We are Marcus and Victoria. First, we would like to commend you for your courageous choice to place your precious baby with a loving family. You have our utmost admiration for the unconditional love you must have for your baby and it’s future.  This shows a strong character on your part. This must be a very confusing time for you and we will pray that you are receiving the support and guidance you need. We hope, that we will be part of your support system in the coming months to put your worries over the future of your baby at ease.

Scott and Carolyn
We are Scott and Carolyn and have been happily and romantically married for six years. Both of us admire your courage and empathize with how difficult this decision must have been for you. You hold the key to choosing the parents to love and raise your beautiful baby in a safe, happy, fun and established home. We hope it will be us.
Jeff and Mia
We hope this letter finds you feeling well and in good spirits during this emotional time. We are excited to learn about you and are so pleased that you are taking the time to learn about us. It´s hard to convey all of our feelings and emotions through this brief letter, but we hope this gives you a little peak into our lives.
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