Adoption Successes

David and Jennifer

We are Dave and Jen, and we are so excited to welcome your child into our family. We have been married since 2011, have two beautiful dogs, have a large extended family, and live in a lakeside community less than an hour from the coast. We are a simple, hard-working, fun-loving couple who have always believed in treating others the way you would want them to treat you – with kindness and friendship.

Daniel and Jamie
Putting our true feelings into words is not easy. And it is completely inadequate in demonstrating how we feel about your decision. We respect you and value your time in making such a courageous choice for your baby.
Kevin and Tracy
We feel so blessed and honored that you would consider us as parents for your precious baby. We admire you for making this courageous, loving, yet difficult choice of adoption. Life can sometimes be complicated with difficult decisions along the way and we really respect your strength in this selfless journey you have chosen. We believe God and fate have made our paths cross. 

Keith and Lacey

We are city kids who now live in our dream home in the country. We love the peace and quiet we experience in the country and often spend our evenings on the back porch listening to the sounds of nature, and talking about our life and our dreams. We share our five-bedroom home with our beloved pets, two dogs named Stubbs and Bluebell, and three cats named Olive, Rocky, and Puddin’.

Ronald and Maria
As we sit down to write this letter we realize that you are already facing this challenging situation. We can’t help but wonder how you are feeling, and yet all we can do for you at this point is to continue to pray for you and your baby. One thing we know for sure:  you are taking the path less traveled, which speaks highly of you. Only courageous people choose to walk less traveled paths. We are so infinitely grateful for your courage and your mindfulness of caring for your baby in this way.
Scott and Carolina
Our names are Scott and Caro. We are a very blessed family and have much to be thankful for. We have a passion for life and we believe that children are precious miracles on earth. We are hoping and praying to adopt a baby girl or boy. With your help we hope to grow into a bigger family. We are happy and humbled to be on this journey with you.
Michael and Melinda
My name is Mike and my wife Mina and I are honoured that you are considering us to be the adoptive parents of your unborn child. Having been adopted myself, I wanted you to perhaps have a different perspective of the possibility of adoption. I am one of three children, two of which were adopted. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't feel grateful for the opportunity my own birth mother gave me to have the wonderful life I lead today.
Stephen and Brenda
Your courageous decision to give your child life and to find a loving home for him or her shows that you are a selfless, giving person. We appreciate what you are doing, and promise to provide your child with a loving home, a great big brother, and the stability that every child deserves. We are truly thankful and feel blessed that you have taken the time to read about us, and that you would consider us as the future parents of your child. We will treasure your child as the greatest gift we could be given. We cannot wait to love and provide a loving home for your baby.
Shawn and Amy
As we sit down to write you this letter we are trying to imagine the difficult decision you are facing. We want you to know that we have tremendous compassion and understanding for you. We hope to make your decision easier by illustrating who we are as a couple, who we are as people, and why we will make good parents.

Jason and Marianela
Thank you so much for considering us as parents for your child. We understand what a hard decision this must be, and know you are trying to give your child a great life with beautiful experiences, love and happiness. We are good people who want nothing but the best for our family. We promise you we will give all the love and nurturing you want your child to have.
Peter and Stacey
First we would like to express our deepest gratitude and convey our respect for your decision to make it possible for us to become parents. We are not going to try to say we understand what you are going through because everyone is fighting their own battle and dealing with life’s struggles. We will say that we empathize with you because we have fought our own battles and know that it is possible to overcome them. Some take longer than others, but always know that you are strong and never stop fighting.
Kenneth and Holly
We unassumingly thank you for considering us as your child’s loving Mommy and Daddy. We wholeheartedly sympathize with what you are going through and hope to express that your gift to us will not be taken carelessly. Your decision is not an easy one and should be accompanied with the comforting sentiment that we long for the miracle of life and have planned our lives with this as our utmost priority.
Michael and Michele

Although we haven’t met, I’ve tried to imagine you, empathizing with you as you make one of the most important decisions of your life. Scrolling through pictures and letters must be difficult as you try hard to relate to a couple and see inside their hearts and lives. My advice, trust your heart. 

Patrick and Stacey
We would like to begin by thanking you for your decision of adoption. We want you to know that we admire your courage, strength and selflessness. Without you, our dreams of adding to our family would not be a reality. We have tried naturally to conceive but we have been unsuccessful. We believe everything happens for a reason and that God’s plan has brought us here. God has truly blessed us and we want to share our blessings with your child.
Jacob and Meghan

We are truly in awe of the selfless and loving thing you are doing and can never thank you enough for the beautiful gift you are giving us. We can only imagine what a strong, brave person you are. Please let us tell you about ourselves and the life we will give your little one.


Toby and Stephanie
We want you to know that we admire you for making such a selfless and courageous decision. We are so thankful for the opportunity to become parents through adoption.

Andrew and Abigail

We are so excited to expand our family and help build new loving bonds that will help our children through all the ups and downs of life.  We will always strive to raise our children as we were raised, with love, patience and forgiveness.  We will instill good values, so our children know how to treat others with respect, kindness and compassion.  We hope to show our children how to have a good sense of humor, be light-hearted and truly appreciate life.
Jacob and Erica

We first want to commend you for your brave choice of adoption. We understand the significance of your choice and that you greatly desire a wonderful and blessed life for your child. You face a hard decision and we want you to know that we will do all in our power to raise your child in a safe and loving environment. It has been our shared dream to have children ever since our marriage began, and we are truly thankful for the opportunity that you are able to give us.

Anthony and Andrea
We are very grateful to you for considering adoption. We would be so excited at the opportunity to be parents to your child. We want you to know how honored we would be to share our love and our lives with your child. We have friends and family all over the world who can’t wait to meet your child, and we look forward to many new experiences together as a family. We hope to be thoughtful, supportive parents and provide your child with love, guidance, a solid education and the confidence to follow his or her dreams.
James and Lisa

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter to you. With so many choices in prospective adoptive parents, we are sure you are overwhelmed with such an incredible decision. We think we have something unique to offer and we appreciate your willingness to see what we are all about.

Matthew and Michelle

Thank you for your bravery in choosing life for your child. We have longed for a child of our own ever since our wedding day almost ten years ago. Your courage in choosing adoption has again given us hope that the emptiness we feel without a child may soon be filled with a lifetime of joy. 

Austin and Nicole

It is such a blessing to us that you have chosen adoption. Words cannot even express how excited we are to have you looking into our family as a possibility for your baby’s forever home. We hope you know that parents like us are very lucky because of the choice you have made, and you should know how special that makes you to us. Our goal is to fulfill the dreams you have for your baby’s future and after getting to know more about us, we are sure you will feel that we will do just that.

Daniel and Young

We are grateful for your loving, selfless decision to bring your child into the world and for sharing your gift through adoption. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. After much patience and prayer, we believe that God has a plan for us to build our family through adoption, and we are excited about this new hope. We are blessed that our paths have brought us to each other and we would be honored to lovingly welcome your child into our family.

Blake and Kathryn
We think that life has so many amazing experiences to offer, and we are excited about sharing them. We believe that bringing a child into our lives will make every new adventure that much more wonderful. To share our love for life with your child will be an amazing blessing.
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