Adoption Successes

Christopher and Doreen

Together for 17 years, married for 12, our relationship as best friends, has continued to grow stronger with each passing year. After struggling with infertility, we realized that adoption was the path for us and we were blessed 2 years ago when we adopted our daughter Amanda at birth. Parenting has been the greatest experience of our lives. We are grateful to Amanda’s birthparents for caring enough to give her the gift of a loving family. Amanda will always know what special people they are and they will always hold a special place in our hearts.

James and Diana
We´d like to share a little about ourselves and our lives with you. We realize that in spite of the profound joy you will be giving others, you are also experiencing a very difficult time. Our sympathy and understanding are with you.
John and Diana

Hi! We are John and Diana. We understand that you are facing a most difficult decision and wish you strength and courage at this emotional time. We've always wanted a child and are really excited at the prospect of adopting and raising a child with lots of love, care and support. We would be honored to hear from you or meet with you.

Patrick and Susan
We hope to fulfill your dream of a secure and happy home for your baby by fulfilling our dream of another child. We are confident that we have the experience to handle the ups and downs of day to day parenting. If you should choose us to be the parents for your baby, please know that he or she will be in a happy, secure home and surrounded by a loving family. We will never forget that you are the reason we were blessed with this child.
Joe and Michelle

Although we are writing to you with excitement, anticipation and high hopes of bringing a precious baby into our lives, at the same time we are also sensitive to the fact that you are making one of the most difficult and selfless decisions one can make. We can’t begin to imagine the strength it must take to make the decision you have made and the unselfish love for your child to have chosen, for him or her, the gift of life. We know that you will make some family happier than ever thought possible.

Jeff and Amy
We are grateful for your brave and selfless decision to give your baby the best life possible. After years of infertility treatments and three miscarriages we are convinced that the baby we are meant to have will be brought into our lives through the compassion and tremendous courage of a woman we admire greatly - you!
Louis and Michele
We believe the greatest gift of all is the gift of life and if we are blessed to adopt your child, please always know that we will dedicate our lives to always unconditionally love, cherish, protect, support and guide this beautiful child. There are no words that can express enough the gratitude that we feel towards you and for your unselfishness.
Paul and Lesle
Our goals as parents are to provide a warm family environment with guidance and encouragement for a child’s successful development. We are very fortunate to have very supportive families who will help us achieve these goals in any way they can.
Todd and Nicole
We thank you for your selflessness and your offering to bring joy to our family. As a Firefighter with one of the largest departments in California, we have often been referred to as heroes. However the true heroes are people like you, an individual who gives life so that others may know joy. Should you decide to honor us to parent your child, please know that he or she will be nurtured, loved, and raised in a secure home and have our eternal love.
Jeff and Kim

Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of such an intimate and personal chapter in your life. We have prayed for you ever since we decided to adopt a baby, and we believe that God is directing this course for all the parties involved. We encourage you to take your time and give prayerful consideration to this decision, and then follow your heart. Your child is special and deserves a special family. You will know when you’ve found them.

Michael and Pam

We don't really know how to begin this letter. How do you express your feelings about the deepest desire in your life that we cannot possibly fulfill ourselves? What can we say to such a selfless woman who can make our most important dream come true? Thank you for choosing adoption! Thank you for reading our profile! The unselfishness of your decision and our gratefulness can't be put into words. The reality of infertility is a long hard road to travel. We both feel that it is God who has brought us to the crossroad of adoption. God brings people together for reasons of his own, perhaps to make miracles happen. We hope and pray that through adoption and a remarkable person like yourself our dream will finally come true and we will have a child of our own to love forever!

Jeffrey and ClancyDee

We assure you that your child will be surrounded by endless and unconditional love, and we promise that your child will be raised knowing the abundance of love you showed them when you decided to place them for adoption. We hope and pray that as you read this letter, a presence of peace embraces you and you feel that you have found the parents of your most precious gift; life for your child.

Michael and Katie
We deeply admire and respect your decision knowing what a difficult one it must be. Your personal sacrifice will not go unfulfilled. Rest assured that your child will be placed in a loving and caring family.
Adam and Keri
Even though we haven’t met in person, know that our prayers and our love have been reaching out to you from across mountains and oceans. This same eager, loving care is what we yearn to offer to the children we welcome to our home as our own. Whether you choose to offer this child into our care, know that we admire your courage and feel an unspeakable gratitude for the selfless, generous, difficult decision that you are about to make.
Jon and Pamela

As a couple, we have so much love to give to a child.   We are prepared to accept a child into our lives and we will naturally provide all of the love, affection, attention, and guidance that the child could ever need. We are a couple with a dream of parenthood,and we want to provide a wonderful life for a child.

George and Heather
We started dating in high school and got married seven years later. We wanted to buy a house and get established financially before starting our family. A few years later we had a nice house in a great family oriented neighborhood and had the financial stability to allow me to stay at home with our child, so we started trying to have a baby. After years of medical treatment we realized that making our dreams come true would require us to take a different path than we expected. That led us to adoption.
Ivan and Jana

We will be loving and devoted parents; giving your child; lots of love, good values, an emphasis on education, tolerance for different cultures, healthy modeling of relationships, dual language, and a sense of adventure that comes from traveling.

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Adoption Success Stories