Adoption Successes

David and Lisa

We want you to know that we think you are very courageous.  The decision you are making is a difficult one.  We know that our hearts are open to you and the child you're carrying.  Trust your heart and you will pick the couple that will deeply love your child.We appreciate the seriousness of the decision you are making.  We are very spiritual people.  We trust that God will guide you during this time.  The family you choose will be the best match for you and for the child inside of you.  We promise to love, cherish and honor your choice and the child for always.

Bruce and Nancy
  You are making two lives possible: your baby´s and ours, as parents. Our life together is good and it will be complete to have a child. Our hope is that through love and guidance, by assuring the child that they are needed and by fostering their own sense of self worth, you will be proud of the child we will raise.
Gary and Laurie
We both realize how difficult your decision must be and respect your unselfish and courageous spirit. We are very fortunate to live in a time and place where adoption can fulfill the dreams and desires of those like you and us. If given the chance to adopt your child, please know that your child will be raised in a loving home surrounded by family.
Chris and Sue
Please know that if we are granted the honor in parenting your child, he or she will be raised in a loving, nurturing and secure home. We know this is a tremendously difficult decision for you. We just want you to know that we will be a loving, happy, secure family that will provide a wonderful environment to grow up in.
Tim and Jeannie
If you allow us the privilege of parenting your child, he or she will be raised in a loving environment filled with friends and grounded in strong family values. We have many friends with children and our godchildren are close by so playmates are plentiful. We realize that this is a very difficult decision for you and we think you are very courageous and must love your child very much to take this difficult step.
Steve and Megan
We admire your courage and appreciate your search to find the perfect home for your child. Hopefully by learning about us, you will find comfort and peace knowing that we will raise him or her in a caring family filled with love. We are Megan and Steve and have been married for seven years. We were college sweethearts, have a fun and loving relationship and are truly best friends. Having children together had always been our dream but after struggling with infertility realized that adoption was the way to make our dreams come true. Three years ago, with the help of Adoption Network, our daughter Lauren came into our lives. Being parents has been more fun and rewarding than we ever imagined! With your help we are hoping to complete our family by welcoming another child into our lives and hearts.

Tony and Joanne
Children and family are a major part of our lives. And knowing you want the best for your child, we ask that you see a bit of our lives. Our journey started over 14 years ago when we first met. It took some time to see that we would make the great beginnings of a family and have now been married for seven years.
Marco and Kelly Anne

From the time his mom handed him over to me, I never let go of him. I held my dream, my son, he was our little miracle. For five years we shared pictures and letters on Christmas and his birthday with her. I hope she knows what a beautiful gift she gave us.

Bryan and Pat
We know that this is a difficult decision and we respect and honor your courage and strength.If we are granted the honor of parenting your child, he or she will be raised in a loving, nurturing secure home. Our entire family would welcome your baby with open arms.
Chris and Maggie
We commend you for your unselfish and courageous decision. If we are granted the honor of adopting your baby, we will raise the child in a loving and nurturing home environment. We are looking forward to being blessed with a new baby to welcome into our hearts and family.
David and Pauline

As we sit and compose this letter we are overwhelmed with emotion and as you make this decision, please know that our prayers are with you at this time. If we are granted the privilege of parenting your child, he or she will be raised in a loving, secure home based on strong moral and religious values.

David and Julie

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter to learn more about my husband David and I. David and I promise to love your child as our own.We believe we have so much to offer a child.  David and I have always talked about how wonderful it would be to wake up to the sounds of laughter and little feet pitter-pattering across our floor.  We know that we are our child's first teachers and are waiting with great anticipation to begin our lives as the best parents we can be.  With the support and love of our family and close friends we look forward to bringing this child home.

Scott and Elizabeth
The true sign of strength and character in people becomes apparent when they are willing to give of themselves to another human being for unselfish reasons. May God bless all women who have the inner strength, courage and benevolence to give the most precious gift of all, the gift of a child to couples who need assistance.
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