Adoption Successes

Rick and Laura
We have a supportive group of friends and our families are looking forward to having a baby in our midst. We are excited about becoming first time parents and starting our family through adoption. We look forward to meeting you and sharing our experiences and learning more about you. We have so much to offer your child and have a great respect for you and the decision that you are making.
Allan and Shanda
Our lives have forever been blessed by the gift of family that we’ve been granted through adoption. Shanda was adopted as a child and we are the proud parents of our little boy, Aidan, whom we adopted last year. We know firsthand what a true and unselfish gift you are giving your child and we make this promise to you, as we promised our son’s birthmother, we will forever love and cherish your child and help them to become the best person they can be.
Dan and Liz
We know you have many choices in front of you, and we are grateful that you’ve taken the time to consider us as possible parents for your baby. To place a child with another family to raise is an incredibly loving decision. We want you to know that it is a decision that will never be taken for granted. If you do decide to choose the path of adoption and you feel that we may be the right parents for your baby, we would love to hear from you.
My name is Cynthia. My friends and family call me Cindy. I am almost 43 years old and for all of my adult life I've wanted to be a mother. I will give our child lots of love and help her grow into a young woman we both will be proud of.

Tom and Yvonne

We both realize your decision is a difficult one; we respect your courage and selflessness! We have so much love and affection in our hearts and just can’t wait to share it with a child. Your decision brings us the hope of realizing our dream of starting a family. We are eager to share our love, lives and home with a child!

Andrew and Maria
We are writing to you to ask for a very special gift, a child. We know this is a difficult decision and we hope our letter will provide you with a little peace of mind. We understand how deeply you love your baby and we would consider it a great honor if you would allow us to care for your child.
Harish and Jyoti
Thank you for reading our letter. Your decision to place your child for adoption is not only courageous but also very loving. Your loving sacrifice would mean the whole world to us. As doctors, we both have chosen our careers based on helping children. As parents, we would love to devote our lives to your child. We would like to assure you that your child will get tremendous love and we would provide a wonderful family environment for your child to grow.
Jason and Christy

Thank you for being our angel and for helping us to fulfill our dreams. We know it is difficult and you are incredibly strong to make this decision.  Without you we would have no chance of having a child to love, nurture and raise. You are a strong incredible woman and your act of love and selflessness will be returned to you tri-fold in life.

Colby and Liz
We are Colby and Liz. We have always planned on having lots of children, but due to our 8-year struggle with infertility, our dreams came to a crashing halt. We are so grateful that God showed us the adoption avenue. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of another sweet spirit to complete our family circle. The biggest reward and honor in our lives is experiencing laughter, learning, and most important... abundant love through a child's eyes. We promise to provide your baby with the best morals, principles, and education in our warm home.

Matt and Kerry
We want to introduce ourselves to you in this letter and express the great joy we feel in anticipation of parenting. This letter comes from our hearts. We hope to convey a sense of the love and opportunity we want to provide the child you are bringing into this world. We think the decision you are making is very courageous, and it must be very difficult. Thank you for taking the time to read about our lives and our dreams.

Tim and Jennifer

We would like to thank you for the gifts of life and love that you are giving your baby. Choosing adoption is the most courageous and unselfish decision an individual can make. We hope that after reading about us, our love for each other and our lives, you will discover how committed we are to being loving and nurturing parents.

Pat and Cindy

Overwhelming respect and gratefulness are probably the best words to describe how we feel about you. First, for making the decision to give your child life, and second, for considering adoption. Please know that if you entrust us to raise your child, we will be nurturing, understanding parents that will bring to use all of our resources, and encourage them to achieve whatever their heart desires. They will grow up in a secure and stable home, knowing that we love them unconditionally. They will also know how much you love them, and will be told from the very beginning how they came to be our precious child. We believe that the opportunity to raise a child is a blessing, and you are in the unique position to give some lucky family the greatest blessing possible... a child... the ultimate gift of hope.

Ryan and Maria

We would like to start by thanking you for your strong commitment to finding the best possible future for your baby. Your selfless decision shows your benevolence and courage to make difficult choices. We are so excited about adopting and making our dream of having a child, come true. We truly appreciate that you are learning more about us and considering what a great life we could offer your child.

Robert and Jean

I write from my heart to yours. I can only hope to reach out to you and share my thoughts about this gift of life you have chosen to share with us. It is our gift to you that we raise this child with the same strength, courage and love you have shown in this most selfless and difficult path in your life. We want to thank you for sharing your life with us. Remember life is a work in progress sometimes hard to understand, but the rainbow with the pot of gold always leads back to you.

Mike and Karen

We know your decision to put your child up for adoption has to be your most difficult decision. For that, we have the utmost respect for you and feel a warm unexplainable connection. Being parents has always been a dream of ours since we planned to marry. As it turned out we were unable to conceive children naturally. It was a great mountain to climb over for us. Together we made it by helping each other. God had a plan for us and that was to provide a loving, caring, nurturing life to a child through adoption.

Keith and Robin

Thank you for reading our letter. We applaud your courageous and generous decision to find a stable and loving home for your unborn child. We are all very excited and look forward to welcoming a new baby into our family. If you are looking for a loving, stable, family environment for you baby, please consider all that we are able to offer your child. Should it be your desire, we would welcome an on-going open relationship with you.

Christopher and Angela

Hi!  We are Chris and Angela. When we were in college, we met in astronomy class, started dating and watching the stars, fell in love, and have been happily married for eleven years. The new baby who joins our family will be bundled up in cozy blankets and a little hat and come with us and his or her siblings to view the starry night sky. 

Gino and Maureen

Gino and I met 13 years ago and have been married for 10 years. We almost immediately tried to have a child of our own, but were not successful. So, we turned to infertility treatments, which brought along a lot of emotional ups and downs, but through it all it has made us stronger and drawn us closer. So after praying about this challenge, God has given us, what we decided with all the love in our hearts is that the road to our dream would be through adoption.

Dean and Rikki
My husband and I understand that finding a family for your child is the most difficult decision of your life. It is also the most selfless and generous act that anyone could ever make. Let me assure you that as much as you want to give life to your child, we want to have a family. As your child´s adoptive parents we will help them understand that you not only gave them life, but provided them a home and opportunity by enabling us to give our love and care.
Frank and Dawn
We have been together for 20 years. We met when we were 18 and 15 and grew up together, bonded and have been married for 11 years. We feel lucky to have found each other so young and feel we are more than husband and wife, we are best friends. We own our home in a quiet family neighborhood in Southern California. We have a big backyard that´s perfect for play and a room ready and waiting. We have always wanted children and tried to conceive for ten years. After five different infertility treatments and numerous other procedures we realized adoption was our way to have a family.
Miguel and Julie
We have been happily married for over three years and have wanted a family from the beginning. After four miscarriages though, we gave up hope of having a child. We than began talking about adoption and as we gathered information we realized this was the path we would take to complete our family. Though this experience has been very difficult, it has helped us to grow stronger individually and as a couple. Our hearts are full of hope and we are grateful for the opportunity you are giving us.
Brad and Jennifer

Thank you for considering us as the loving family to raise and cherish your baby. Our hearts are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to embrace another child with love, attention, endless opportunities, and a lifetime of happiness! Regardless of your final decision, we would like to wish you and your child the very finest that life has to offer. May God bless you with the strength and courage to do what is best for you and your child.

Randy and Liana
Randy and I believe everything happens for a reason. While we know that this is one of the most difficult choices you’ve ever had to make, it’s not just fate that has led us both to this place. We believe God is orchestrating a bigger plan in each of our lives.
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Adoption Success Stories