Adoption Successes

Chris and Roxana

You can be rest assured that your baby will not only come into a loving home, but will be afforded a life beyond most people’s dreams.  Your baby will grow up feeling love, safe, fortunate, secure, and treasured. We would love to have the opportunity to fill our home with children and share our good fortunes & love for life with them.

Gary and Debra
Gary and I have been happily married for almost nine years. We both always knew that we wanted to have children so it was a shock to find out we had infertility problems. Through all of the heartbreak, our marriage became even stronger because we truly leaned on one another and prayed that a miracle would happen and we could eventually be parents. Then we received a call from a friend who knew someone who was looking for a couple to adopt her child. Our hearts became uplifted and we began the wonderful process of preparing for the child we anxiously waited for. Finally Matthew was born. We absolutely adore being parents and want so much to have another child in our home to love.
Eric (John) and Heidi
We sincerely hope that this letter finds you well and happy. Although we are writing to you with loving anticipation to begin our family, we do have one small confession: we have sat down to write this letter many times. However, ironically, each time we have ended up staring at deleted words on the page. What was holding us up was we wanted to find the perfect words and the flawless sentences that would describe our admiration for you. However, we realized that it is difficult to put into words the courageous and unselfish act that you have chosen. It is overwhelming when we imagine the love that you have for your child. And, although we can never comprehend what you have gone through these past months as you have made your difficult decision, please realize that adoption is a loving gift that you are giving to someone.

Kevin and Tracy

Our heart goes out to you with love and support and the belief that better times are ahead for all of us. We know that there is nothing that we can say or do to make this easier for you, we just hope that you will see that we can provide a wonderful life for your child, a life that we can all feel good about and be proud of.

Toby and Patti
Hello, we are Toby and Patti. We have been happily married for fourteen years with a wonderful life except for one thing we desperately want children and are unable to get pregnant. We are very pleased to meet you through this letter. First, thank you very much for reading our letter. We understand this is a very difficult time in your life. You are about to make what will be the most important decision of your and your child’s life. Your bravery coupled with your generosity is awesome to us. As people who are unable to get pregnant we cannot begin to imagine what you must be going through.

Ron and Jennine

What can we say to the woman who could change our lives forever and bless us in the most wonderful way possible? There are not enough words to express the gratitude we feel in our hearts. God bless you for choosing adoption for the life growing within you. We believe kids need to have specially devoted, uninterrupted time--time to listen, discover, learn, giggle and love. We are people who are striving to do God's will in our lives.  Should He lead you to our family we will be eternally grateful.

Marty and Jennifer

Thank you for choosing life for your child. We know adoption is not an easy decision. As parents of an adopted child, we understand your decision to place your baby for adoption is one motivated purely by love. Please know that if you decide we are the right parents for your child, he or she will grow up knowing how much they are loved by you.

David and Amy

We are Dave, Amy and Anna. We can't imagine the circumstances or what life experiences have brought you to read this letter. You're very brave to put your baby up for adoption, and we admire your strength and commitment to do the right thing. With this letter and photos, you'll learn why we've come to write this letter, and about our desire to unconditionally love and give your child the security, acceptance, and support you wish for.

Scott and Melanie
Hi! We are humbled that you are taking time to read our letter. We know you have many tough decisions ahead of you and we are praying that God will guide you in making them. We admire your courage and selflessness. God has also guided us in our decision to adopt. We do not have any children yet, but we know that God has the perfect baby in store for us. We know that He will lead our hearts to each other in order to make this perfect match.
Don and Valerie

We are honored that you have taken the time to read our letter.  Also, we admire and commend you for the sacrifice you are about to make.  Placing your precious baby with us would be the answer to our prayers.  Take comfort in knowing that if you choose us, we will welcome your baby into our hearts, our lives, and into our home forever.

Stefan and Marian
Hi! Thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves. Our names are Stefan and Marian and we are in our mid-thirties. We are in love with life and each other and would very much like to start a family. From our hearts to yours, we truly respect the fact that you are facing a very difficult decision that requires a tremendous amount of courage, love and unselfishness. We wish to assure you that we will provide your child with a loving and nurturing home. Your child will always know where he or she came from in the most loving and positive words and we will always honor you as a special part of our family.

Tim and Krissa

We cannot know how you feel, but can imagine all the emotions and feelings you are presently going through. Choosing adoption is the bravest and most unselfish decision an individual can make. Tim and I hope that after reading about us, a little lightness will be added to your life by knowing that there is a couple who will raise your child with the same deeply committed love you already have for this child.

Jeffrey and Cristen

Jeffrey and I are thankful that you have chosen adoption for your child. We know that we will be able to provide a wonderful home filled with lots of love and care. We are very excited about creating a family through adoption. This child will have security in the knowledge that we love him/her unconditionally. We look forward to teaching our children about life and how to live life to the fullest with good values, peace, and joy.

Curt and Angela
We live in a nice and safe residential neighborhood and our home is located near excellent schools and beautiful parks for our children to play. We love living in Minnesota because of the seasonal changes and the activities we enjoy each season. In the Summer, We spend time at our cabin in Northern Minnesota. We enjoys swimming, boating and sitting around the campfire with our family and friends. The Fall brings the changing of the leaves and at least one “road trip” to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Of course we are devoted Minnesota Viking football fans and we love cheering for our team. During the Winter we love to ice skate, make snowmen, and go sledding in our backyard. 
Jeff and Tammy

We are very excited about the prospect of becoming parents! Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and learn about our family. We have decided to adopt because we want the opportunity to love and parent a child. Thanks again for taking the time to learn about us and for considering adoption.

Rocco and Kathy

What a special person you are to consider the gift of adoption. We realize that you have made a courageous and selfless decision in your desire to provide your baby with a happy, secure home full of love and laughter.  We promise to provide such a home.  We have been married for 5 years.  In 2001, after several fertility treatments, our beautiful son Tommy was born.  At age 3 months he was diagnosed with a seizure disorder.  We lost our beloved little boy last year at age 19 months.  While our loss is indescribable, it has drawn us closer and strengthened our resolve to be parents.  We have since been unable to have more children.  We hope that we will be parents again someday and when that occurs, we will cherish each day with our child.  We have so much to offer a child and promise to provide a loving, stable and happy home.

Bill and Rosanne
We would like to thank you for taking time to consider our home for your child. We realize that you are about to make a very serious and difficult decision. We admire your decision and courage to find an adoption plan for your child. We hope and pray that you consider letting us parent your child.

Dondi and Khloe
If you are looking for the perfect parents, then we may not be the couple for you. It is our belief that nobody is perfect, but if you give us the opportunity to care for your precious gift, we will try our very best to be as perfect as possible.
Mike and Michele

We are writing this letter to you with great excitement! We hope that after reading our letter we can make a difficult decision in your life a little easier. We want to provide your baby with a wonderful life in a joyful and secure home. We respect your courage and love in considering adoption and would be ever so grateful if you would consider us to be the guiding light in your Childs life.

Josh and Angie
We would both like to thank you for choosing adoption, and express to you how grateful we are to have a woman like you come into our lives. We have a very happy and affectionate marriage based on similar goals, playfulness and lots of laughter. Please know that we will always assure the little one that you cared enough to find just the right family. We have compassion for your situation; we are thrilled and excited at the thought of being parents and playing a part in such a beautiful miracle.

Chris and Jennifer

Chris and I are very excited about building our family through adoption and think often of the courageous, selfless woman who will bring that blessing to our lives. We can’t imagine the range of emotions that you are facing and hope that we can be of some comfort to you during the process. As you continue in your journey, please know that our children will always hear about the strength, love, and courage that brought them to us. Thank you for considering our family for your baby. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

David and Cathy

We are David, Cathy and Brian.  We have been happily married for almost 13 years and the parents of a son that we adopted 5 years ago.  We met on a blind date and married a year and a half later.  We went through extensive fertility treatments, lots of money, and many nights crying and wondering why our dreams of having a child never came true.  After grieving, we knew that we wanted to be parents and adoption was the answer to our prayers.  God definitely answers prayers as we were chosen to adopt Brian. We first met our birthmother over the phone and it was great.  Three weeks later Cathy was able to watch the birth and we both felt such joy as our son, Brian, was born.  We keep in contact with his birthmother through letters and pictures.

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