Adoption Successes

Thomas and Jill
“Thank you,” “please” and “I love you” are just a few of the words your baby will hear everyday in our home. We are very excited to add to our family and have been praying for you as you are faced with a loving decision. Thank you for reviewing our profile and considering us as a potential family for your baby.
Gary and Dana
We believe that your child is the greatest gift we will ever receive and our hearts are filled with such incredible hope and joy because of you. We truly admire the incredible courage, love, and selflessness you are demonstrating in creating an adoption plan for your child.

Lester and Tina

We are Lester and Tina. First of all, we would like to thank you with all our hearts. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel. We're delighted that you're taking the time to learn about us. We both grew up in the same community and attended the same church. We started dating in 2004. Two years later, on September 21, 2006, we joined hands and hearts and said our "I do's."

Brian and Christin

One of our favorite cartoon characters is Winnie the Pooh.  The following quote by this adorable little bear sums up our feelings about each other, about our family, and about the child we hope to adopt.  “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.”  The gift you will be so selflessly giving would be the greatest blessing we could receive.  Your child would be loved and cherished, and would know that your courage made us a forever family.

Jeffrey and Jodi

There are no words powerful and meaningful enough to tell you what you mean to us. Your brave decision to allow us to bring your precious miracle into our family to love and cherish fills us with indescribable happiness. We have been praying that you and your child would come into our lives, and we will continue to give thanks for your very difficult but selfless decision. You will always be a blessing to our family.

Cody and Kristin

While we cannot begin to understand the decision that is in front of you and the emotions you are feeling, we want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We have had a long bumpy journey to becoming parents and although we have never had to go through your journey, we can sympathize with the idea of losing a child, as we have been there in a different way. We applaud you and are amazed by your courageous decision to trust others to parent, love and raise your baby.

Michael and MaryEllen
You are so brave! Thank you very much for the care and attention you’re paying to yourself and your baby’s health. We know these sacrifices must be very challenging, but we are proud of your devotion. We admire your incredible courage, allowing us to invite your miraculous baby into our family.
Christopher and Roxanne

Being able to mold our children and watch them grow up is an amazing gift with rewards beyond anything else in our lives. Adding a little girl to our family would enable us to experience life in a whole new way, and would complete our loving family. Only you can give us the greatest gift that can ever be given and that is LOVE.

Lance and Jocelyn

Thank you so much for choosing to give your child the gift of life. We are honored that you considered us in your search to find your child a happy, healthy home. What an extraordinary person you are to put the needs of your child first and we are amazed by your courage and strength to do so. We want you to know that if given the chance, we will love your child as our own. We are so excited to be parents again and we both agree that adoption is the next step in God’s plan for our family.

Norbert and Sonali

We are Sonali and Norbert, a mixed couple of Asian Indian and German origin. We feel this background enriches our lives and always keeps our minds open to new opportunities. That is also why we feel we are ready to adopt a child and make him/her a true member of our family. We promise, we will always love your child for the remainder of our lives. We will also always remember you as the great person, who without concern for yourself made a very hard decision with nothing but the best interest of your child in mind.

Michael and Michelle
First and foremost, I would like to thank you for choosing to place your child for adoption. You are a wonderful blessing to both your child and your child's prospective adoptive parents. I would also like to thank you for considering Michelle and me. Should you choose us, we promise to love your child with no limits or reservations.
Trevor and Alicia
We want to start by letting you know that if you are looking for perfection, we are not that. We live in the real world with real flaws. Our hope is that you find us a perfect fit for you and therefore perfect for your baby. The road that has brought you and us together has surely been a rocky one for all of us. You are about to embark on the most unselfish choice that any one person can make, to choose a different path for your newborn and choosing adoptive parents. We have known for as long as we’ve been together that we wanted to raise a family; thank you for giving us this opportunity to give you a little glimpse into our life and potentially fulfilling our dream to be parents.
Daniel and Solange

After many years of struggling with infertility treatments, we were blessed with adopting Matthew, and we feel confident that we are meant to grow our family through the miracle of adoption. Our son is very excited to have a sibling and he can't wait for us to bring home a baby boy/girl. We will teach the importance of having faith in God and give him/her all the opportunities to become a successful person in a loving, happy, and stable family environment.

Kevin and Elizabeth

We are breathless at the courage you have shown in your decision to bless us with the gift of your child. Every day your child will know how much love you have for him or her through our hugs and kisses and how special you are in our hearts. You are a sweet light in our lives.We will always respect and cherish you for your gift to us.

Michael and Genevieve
Your child’s future will be filled with love, opportunity, kindness, love, adventure, education…and did we mention love? Having a family has been such a dream of ours for so long; we can’t wait for the opportunity to give such love to such an amazing child. With this unwavering love, your child will have every opportunity available so that s/he might one day be able to realize his/her dreams. You will be a part of this opportunity and we will always treasure you for that. Your child will always value the best of you whether it’s knowing your story, eating your favorite food or loving your favorite color; for these are the only way we might possibly repay your honor.
Bryan and Nicole
We would like to start by thanking you for giving your most precious gift an opportunity at life. We know that it’s not an easy decision but we assure you that your child will know how much of a blessing he or she is every day. Your selfless act of placing your baby up for adoption means that you have a big heart and a lot of love to offer this world. For what you are doing, one part of this world already loves you, US!
Mark and Caressa
We promise to help your beautiful child to reach for the stars and achieve any dream they can imagine. We promise to love him or her unconditionally, for as long as we live.
Erik and Kimberly
You are making a very courageous decision, and because of that, you are our hero. Thank you for your consideration. Please know that your little one would always be safe and nurtured in our loving home. Every night we pray for your little bundle. Please know that our prayers are with you as well.
George and Jessica

One of the things that is so special about Dexter is that he was adopted as a baby, so he will be able to relate to your baby and talk about how he has benefited from adoption. Dexter has an amazing relationship with his parents, who have been married for over 40 years. His father is the second oldest sibling out of eleven, so Dexter comes from a big, loving family.

Ralph and Holly
We will love your baby as if he or she were our own. No words can describe how thankful we are that you are considering us as your adoptive family. We know we are meant to be adoptive parents and will love and cherish every moment of your baby's life.
Jaime and Cynthia

We are Jaime and Cindy and we are excited about bringing your baby into our lives. We would like to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents. If you choose us as the parents for your baby, know that you will be making our dreams come true.  We understand how difficult and stressful this decision is for you to make so we would like to give you some peace of mind by sharing who we are and what type of parents we will be to your child.

George and Julie

We are very hopeful and excited to hear from you. We understand your decision is a truly difficult one, but we hope you find comfort in the fact that we want to share our lives and all our love and support with your baby.  We fully appreciate the important decision you are making in choosing adoption. It is courageous and loving. We are committed to making the happiest home for your child, and to providing a lot of encouragement and love. We wish you all the best with your decision.

Scott and Kristine
We thank you for choosing adoption and are excited that you have taken the time to read our story. We truly admire the strength and commitment you are showing in selecting an adoptive family for your child. We assure you that without a doubt we will provide your child a life of love, support and opportunity.  Your child would truly make our dream of starting a family come true.


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Adoption Success Stories