Adoption Successes

Travis and Marcie

“If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme.” This quote by Jiminy Cricket is how my husband and I feel about the prospect of becoming parents. The dream to have a child has grown in our hearts for many years, but we have dealt with infertility, so God has now led us to you. It is a privilege that you are considering us to be the family for your wonderful child. 

Jeffrey and Jessica

Love, encouragement, support and laughter are what your child will receive each and every day as a member of our family. It is important to us that we acknowledge you and how incredibly difficult this decision must be for you. Please know that by selecting us we will continue to acknowledge your strength and love for your baby as he or she grows. Your gift to us is one that we will cherish forever.

Brian and Melanie
We want to thank you for choosing the path of adoption for your child. We have the utmost respect and appreciation for you and your decision. Children are a gift from God and it takes a special mother to share such a gift with another family. God has blessed us with the special love it takes to raise a child. Your child would be raised as our very own with all the joys, love, and life long memories that a child could want or need. At the same time, your child will always know about you and God's love and His extraordinary plan for him or her. 
Landon and Ashley
There is so much we would like to tell you about ourselves to help you in your decision, but most of all we want you to know that we have more than enough love for your baby. Our home is a safe, nurturing, and fun place where all the neighborhood kids like to play. We strive to have our house be the one where the kids want to hang out, and feel comfortable from the young years through the teenage years. 
Sanjay and Connie

How do you write a letter to someone you don’t know but is a person who will play one of the biggest roles in your life? Where to start? I guess a good place to start is through an introduction of us: we are Connie and Sanjay! Words cannot express how happy we feel and the many happy tears we shed at the thought of your blessing us with your child. However at the same time, we are torn and our heart aches for the loss you are feeling. We truly admire your strength and courage.

Derrick and Lynette
You are a remarkable person! You had the courage to turn the page to the next chapter in your child’s life. Words cannot express our gratitude that you chose to show an interest in our lives. Please know that you have our respect and admiration for considering us as possible parents for your precious baby. Without you, we might never know the joy of parenthood.
Steven and Dawn
We want to take a moment to express our appreciation and gratitude that you are considering adoption. Our first hope is for you; that you find peace and comfort in knowing that we would be able to provide all the love, joy, and happiness that you would want for your child. We can also promise you this: we will spend the rest of our days raising him or her to be a decent and caring person. We will spend every breath of every day loving and protecting your child so that he or she will never want for anything and will truly know the meaning of unconditional love.
Michael and Diane

We are Diane and Mike, and we are so excited to paint a picture for you of the life your child will have with us. Your brave choice will allow our dreams of having a family to come true. We hope that we are able to help you imagine the future your child will have.
Each night, your child will have a bedtime story. We both love reading, and have great memories of our parents reading with us. Mike comes from great story-telling traditions – they love sitting around telling stories from last week, last year, or last generation. This tradition is something we look forward to sharing.

Jacob and Valerie

As we sit here together thinking about what to write in this letter, we realize we know nothing about you. We hope and pray that you are doing well and that wherever you are God has provided you some support to love you and care for you. We cannot say enough how proud we are of you that you are even reading these “Birthmother letters.” Your child would be such a wonderful part of our lives and would be loved and treasured by us all.

Nathan and Gara
You've probably been reading a lot of these letters and are wondering what makes this family different? Maybe we aren’t that different, but what we can tell you is there is a lot of love in our current family of three… or perhaps we should say “family of eight” if you consider our two dogs, the cat and two guinea pigs!
Thomas and Cynthia

We admire your decision to give your child life, and a loving couple, a family.  This is an amazingly selfless and courageous act and we will be eternally grateful if you choose us to raise your child.  Having been through the adoption journey once before, we have some understanding and much compassion for you; it takes great strength to make this decision.  We promise to provide your child with unconditional love, a stable home, a strong value system, and lots of laughter, hugs and kisses. 

Daniel and Donna
It is hard to put into words our gratitude for such a selfless act such as you are choosing. First off we want to start by saying thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have decided to go down a path that is not an easy one, yet none the less courageous. For this we are eternally grateful. Our prayer is that you  find comfort in knowing that your child will be deeply loved and nurtured as we intend to provide a healthy happy home where he or she will thrive. Our strongest desire is to keep the Lord at the center of our home. We will  go to church together as well as pray for one another, and at meals and bedtime. A quote I like alot....A family that prays together stays together.
William and Kara

We know that choosing adoption for your baby is the most difficult and heart-wrenching decision you will likely ever have to make. It takes a great deal of courage and strength to give your child to another family to raise. Know that you have our admiration, respect and support. If you choose us to be your child’s parents, we can promise you that we will love your child with all our hearts. We will be the very best parents that we can be and your child’s welfare will be the most important thing to us.

Michael and Tina

“For a long time there were only your footprints and laughter in our dreams but even from such small things we knew we could not wait to love you forever.”   ~Unknown


Our lives have never crossed, and though I do not know you I have thought about you, and the child you’re carrying, a lot. My name is Christina, and I am excited to be starting my family. While I do anticipate that I will get married one day, and have had sustained, positive relationships with men, I am not married yet and I am ready to start my family now. I have never seen a future for myself that did not include motherhood.

Jeffrey and Lori
Family is everything to us. Our relationship is one of trust, respect, and open communication. Our lives together are full of laughter and love, and we look forward to bringing a child into our family to build many happy memories. Though we’ve not met, we are in awe of your compassion and courage. Our thoughts are with you and we wish the best for you and your baby.
James and Heather
You will never know the gratitude we have in our hearts for the courageous person who will help us make our dream of starting our family a reality. For so long, we have looked forward to the day when we will welcome the arrival of a baby into our lives. We’re overwhelmed with joy just thinking about it. We can’t wait to begin our family. 
Thomas and Susan
We have not yet met, but we have so much in common already. Both of us have dreams of providing an amazing life for your child. We can’t imagine the emotion and energy it takes to work towards making the decision of placing your baby for adoption. We feel this is the most selfless choice you can make for your child, and it demonstrates what an extraordinary person you are. 
Joey and Patricia

“It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare.”

-Mark Twain


It takes an incredibly strong person to make a decision that will impact the rest of your child’s life. It is very difficult to put one’s feelings aside and make a decision for one’s child for a life and family that will be a perfect fit. That is an amazing task in itself, and you are doing that.


Clayton and Tori
We live in a beautiful western town in Colorado. There are countless fun activities to enjoy just outside our back door, as well as a beautiful landscape to explore. Our town is very friendly, and boasts of great schools and a low crime rate. We like living here because of the pace of life, clean air, and access to the outdoors.
Gabriel and Jessica
We admire and respect you for the courageous decision in choosing to give life to your precious gift. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to give your baby a life full of love. Gabriel and I promise to love and care for your baby as our own.

Francis and Heppy
“Courageous and loving, compassionate and kind” – these are the words we would use to describe how we see you in our eyes. We know that this must be a very challenging time for you and we admire your strength, courage, and unselfish love towards your baby. We wish to greet you warmly and welcome you into our lives.

Michael and Michelle
Thank you for being YOU. Thank you for opening your heart more than most women could ever imagine. Words cannot express the deep gratitude we have for you as you make the most selfless decion of your life. Please know that we will always be greatful for your bravery and strength. We thank you for reading our letter and looking at our pictures to learn more about us. We hope we share a connection with you!
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Adoption Success Stories