Adoption Successes

It is my promise to you that your child will grow up in a home filled with the greatest amount of love, compassion, and encouragement.  You will always be spoken of with kindness and warmth as an important part of this child’s life.  They will have every possible opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed in whatever they choose to pursue and be given the strongest support to achieve their dreams.  
Jonathan and Stephanie
In our home…your child would have a mom and a dad who will hug them every day. Your child would have a safe loving environment to grow up in, physically, mentally and emotionally. Your child would be taught that they are loved by many people; including their birth parents, their adoptive parents and their Heavenly parents. 
Joseph and Dorcas
Greetings to you from us, Luis and Dorcas and our sweet little family, Alex, Trent, and Heidi. We feel honored that you are taking the time to look at our profile and want to give you an honest peak into our lives. We don't know you nor can we imagine the grief and pain you must be going through. However, we feel a deep respect for you for choosing life for the beautiful baby you carry and your unselfish and brave decision. May God truly bless you!
Chris and Dianne
We can only begin to imagine all the thoughts and feelings that you are going through right now as you decide what is best for both you and your unborn child. We would love the honor of having the little life inside of you becoming our child.
Joshua and Jeanne
Having a child together is something we have dreamed about since we met back in 2007. Almost 10 years later, we find ourselves being guided onto a path we always knew would be a part of our story, we just didn't know it would be happening this way. It has been a real test of faith, and today we are very clear there is something much greater at work here. Our hearts are open and we know the child, who will one day refer to us as Mommy and Daddy, will be the greatest and most perfect gift from God. 
Adam and Vanessa
A child is the ultimate legacy that lives beyond yourself. We respect the difficult decision that you had to make and admire your strength. We would love your precious baby and would be thankful every day of our lives.
Seth and Lisa
Please know that we are praying for you as you face the difficult decisions ahead. We know that God loves you and has a plan for your life. Our commitment to you is that your baby will be deeply loved and cherished, both by us as well as our family and friends.
Jonathan and Mollie
We are waiting and ready to provide your child a life full of love, laughs, security and ...big brothers!
Roy and Jennifer
We are both on a journey: a journey of hope and unknowns, and in this moment, whether briefly or eternally, our paths coincide. Our hope is that we can tell you more about ourselves and the journey that brought us here as you consider yours. Thank you for taking time to read about us; we hope that by sharing ourselves you can gain a glimpse into our lives and our desire to adopt a child.
Joshua and Elisabeth
We can only imagine how overwhelming it must be to be reading through profile after profile trying to find just the right family for your precious little one. We want you to know first and foremost, if you chose us, there will NEVER be a DAY that goes by in the life of your child where he/she will ever have to wonder how much you love them. This decision you are making is the ultimate act of love and your baby will be brought up to understand that from the very beginning of his/her life in our home.
Daniel and Erin
We admire the courage and strength you hold inside as you consider the adoption process. We would love the opportunity to meet you, to learn about what is important to you, and how we can support you. Thank you for placing your faith in us, and we hope our paths will cross soon.
Carlo and Heather
We are a loving family looking to bring home an amazing baby. We understand that this choice is difficult and painful, so we are just honored that you are reading this while you decide. We have an adopted daughter, Sophia, already and she is the light of our life. We know she would make an amazing big sister, and it’s all she talks about. 
Philip and Isolda
We are so excited for the chance to nurture your child and share with her all the things we love: reading, playing sports, watching movies in the park, building snowmen, and enjoying life.
Jason and Keri
It takes a great amount of courage to offer the most precious gift to those who are unable to have children. We know the decision is difficult and we hope these pictures and words will help with the process. Your generous gift of adoption will allow us to share our love and values with your child. Please know in your heart, that we will love your child as our own. 
Devin and Brittney
Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us and considering us as you make this di?cult decision of who will parent your child. We want you to know that we have great respect for you and we pray that this will be a collaborative e?ort that is comfortable for all of us. We are happy to have been led to you through this process of adoption. 
Derry and Janelle
We are grateful that you would take time to get to know our family a little. It is impossible to express with appropriate words the level of appreciation, respect and compassion we feel toward you and the brave choice you are making. If selected, we are committed to raise your child in a manner that could serve as a sort of “thank you note” for the sacrificial love you are showing. 
Steven and Tanya
Your challenge of choosing a home for your child far outweighs any challenge that we have faced. We commend your bravery, courage, love for your child and strength in making this decision and helping people like us to realize our dreams. We can only imagine how difficult this has been for you, and the decisions that you are faced with. We assure you that your child will be loved unconditionally and taken care of.
Mark and Regina
We are one of those couples that dream of family but weren’t able to have as many children as we want. We are excited about our decision to grow our family through adoption. Mark and I are very committed to being good and stable parents and have wanted multiple children always. We were married for eight years before we began to try to have children to ensure that our life was stable and we could provide our children a loving and comfortable life. 
It would be my honor to help support you through this time. Should you choose me for the ultimate privilege of loving and raising your child, I promise you I will love them unconditionally, care for them, and be best the best mother (and father) possible to your baby.
Anthony and Sarah
It is important to us that you know we support you. Regardless if you choose to place your child for adoption or to keep your child and raise them as your own, we support you.
Jason and Angela
There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful we are for your consideration, and again, how much we admire and respect your choice to bring your child into the world.  We have not met yet, but you are in our daily thoughts and prayers.  We all look forward to welcoming you and your child into our family should you choose us.  
Charles and Ellen
We sincerely respect and appreciate the very courageous choice you are making in placing your baby for adoption. We can promise you that in our family, your baby would be deeply loved, supported and encouraged throughout life.
Bradley and Sarah
You are walking down a path that takes such courage and love. We pray for you often already, and we are so incredibly thankful that you would take the time to get to know us and consider us as the parents for your child. After three years of infertility struggles, we know without a doubt that adoption is the way we want to start our family. We will love your little one with our whole hearts and they will be coming into a phenomenal community of family and friends that already loves you and your child even now.
Timothy and Jennifer
We believe that adoption is a sacred promise between a child’s mother and adoptive parents. It is about a woman, seeking the best thing for herself and her baby, giving the gift of a child to a couple dreaming for a family.
These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

Adoption Success Stories