Adoption Successes

Gerald and Sarah
To say that this is a difficult time for you is a huge understatement. We have a small understanding of what you are going through because Jerry’s step-mother, was a birthmother herself 40 years ago when she allowed her child, Mitchell, to be adopted. Mitchell was reconnected with our family in 2002 and we even traveled to Seattle to attend his wedding. We’ve shared our desire to adopt with both of them to gain some sort of perspective from your point of view. We are so proud of the courageous decision you are making and hope that you choose us to provide a loving, Christian home for your child.
David and Ashley

When we married we decided on a life verse for our family, Colossians 3:12 - 17. A portion of it reads, “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.” These are the values we hope to teach your child. Thank you for considering us, and know we are praying for both you and your child.  

Christian and Katherine

You are such a loving and courageous person and we respect and admire your decision. We thank you for your consideration and want you to know that if you choose us, your child will have a life full of love, laughter and happiness. We met while Chris was in the Coast Guard in Hawaii. We were introduced by our friends who insisted that we were perfect for each other. A year later we were married and have been best friends and soul mates for over 13 years.

Trevor and Paula

We hope to convey to you not only the hope and joy we are filled with when thinking of your child, but also the love and lifestyle your child will know through us and our friends and family. Please know that we will be loving, honest, and most of all encouraging of your child, and of you as well, as you make this important decision. We know we are blessed to have crossed your path and to have had the opportunity to share our life with you.

Matthew and Gina
We have always held a desire to bring children into our family, and since our courtship we discussed our hope someday to adopt children into our home. We have always believed that adoption is a wonderful approach to growing a family, and we are excited to be in the position to actively pursue this dream. We have a strong desire to be parents, to multiply the love, and fill our home with childhood wonder. We are equipped and excited to meet your child’s needs emotionally, financially, spiritually and intellectually.
John and Tracey
What a generous and lovely person you are to consider our story; we thank you. We very much want to extend our lives to raise a child and build a family; this has been our desire since we came together as a couple over 10 years ago. We have tremendous love and life experiences to share with your beautiful gift.
Rylan and Taran
We want you to know that we admire your strength and courage at this difficult time in your life. We recognize that the decisions before you must be daunting and we want to assure you that we all have something in common. We all want what’s best for your precious baby. We hope to assure you that we would like to offer your child a life filled with love and joy, and parents and a big brother that will cherish him or her.
Enrique and Anamaria

We hope that this letter gives you a sense of who we are, and that we would feel so blessed and honored to become the parents of your precious miracle. Although we know you are going through a lot right now, we wish only the best for you and your child. We would forever be grateful to you for making our dreams come true.

Jonathan and Danielle
We are very excited to expand our family, and we believe that we will provide a wonderful, nurturing home to your child. A couple of years ago, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, whom we adopted and love more than anything. After reading through our background, we hope that you find us to be a good fit to be parents. We prayerfully wish you all the best as you make this very important decision.
David and Angela
Our names are Angela & Dave.☺ We met over six years ago, fell completely in love, and were married in early 2010. We view adoption as a very sacred exchange. It is not done lightly on either side. We are excited to become parents through adoption. We are ready to dedicate our lives to your child. Although we cannot imagine how tough this is for you, know that we are committed to raising your child with love and kindness. Thank you for considering our family.
Richard and Asli
We are Rich and Asli from Southern California. We are a fun-loving and energetic couple who enjoy life and want nothing more than to share our love and complete our family with another child and to give him or her a big sister.  Thank you so much for considering us as a possible family for your baby.  During the adoption process of our daughter, we experienced and appreciated so much the sacrifice a birthmother faces and the strong will and determination it takes to make this decision.
James and Holly

“Goodnight, I love you to the moon and back” I tell our son as I turn off his light. “Goodnight mom, I love you up to heaven” is his reply. Repeating one little saying from a book called “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown has become our nightly ritual. I look forward to sharing that same special phrase with your child. We cannot begin to understand the journey that you are on, but we do know that it takes courage, infinite love and an unending desire to do what is best for your baby.

Kenneth and Julie
We don’t always know why things happen when they do or why they do, but there always seems to be a good reason. For us, the birth of a child is something we have yearned for but not yet been blessed with. For you, the birth of a child was possibly something you did not anticipate right now but you understand the blessing of life. As a loving couple, we feel so fortunate to have found one another and now our greatest hope is to have the opportunity to nurture, love and care for your precious gift. 
Jason and Jan

Understand it is okay to be scared or uncertain. We cannot imagine how hard this decision must be for you to make, but we are so very grateful you are considering entrusting us to be your child's parents. There is no question you love your baby very much to consider adoption as an option.

Arthur and Nicole

If I could have planned my life I’d already be a mother and sharing the parenting experience with my husband.  Truth be told…we’d have 2 kids or twins by now.  However, I believe the saying goes as follows:  If you want to make God laugh tell him your plans.

Dale and Michele

We both have the most amazing and supportive families and are so fortunate to all live in the same area. We grew up being taught the same values, where faith, family, friends, hard-work (and of course fun) are so important. Our family is with us every step of the way with the adoption process and could not be more supportive and excited for us.

Anthony and Monique
We know that this decision for you is a very difficult one, and for that you are one of the bravest people we know. We feel blessed that you are taking the time to consider us as an adoptive family for your baby. We hope that you will find the comfort and security you need from reading our letter, and we can promise that your baby will grow up knowing that he/she is loved every moment of his/her life.
Brendan and Krista

Words cannot adequately express how the addition of a child would complete our family. We understand that this is not an easy decision, and we hope that our words will, in some small way, comfort you during this process. Your child may very well be the special gift that we have been hoping and praying for since the day we met. 

Jay and Edith
We promise that your baby will be loved, protected, celebrated and surrounded by family, friends and a community who will always celebrate them and love them unconditionally. We truly believe that a family is so much more than biology. A family is about unconditional love and always being there for each other. We absolutely cannot wait to show your child what this means. We would like you to know that we admire your choice of creating an adoption plan and are forever grateful for your selflessness and courage. Your baby will always know what an amazing woman you are and how much love you have for them. We wish you all the happiness in your future; please know you are in our thoughts and prayers.
Gregory and Lori
Greg and I are very active people. Our most important priority is our family. I read something once that describes our family perfect, “ In this house we do second chances, we do grace, we do real, we do mistakes, we do I’m sorry's, we do hugs, we do family, we do love.” Just as we love our children, we promise to show the same unconditional love to your child. We promise to be a positive role model and give your child the attention he/she deserves.
Jeremy and Heather
We admire your courage, convictions, and love you have for the life that you bear. You are an incredible young lady whose decision will change our family and bless our lives your baby.  Thank you for this amazing miracle.
Edward and Megan

We are so excited to write you and tell you about our family.  It's the three of us- Ted, Megan and Amelia, our beloved, adopted 6-year-old daughter!  We want you to know our home is filled with love and peace and that your child would be loved and cherished by us, and our extended family. 

Juan and Jacquelynn

Thank you for taking a closer look at us. We are Juan and Jacquelynn, and we really would like to be your precious baby’s parents. What you are doing to provide for your baby is truly admirable. We have been praying for both of you.

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Adoption Success Stories