Adoption Successes

Travis and Keri
By making this choice for your child, we know that you only want what is best for him or her and we would consider it more than an honor to be included in your plans. If you were to select us to care for and raise your child, it would be a miracle we would live every day. Please know how much we care and will love your child for his or her entire life. Hoping to meet you so very soon!
Bryan and Maria
We send you our love and prayers as you face making the choice of which family to bless with such an extraordinary act of love and courage because you love your child.
Kevin and Karen
Have you seen Toy Story 3? If you haven’t, WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! In this film, the boy from the first two films, named Andy, has grown up and is heading to college. He has to make a choice; what to do with his beloved toys now that he’s going away. Andy chooses to give his cherished toys to a little girl, Bonnie. “Someone told me you’re really good with toys,” Andy says to Bonnie.
Derek and Leanne
“It is under the greatest adversity that there exists the greatest potential for doing good, both for oneself and others.” ¯ Dalai Lama XIV 

Selfless people have the ability to love and care for others; this is what you are doing by making the decision to let us adopt your child. We realize this is a very difficult decision but want you to feel comfort in knowing that your child will be with two very loving and caring people. Your selflessness is truly appreciated and we will strive to give your child the best life we can every day of our lives. Thank you.

David and Kailin

We do not juggle, breathe fire, or swallow swords; nor have we walked a tight–rope suspended at hair-raising heights. But we are looking forward to the excitement and adventure that comes from being new parents.

Martin and Sarah
You should know that we constantly think about you, even though we have never met. We think about how compassionate you must be to find a loving home for the child you carry. We don’t imagine that what you are going through is easy, but we admire the strength that you find every day. We wonder who you are and what you like to do. We wonder what makes you happy and what your life is like. You are making an extraordinary decision and chances are, you have just as many questions about us as well. You’d probably like to know what kind of people we are, what kind of parents we would be, and what kind of life we can provide for a child. Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves and the home we would give your baby—that is, if we are fortunate enough to be selected by you.
Todd and Nicole
We want to thank you for the opportunity to be your potential partners in this journey. Words cannot describe the gratitude and appreciation in our hearts for the gift of life that we have been unable to create on our own. Family is the most important thing in our lives. We believe that family is the support, respect and love you share with a group of individuals, blood related or not. We have been blessed to have a wonderful “family” of relatives and close friends that have loved and supported us throughout this journey for a family of our own.
Daniel and Natalia
Hello, we are Natalia and Daniel, and we are so excited about adopting a child and starting a family together.  We are both Registered Nurses from Florida and have been married since April 12, 2009.  Our path to adoption is different from what most couples have had to go through to get to this point. 
Craig and Kirsti

Thank you so much for taking a moment to get to know our beautiful family and for considering us as the right family for your miracle child. We cannot imagine what has transpired to bring you to us but we would be extremely excited to take this amazing journey with you. We know that it takes incredible strength and unconditional love to choose adoption for your child and we would forever be grateful to you for making this choice and for making our dreams of completing our family a reality.

John and Marisela
We are fortunate to live in a home with a large yard and enjoy spending time in the summers tending to our organic vegetable and flower gardens.  Produce from our garden is a frequent ingredient in our summer meals.  Travel is also important to us, and we try to take a family trip somewhere fun at least twice a year.  We also enjoy art, architecture, and home arts and crafts projects.
William and Tracy
Without you our dream of welcoming a daughter into our home would not be possible, and so with much hopefulness we write you this letter from our hearts hoping you find the right connection as you plan the life you desire for your child...we hope that may be with us. Already blessed with a son it is our deep desire that our family include a daughter to love, watch grow and share our lives with.
Ashwin and Stephanie

We are so grateful that you are considering such a courageous path for your child as we have a loving home, a young daughter, and a puppy all waiting to welcome a new family member.  Our favorite children’s author, Shel Silverstein, always looks for the humor and joy in life and in the world.  As a family, we are able to find laughter and joy in each day, and look forward to sharing our happiness with your baby.

Jeremy and Sara
We want to make your little boy the center of our universe. Our promise to you is to love and encourage him to live up to his potential, be respectful to all things living, and grow into a man that we all can be proud of. We will make sure he always knows that his birth-mother loves him so much that she made an enormous sacrifice for him. He will be the greatest gift we will ever receive, and we will never forget that, or you.
Mark and Cyndie
Your choice may be the greatest blessing that we receive in our lives and for that we are incredibly grateful. We attended a family party yesterday and found ourselves swinging a 4 year old from his arms and legs back and forth until our arms hurt. He was giggling uncontrollably and insisting that we “do it again.” As we lifted him up the last time we looked at his face and realized how lucky we truly are to be adopting. Your gift through adoption will light the lives of so many people and you should be so proud of your choice. Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family.
Brandon and Karrie
We are in awe of you for making the most selfless decision and allowing us the privilege of creating a family with your gift of life. We will always have the utmost respect and gratitude for you, as we could not do this without you. We want you to know that the baby you will entrust to us will be showered with love and adored by not only the two of us, but a whole network of family and close friends. There are so many people waiting to meet this baby and welcome he/she into our life. It will be a great celebration for all of us as it will be the first grandchild on both sides of the family.
Jacob and Jennifer
We admire and are humbled by your courage and strength in taking this difficult step. Please know how grateful we are and how much respect we have for you and your decision. Although we cannot truly understand everything you are going through, please know that we offer our sincere support and prayers. It is obvious the plan you are making is being made out of love, courage, and selflessness and that you are trying to make the best decision for this child. We are excited at the possibility of creating our family and hope that you will find comfort in knowing how much we want to share our lives with a child.
Allen and Kim
As we sit down to write this letter we can only imagine the fear and uncertainty you must be feeling. You are trying to make one of the most important decisions of your life…who do I choose to raise my baby? Words cannot express how much we admire and respect you for making such a courageous and selfless decision.
Dustin and Lindsy
We know this is going to be a very tough choice you will have to make. Trust the Lord and know that we will provide a loving home and will do everything possible to make the life of this child the best it could possibly be. Thank you for your courage and your strength in knowing that adoption is the right choice.
Paul and Julie

Although we have taken different roads, our roads have crossed this path for a reason. We are firm believers that “everything happens for a reason.” We are not going to pretend to know what you are going through and could never completely understand. The decision to trust two people with a huge piece of your heart is tremendous. If you choose adoption and happen to trust us with your child, you will always remain in our hearts.Your child will know where he/she came from, will know you loved him/her, and will understand the love and sacrifice it took to make this decision.

Brian and Sarah

We are impressed and awed by your choice to consider adoption. We have had a long time to think about what being a parent means. To us it means loving, learning, accepting, and providing choices. Sometimes, we all feel “stuck” but Sarah’s mom taught us we always have choices. You are making a very difficult choice and we want to make sure you are comfortable. We promise to provide an environment of guided choices for your baby.


Christopher and Kristen
We believe that life's most unexpected turns can sometimes produce the greatest joys. If you were to tell your story, what adventures would you encounter, what triumphs would you perform? What story do you envision for the child that you are creating? Where do you see them living? What do you see them enjoying? Our story is in process. Your story is unfolding. What will we write in the next chapter? And will our paths cross?
Jarrod and Melissa

Life is a miracle, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making the single most selfless, tough decision to create an adoption plan for your child. We are Jarrod and Melissa and we have been happily married for almost thirteen years. Over the years we have had many hopes, dreams, and goals that we have been very fortunate to accomplish. One of our biggest dreams has been to start a family.
Eric and Patricia

Gene and Andrea
You have been blessed with a child and you are willing to find a good home for him or her with parents that have a loving heart and who are able to offer your child a safe and bright future. We are just two ordinary people with big hearts for children, people and animals. For now we’ll pray for you and for your baby, a healthy pregnancy, and for courage and wisdom in all of our decision making processes.
These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

Adoption Success Stories