Adoption Successes

Douglas and Shannon
We know what a life changing decision this must be for you. We are extremely grateful to have you read our profile. If we are chosen we know it is meant to be by God’s wishes. Not only would you be completing our family, but you would be gaining a family as well if you so choose.
Joshua and Alicia
Together, as a family, we have been praying for you, and for your little miracle. We understand that this must be a difficult decision for you, and we hope that you will find some comfort and peace in getting to know us through this letter and through our pictures. It is our hope that you bless us by entrusting us to become parents to your precious baby. We hope that you see the love that we have for family—the same love that your precious child would experience every single day. We continue to pray for you and we thank you in advance for helping to make our dream come true.
Thomas and Kimberly
How do you begin a letter like this? Thank you for our baby seems so small. I cannot begin to imagine the flood of emotions you must be feeling right now. Love for your child, hope for his/her future and fear that you are making the right choice. Please rest assured that your child will be loved beyond measure and well taken care of in our home. He or she will be adequately provided for and taught Christian morals and values.
Patrick and Shannon
What a brave and beautiful heart you have to choose adoption. This selfless choice is the purest act of love a mother can give to her child and we cannot imagine how difficult it must be. We are so blessed you have found us and pray that God guide and bless you on this journey in which we hope to walk with you.

Eduardo and Danielle

The fact that you are reading this tells me that you really care about the baby you are carrying, and your love for him or her is already so big, that you are willing make this courageous decision. I wish I could, through this letter, tell you exactly what you need to hear, in order to assure you that the moment we hold your baby in our arms, he or she will become part of something truly special.

Zachary and Shannon
You are an incredible woman. You have the gift of granting wishes, fulfilling dreams and building hopes with your beautiful presence in our lives. We wish you nothing but the best wishes of love and a bright future. Your sacrifice and choice to move forward with us is one that will live in our hearts forever. We will work to raise your child with an understanding of the depth of love you have given all of us. You are a miraculous woman, and we will work continuously to honor that.
Troy and Megan

Thank you for choosing adoption. It is truly amazing that wonderful people as you are willing to help a small family of two adults and two dogs grow their family with the blessing of your child. It takes great courage to make the choice of adoption. Please know that many families, including ourselves are incredibly thankful that there are people willing to be that courageous. Thank you for being an angel.

Douglas and Angela

Thanks for taking this time to get to know a little about us. We won’t pretend to know what you’re thinking or feeling as you read this, but we respect the thoughtful decisions you are making about the future of your child. We hope this letter will help you picture what your child’s life would be like with us as parents.

Bryan and Kimberly
We recognize and believe that you are our hero, or better yet our angel. We could not have the gift of a child without your selfless act in choosing us as your adoptive family. We promise to provide your child endless love, safety and security. We will use our experiences-Bryan being adopted, having three adopted niece/nephews, and us having adopted ourselves, in teaching and bringing your baby up to always know how special a person you are and that you loved him or her dearly.
Darren and Gretchen
We love to laugh and laugh often. Happiness and humor are a big part of our marriage. From the beginning, we shared a common sense of adventure and a love for the outdoors, whether snowboarding, scuba-diving, or going on safaris. We love to travel, and our marriage is a blend of different cultural traditions. We are a product of our shared love of writing and telling stories. At the core, we share a common bond of family and faith.
Douglas and Erin

Currently, Doug and I are a family of three and are thrilled about the possibility of becoming a family of four.  Our family has been built through adoption once already, and our son, Jacob, is extremely excited about becoming a big brother.  We can’t forget to mention our family dog, Wrigley, who absolutely loves children, and will be so happy to have another child running around the house to play with.

Eric and Claudia
On December 11, 2011, we were standing in a hospital watching with a mixture of excitement, fear, laughter, and tears as our son, Nathaniel, was born into this world. He was born to a courageous young mother who had decided that adoption was the right path for her. Suddenly, we were handed this beautiful boy, and our lives were forever changed. We had transitioned from a couple to a family, all for the same reason that you are choosing life. We know the choice isn't an easy one and we pray that your decision to place your child for adoption has been a prayerful one. Regardless of how you got here, we want you to know how much we respect your consideration of us as potential adoptive parents.
Joseph and Sarah

Words cannot express our gratitude or thank you enough for opening our hearts with the gift of life. The strength it took to make such a monumental decision is admirable and will not be taken lightly heartedly. You are a beautiful, smart, strong, brave, and confident woman with a heart full of love. Please know, we promise to love your child as our own and raise him or her with laughter, honesty, discipline, love, faith, and adventure.

Jason and Melissa
Your child will always know how much you love him or her. We can’t possibly imagine what it is you are going through, but we can both assure you that your precious baby will be loved beyond words. We are so grateful for your selfless act of true love. We have been married for 3 years and unable to conceive and that brought us to adoption.
Daniel and Sasha

Every day there would be smiles in the morning and smiles before bedtime on your child’s face knowing life has no limits. Becoming a doctor, a business person, or an astronaut could all be accomplished knowing the love and support from us would also have no limits. Our lives without question would be complete with your gift.

Joshua and Eileen
We truly admire your decision, courage, and strength in finding your precious, beautiful baby a loving home. Your trust in sending us your child is a true blessing and a special gift from above and we could not thank you enough for such an opportunity. We pray that the Lord will give you peace and comfort in knowing you have made the right decision for your child, and that He truly does have a divine plan for us all, even if it is unclear at times.
Benjamin and Jennifer
We realize this is probably the hardest decision you will ever have to make. Choosing adoption for your baby is a valiant and courageous act of love. Our promise to you is to provide your baby with a home that is filled with unconditional love and a life filled with laughter, kindness, and every opportunity to succeed.
Matthew and Jessica

"Love fills the moment and the moment begins eternity, Love fills a lifetime and a lifetime begins this hour."  This was the first verse in our wedding program and even though the situation is different, somehow it seems to be fitting.  We want to thank you for taking the time to find out about us. We are very excited about the journey ahead.    

John and Stephanie

Thank you for your incredibly selfless and brave decision to consider adoption for your child. You are obviously an incredible woman who has placed your baby’s needs above your own and we would love the opportunity to offer your child a loving and wonderful home where he/she will have every opportunity to enjoy the good things in life. We promise that your baby will be loved, protected and celebrated by our loving family and extended family. 

What a challenging time this is for you as you grow a new life inside of you and experience the wonders and changes. As you face these challenges, please know that I’m here and eager to help you face them. Providing unconditional love and encouragement to a child has been my lifelong desire. You would be giving me such a precious gift; thank you. My heart is full of joy and hope as we begin this journey together.

Steven and Rebekah
Although we cannot imagine the difficult road you have journeyed, we are so thankful for the love and care you are exhibiting for your child in making plans for his or her future. We respect you and the sacrifice you are making and will teach your child to love and respect you as well.
Stephen and Christina

Thank you for considering us as loving parents for your child. Our names are Gregg and Christi. We cannot imagine the feelings you have or will experience in your decision to plan an adoption for your child. We admire your courage and strength, and we hope this letter and these photographs give an accurate image of who we are and the kind of parents we would like to be to your child.

Richard and Bernadette

Hi, we’re Rick and Berni and we are so excited to start this journey with you!! We want you to know that we admire your courage and selflessness in considering adoption for your child. We cannot imagine the feelings you are having now, but hope you are comforted in the knowledge that you are providing your baby with the opportunity to join a loving and stable family.

Matthew and Chandra

May we thank you in advance for the choice you are making in allowing us to welcome your child into our hearts and home. We know the road has not been easy for you, but your strength and compassion will bless our lives forever. It has been our dream since we were married many years ago to have a beautiful African-American baby as a part of our family. Thank you for your precious gift.

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Adoption Success Stories