Adoption Successes

Mark and MaCecille
We can only imagine your pain going through a difficult situation like this. As of right now we’ve been unable to have any biological children. Praying the Serenity Prayer, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen.” has given us so much hope. We continue to pray for birthmothers like you to stay strong and make this courageous choice as you are about to give birth. Let us come together to bring this precious little life into our world ensuring a wonderful, warm, and safe future ahead.
David and Amy
Our names are Dave and Amy and we have been waiting a very long time for you to read this letter. We cannot even begin to express our depth of gratitude for your selfless actions and feel blessed that you would even consider us as adoptive parents for your child, to raise him or her in a loving, nurturing and close-knit family environment. After many years of trying to have a child on our own, God has placed light upon our path and has shown us the great joy that awaits us through adoption.
James and Heather

We live in a quiet residential community with lots of families and parks within walking distance. Our home is a single story with a large backyard, perfect for your child to be able to run and play. James and I have already started to daydream about where we can build a jungle gym when your child is old enough. We have already selected the room next to ours to be the nursery and are so excited to get it ready.

Stephen and Lea

Choosing to share the gift of a child with a couple who would otherwise not know the joy of the pitter patter of little feet is a truly selfless gift. We will always let your child know what a courageous, selfless and generous person his/her birthmother is. Our home is ready to welcome your little one and we anxiously anticipate his or her arrival. Thank you for helping make our dreams come true.

Michael and Jessica

Our home rests in one of the most beautiful places in America. In the summer we make s’mores by the fire pit; during the winter we enjoy the views of the snowcapped mountains by the fireplace. Our small town offers excellent schools, safety, fun outdoor activities, and a strong sense of community. Our dogs enjoy the large fenced backyard and room to run on long walks by the river. This truly is a great place for any child to grow!

Stephen and Paula

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our letter! We are Stephen and Paula, and there's no way we can truly express how grateful we are for your time and how much we admire the important decision that you are about to make. We wish nothing but good things for you as you go through this courageous process. We would consider ourselves so honored to hear from you.

Stephen and Omayra

It is a joy to know that people exist in this world that are willing to give us the opportunity to realize our dream of becoming parents. We are both very loving people and though we have a great marriage, there is an empty space in our hearts that can only be filled with a child. We understand how difficult it can be for you to make the decision of helping us reach our goal of becoming parents. You are a blessing from God to us, and we deeply appreciate you letting us take care, love, protect and educate your baby as our own.

Jared and Jennifer

It is with our sincerest hope that our letter is able to give you a glimpse into our happy life. Our names are Jared and Jennifer, and we have been together for a total of five wonderful years. We have tried unsuccessfully for three years to conceive naturally and while it has been a challenging time, our faith was renewed when we decided to adopt a child. Because of wonderful people like you, we know that we will finally have the family we have always dreamed about.

Matthew and Sharon

As my husband and I sit here writing this letter to you, we truly find it hard to put into words our heartfelt feelings.  In fact, we both agree there are not enough words to express just how much we respect you for the selfless act you are choosing for your baby.  We also want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us as your baby’s adoptive parents.  If we are chosen by you, your child would be safe, encouraged to dream and follow his/her goals, educated and loved like no other, each and every day of his/her life.

Jeremy and Sarah

We are Jeremy and Sarah and we are writing this letter to help you get to know us and give you an idea of what it might look like for your child to be a part of our family. We are excited about the opportunity to add to our little family. Having said that, we can only imagine how difficult this decision is for you. We want you to know that we recognize how profoundly brave and unselfish you must be to consider allowing another family to raise your beautiful baby. We admire you for it.

Jonathan and Jamie

We deeply admire your strength and courage as you consider adoption. We recognize that your decision to create an adoption plan is an act of unconditional love for your child. We have been praying for a child for several years. When we were not able to conceive our own, we were immediately excited about adopting. The gift of adoption is very special to us and our family as Jonathan and his sister were adopted as infants. We can’t wait to build our family through adoption as well!

Bryan and Rhonda
Bryan and I are spiritual people and will raise your child with Biblical values. We also value different cultures and your child will be exposed to a diverse community. Bryan is from South Africa and he will teach your child about its culture and language. We hope to take your child to South Africa to meet Bryan’s family who lives there. We also want to help your child learn about his/her own heritage, whatever that may be.
Steven and Jennifer

The child that joins our family will be loved as one of our own. We want our children to be well educated, maintain strong family relationships, give back to their community and be happy. We will provide a loving and supportive environment to help them develop their talents and grow into well-rounded individuals.

Michael and Jamie

First and foremost we would like you to know that we sincerely admire your strength and courage in making the decision to put your baby up for adoption. Without loving, caring, strong women, such as yourself, we would never be able to have the family we always dreamed of. We want you to know that your child will ALWAYS know how much you loved them, how strong a woman you are, and how much we cherish that he or she is part of our lives. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you are taking the time to read about us and get to know us. 

Mark and Adriana
We are Mark and Adriana and we are overjoyed to have a child in our lives. From the first time we met, we knew we were meant to be together and we thank God every day for blessing us with each other. We struggled to have a child on our own and after a difficult and long process we realized that God had a different plan for us; we believe it is to adopt a child and share our blessings.
Arthur and Sonya
That you chose to have this baby and would consider us to be a part of their life and yours is something rare and extraordinary. Your ability to see beyond your present situation and to hope for a future for your baby is truly something special. We know the decision to place your baby up for adoption is not an easy one and we admire your courage and selflessness.
Mikel and Krista
We love to laugh and have such a wonderful time together as husband and wife! We believe that it is very important to be a team, especially when it comes to parenting. The best relationship advice we were ever given was to “make sure you're both pulling on the same end of the rope.” We are very fortunate to have found that special person who always has your back.
Richard and Stephanie

Our names are Stephanie and Rick.  We have been married since 2008, and we have wanted to start a family from the very beginning.  While that journey has taken much longer then we had dreamed, we have so much hope now that our family can begin through adoption.  Stephanie’s dad was adopted, and we have always been grateful to his birth mom for making that loving decision.

Christopher and Jessica

We understand the difficulty of the decisions before you. We applaud your bravery and selflessness as you go through this process.  We pray that God embraces you during this time and hope our words are able to comfort you. 

Matthew and Ashley
Our names are Matthew and Ashley and we hope to give you both hope and encouragement that you have found the right adoptive family for your sweet baby. Even though we don't know your name yet, we have been praying every day for you as you journey through the adoption process. We know that this is a trying time but we are so thankful to share a little about ourselves, our hearts, and our love for each other and for the little one we will welcome into our home.
Brian and Allison

Allison spends the work week helping others and developing programs as a social worker. Brian works out of our home for a national insurance company. While we both enjoy our professions and are successful and stable in our jobs, we very much value life outside of our careers and will always put family first. When we are not working, we enjoy traveling, spending time outdoors hiking, riding bikes, camping and rafting, hanging out with friends and family, and going to outdoor music shows. We look forward to sharing all of these experiences with your child.

John and Cajsa

We want our new child to experience and love the things we do together like swimming, taking bike rides, walking to the park, playing sports (we’re huge basketball fans), enjoying cultural outings, and sitting around laughing with one another. We are all so excited to go through the adoption process again.

Christopher and Dawn
We are so thankful that you are considering adoption and for thinking of us as possible adoptive parents. Though we cannot begin to understand all that you may be going through right now, we do understand that it takes tremendous courage. We want you to know how excited we are to provide a loving and nurturing home for your child.
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