Adoption Successes

Bobby and Santanna
We know that this decision is one of the biggest you will ever have to make and we hope to be a part of it. While it is impossible for us to feel what you are going through, please know how much you are loved and appreciated. With the love and support of our family we have decided that adoption is the natural choice for us to complete our family.
Steven and Renita

We’d like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read our letter and consider us as you make this very important decision. We understand everyone comes from different circumstances and while we may never know what has led you to adoption, we are grateful for your courage and selflessness.  

Douglas and Kathie

We have a bond, dear birthmother and I,
It’s the love of a child, we can't deny.
You are a blessing from afar;
to send to us your bright, shining star.
Their journey to us would not have occurred,
if your love for them had ever swerved.
I thank you this day from the bottom of my heart,
a sacrifice to one, to another a fresh start.

Jeremy and Christon

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. We realize this is an important life changing decision you are making for you and your baby, and we appreciate you taking the time to get to know us. Our prayers are with you as you make this courageous decision in choosing the best possible birth parents for your child.

John and Cynthia

We are so excited to get to know you!  As a family with two grandmothers who live with us, there is so much anticipation of having those little hands and feet to kiss, and learning what makes your baby smile.  It would bring us all such immense joy to have the opportunity to love and nurture your baby.

Paul and Angela

We can only imagine the challenges you must be going through, but we admire your choice to place your baby with another family. Your decision tells us what kind of heart you have and that it is important to you that your baby be placed in the best possible home for him or her. I have a story that resonates with yours because I was adopted as an infant. Because of my experience, I have always wanted to adopt, and to give a child all of the love and opportunities I was given.

John and LeAnn

While we can’t sit here and tell you that we understand what you are going through or know how you came to this decision, we can tell you that we will be forever grateful to you if you choose us and allow us to start the family that we have dreamt of for so long. We, sincerely, wish you the best of luck in making your decision and in your life and future.

William and Kim
Building families through adoption is a big part of our family life. This is our first adoption, however, my (Kim’s ) brother and my sister-in-law adopted a little girl from Guatemala 11 years ago. She became the little sister to her proud big brother (the sister he was begging for), and instantly became cherished, loved and has been living a meaningful life with her family ever since.
Matthew and Sara

We understand that placing your baby for adoption must be a very difficult decision for you to make.  It is our hope that you find comfort in the fact that your decision will be giving an extremely fortunate couple like us, the opportunity to have a family.   Our names are Sara and Matt, and we both look forward to family meals, evenings playing in the backyard and weekends playing at the park with your child. 

Bryan and Amy

We are Amy and Bryan, and we are excited at the opportunity to share a glimpse of our lives and ourselves with you through this letter. We cannot begin to imagine how difficult taking this path might be for you, and we can only hope that our letter might provide some encouragement and hope as you travel this way. Should you decide to stay a while and get to know more about us, we can only hope that it will result in a life-long answer to prayer for all of us.

John and Patricia

John is a huge sports fan, and we regularly cheer on our favorite team at football and basketball games. We already have a little tee-shirt for your baby to wear at his/her first game! John is also an excellent cook. It would bring him immense pleasure to make kid-friendly meals for your baby. Patty would love to have a pair of little hands in the kitchen helping her bake cookies and cakes. She also can’t wait to take your little one to his/her first musical and read him/her fairytales. 

Chad and Allison

We want to thank you for your selflessness and we greatly admire your decision. Thank you for learning a little about us and our life. It is not yet complete without a child, and we thank you for considering us. We look forward to welcoming one of God’s children into our home and will pray for both you and your baby.

Barry and Nicole

I don’t think a one page letter can really tell you who we are, but I’ll try my best to summarize it the best that I can. We are funny and silly. Nothing beats laughing so hard that your tummy hurts. We are kind and tolerant and want to raise our children to be the same. We enjoy spending time with our friends who are like a family to us. We are honest and respectful. We have a lot of love to give.

Ryan and Rochelle

Thank you for considering us as the adoptive parents for your baby. The selfless manner in which you have chosen life and adoption is deeply admired. We hope that your journey to find a happy, safe and loving home for your child leads you to us. We are so excited to be parents! We can’t wait for bedtime stories, birthday parties and the first day of school. We promise to show your child love and affection every day of his or her life and will educate, support and provide the best life we possibly can.

Robert and Heather

Life is a roller coaster that is filled with blessings and challenges. My wife and I feel very blessed overall, but have been challenged with starting a family. If you’re reading this, then you are facing some major challenges of your own and have already made some very courageous decisions. We can’t imagine the pain you must be going through now, but we thank you so much for choosing adoption and for considering us to love and nurture your child.

Henry and Windy

Although we have not met, you and your child have been in our hearts and prayers for quite some time. Our names are Windy and Henry. I, Windy, feel fortunate that I have the luxury of working from home. And I, Henry, had the amazing opportunity few have at the birth of our son to stay at home and jumped at the chance. The best and most rewarding job in the world by far is to be a stay-at-home father.

Nathan and Christa
Before we got married, Nathan and I spent a lot of time dreaming about what we wanted for our family and what it would look like in the future. Six years later, we find ourselves living in a beautiful three-bedroom home on a cul-de-sac in a great neighborhood with an amazing young adopted son. Our hearts are filled with a strong desire to add one more precious baby to our family with the help of a very courageous and selfless woman.
Covelli and Maria

As the candles were blown on the most recent birthday cake by our family this year, there was one wish proclaimed out loud: that a birth mother like you would find us worthy enough to consider us to adopt their precious baby. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts because we can only imagine the mix of emotions you are feeling.

Jonathan and Deborah

We feel incredibly honored that you are taking the time to consider us to adopt your child, which will be the biggest gift we have ever received. We think of you as one of the most special women we will ever meet and sincerely hope you understand that your baby will be the most loved child in the world. We are so grateful and indebted to you.

William and Melissa

It is our hope that we will have the opportunity to provide your baby with all that we had growing up and more.  We feel that parents should be willing to go above and beyond to provide the best life possible for a child.  We believe that children are the future, and it is our responsibility to teach children the values that will enable them to have a successful life.  We plan to support your child in everything he or she does.

Aaron and Sandra

We have several nieces and nephews that are adopted, so we have personally experienced the miracle that adoption brings to families. Aaron and I hope that someday soon we too will be able to share our adoption story with others, as we have come to realize that our desire to be parents doesn’t mean having to be pregnant.

Ronald and Alishia

We so appreciate the courage you have shown by choosing the journey of adoption for your baby. Because of your selfless choice you have given us the hope of finally being able to complete our family and filling our home with even more love and joy. Searching through profiles for the best parents for your baby is probably the hardest thing you will ever have to do, yet here you are doing what is best for you and your baby. We promise to give him all our love, a stable home and to support him in all he chooses to do through his life’s journey.

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Adoption Success Stories