Adoption Successes

Thomas and Debra
A lifetime of bedtime stories, chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, skinned knees, sports triumphs and artistic creations are the dreams we imagine when we fall asleep at night. We know you are making a decision that will impact many people’s lives forever. You are a courageous woman to be offering such a miraculous gift to a family like ours.
Patrick and Susan

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us. We know that you are facing a difficult decision and we admire your strength and courage as you think about the future of your child. Hopefully this letter will help you learn a little more about us.

William and Jada

We are William and Jada, and we are grateful that you are taking the time to read this letter and review our profile. We know that you are making many difficult decisions right now and we hope that this letter will give you a look into our lives and into our hearts. Should you decide to get to know more about us, we can only pray that it will result in an answered prayer for all of us.

David and Angela
We assure you that there is a reason you are reading this today, and we will always be thankful for this courageous choice that you are considering. You have the courage, the wisdom and the absolute right to thoughtfully choose the parents of your child; and your child will know that this was done out of pure love.  How do you lovingly select parents for your baby?  We feel that you will know in your heart when it’s right and encourage you to trust your instinct. 
Michael and Trisha

Sometimes someone special comes into your life for a reason and gives something to you that is the most precious gift anyone could ever give or receive. For us, that someone special is you and your most precious gift is your child to entrust in our care.  Words alone are not enough to express our gratitude and admiration but we can tell you this…we will try our best to live out our gratitude each and every day by how we show our respect and love for the child you bless us with. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Benjamin and Deborah

We want to thank you with all of our heart for the gift you can give to our family. You are making one of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever face and we want you to know that we welcome the opportunity to support you through your pregnancy and through making the choice to give your child a home and family that will care for, love, encourage, and support him/her in life.

Vincent and Kathleen

Hello.  We would like to thank you for taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents for your child.  We admire your strength and courage in the face of such an important decision.  We hope you find peace and comfort in your decision to choose us to care for your precious gift. 

John and Allison

All along, we know your child will wonder about you and be grateful to you for what you are doing in choosing adoption.  Adoption makes a lot of sense to us.  The combination of your gift of life and our enduring desire to raise a child will ensure this baby grows to his or her full potential. 

Corey and Alison

I cannot imagine what you are going through as you consider your options for the life of your baby.  What I can do is thank you for being a courageous woman and for taking a moment to allow me to share a little bit about us and making our dream of having a family possible.  And if, I have given you the confidence to think that we could be the right choice for your baby, please explore us further.

Kekoa and Dusti

We would like to start out by saying that we can only imagine how difficult this decision is for you, and we think you are very courageous and truly selfless. We hope by reading about us, it will bring some comfort to you and you will know that this baby will be very loved by us, our family, and our friends. For several years we have imagined another child in our family, and with adoption we feel very blessed that it is possible.

Aaron and Vanessa

Hi! We are Aaron and Vanessa. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and share our lives with you through this letter. We know this must be a difficult decision for you and hope by providing you insight into our lives, you may find inner peace with placing your child in our loving home. We always knew that we wanted to have children together, and after four years of infertility struggles we feel very strongly that it is in God’s plan that we grow our family through adoption. We are so excited to start our family!

David and Kelly

As we sit down to write the most important letter we’ve ever written we realize that we cannot begin to tell you about ourselves before we tell you how much we admire and respect you for making one of the biggest decisions you will ever have to make, that of choosing adoptive parents for your unborn child. In making this decision you are engaging in the most selfless act imaginable by giving a lucky couple, like us, the most precious gift you can ever give and we thank you for considering us.

Brian and Windy

We are Brian and Windy, and we would first and foremost like to thank you for choosing to find a loving family to love and raise your baby.  Your unselfish decision will never be forgotten.  We met 12 years ago and were happily married six months later.   We have always hoped and prayed that we would one day have the opportunity to have a child in our lives to guide, teach, and love with all of our hearts.  If you choose us to adopt your little miracle, it will be our dream come true.

Russell and Malinda

You are very brave in choosing adoption for your child.  We can only imagine how hard of a choice it was for you to choose adoption, and then having to choose the perfect family is probably equally as hard.  We can’t make the process any easier for you but we can promise you one thing, if you choose us your child will grow up in a house full of love, laughter and happiness.  They will be cherished always, and spoiled occasionally. (Ok maybe spoiled all the time)

Travis and Kimberly
Wow, you are an amazing woman for making such a wonderful decision. It must be overwhelming to have to read through a multitude of letters to find the perfect home for your precious baby. But, here we are, ready to accept the incredible opportunity to raise your baby in our loving and caring home. We want to thank you for your devotion to do what is in the best interest of your child.
Lance and Jill

We cannot imagine the thoughts and emotions you must be feeling as you make your way through this challenging time. We want you to know that we offer you our compassion, love and respect. We admire your courage and thank you for choosing life for your precious baby. We would be overjoyed to partner with you as you make your future plans for them. We are Jill and Lance and we hope to convey to you how excited we are to grow our family through the gift of adoption.

Charles and Karen
We are both English, and were born in England where we still live. Although we met in high school, we didn’t start dating until a few years later. We married in January 2002. We are the very best of friends and love each other deeply. With all of life’s ups and downs, we manage to laugh and see the positive in everything. It had always been our dream to have a family and fill our home with the sounds of children playing and laughing.
Nicholas and Deborah

Words cannot express the grace and beauty you have shown us.  Words cannot express our appreciation for capturing our hearts.  Our hearts are full of compassion, love, affection, sincerity, conviction and honesty: qualities that will bless your precious gift for a lifetime.  You are such a courageous woman to make such a selfless and life changing decision.  We want you to believe with all your heart that we will love your child as our own.

Paul and Heather
We are Paul and Heather and we don’t let the fact that we have five children stop us from exploring and enjoying life to its fullest!  We drive a “kid hauler” loaded with paper towels, baby wipes, diapers, changes of clothes, hats, snacks, drinks, “sunscream” (as our kiddos call it), first aid kit, blankets, and extra toys!  Why do we have all of this in our vehicle?  Because we like to be prepared for anything and everything that comes our way…or you could say, “that’s how we roll!” 
Joel and Jennifer
We want to express our sincere joy and gratitude to you for loving your unborn child so much that you are willing to consider an adoption plan for them. Our son Levi joined our family through an adoption plan that his birthmother made and we would feel so blessed that you would consider us to become the loving parents of your beautiful child as well. We offer you our honesty, respect and support during the most amazing and selfless decision of your life.
Jefferson and Jael

We are excited to fulfill our dream of becoming parents through adoption, and are committed to providing unconditional love and support to your child.  We know that the decision to place your baby for adoption must not be easy, but we love you for it.  Your strength, wisdom, and courage are to be admired and we will definitely impress this upon your child. 

Nathan and Pavla

Love and devotion awaits your child. We are Nathan and Pavla and we understand that this is a very difficult decision to make at this point in your life. Since we are unable to have children, you would be blessing us with a gift and completing us as a family. We would embrace your child as our own and enrich his/her life with a fun, loving, and active family.

Daniel and Jennifer
Life is full of challenges, and we never know the situation we will be faced with. Both Ryan and I have walked through difficult times in our lives which has made us stronger. We can’t imagine what you are going through right now and where life has you. You are being thought about and prayed over. You will never know what a blessing you will have placed in our arms for us to love and cherish for the rest of our lives.
Bradley and Julie
We are Brad and Julie. We admire your strength and selflessness to love your baby so much to choose adoption for him or her. We promise to always love, support and encourage your child as he or she blossoms into the wonderful person you know they can become. We will do everything we can to help your child fulfill the dreams you have for their future and we will always be grateful for the opportunity to do so. 
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