Adoption Successes

Michael and Jennifer

Words cannot express our appreciation and gratitude for your consideration. Our hearts are full of love, honesty, and compassion; qualities that we would shower your precious gift with for a lifetime. Courageous and unselfish do not even begin to describe you or the life changing decision you are making. We vow to love and cherish your miracle everyday as our own.

Andrew and Shannon

Our names are Shannon and Andy and we want to thank you for choosing adoption as a pathway for the future of your baby.  We can only imagine the emotions that you are going through but we want you to know that we appreciate you and that you are taking the time to get to know us and read this letter. We are so eager to expand our family and to provide a loving environment for your child.

Russell and Lauri

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us.  We often think about Russ’ Birth Mother’s journey and feel tremendous gratitude.  He was placed with such amazing parents and an adopted sister as well.  This shared connection of adoption will be one our child shares with their father.  We’re so grateful for that!

Joseph and Janette

Hello! We have so much respect and admiration for you in making this difficult decision. We are hoping and praying that you feel that this adoption is for the best both for you and your baby. It is surely the best thing than could happen to us. As you read this letter, may you get an insight on how we are as a family and consider us to receive the miracle you’re bringing into this world.

Gerald and Shannon

We cannot imagine the difficulty of the decisions you have had to make over the past weeks and months and the one you are now facing.  We have so much respect for you and hope you will find comfort in knowing your child will be loved unconditionally every day of his or her life if he or she finds a home with us.

Kevin and Megan

Thank you from our hearts for this opportunity and thank you for being so incredibly brave. Your courage astounds and humbles us. Our hearts are bursting with respect and honor for you. We cannot begin to express how thankful we are that you have chosen adoption and that you have taken the time to consider us. We feel that we would be blessed with the most precious gift in the world if you selected us to be new parents.

Anthony and Michelle

Our wish for you is peace with the decision you’re making and an understanding of the absolute joy you’ll be giving a very lucky family. If you choose us, know that you will always have a special place in our hearts, and that your child will grow up knowing that you made a very loving decision on their behalf. Thank you for taking the time to get know us a little better.

Thomas and Lorraine

By reading our letter, we hope you will see how much we would cherish the precious baby you are carrying, and how we would forever honor you for bringing him or her into the world. You are making a courageous and loving decision for the child you are carrying and we feel tremendous respect and admiration for you.

George and Lisa

As we sit here and contemplate what to write and how to write it, it dawns on us that it’s impossible for us to understand what you have been through, and what you are currently going through. We are sure it’s been a difficult process to arrive at this decision of adoption. We know that your amazing act will fulfill the dream for one lucky couple.

Corey and Carmen

Hello, and thank you for considering us to be part of this amazing choice! We are Corey and Carmen and want you to know how excited we are to bring another life into our family. We know this decision isn’t made lightly. You should know that we feel that parenthood will be our most important job and will give all the love and devotion we have. We admire your decision and wish you all the best.

Robert and Elaine

Thank you for your awesome gift of bringing a child into the world and considering us as adoptive parents. We thank you for your courage and willingness to move forward in the face of uncertainty.

Scot and Bridget

First of all, we would like to say “thank you” from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to get to know us. We recognize that this is a difficult decision for you and our hearts go out to you during this time. We promise that this baby will be in a family that will love and cherish every moment with him or her. We cannot wait till the day that we have a little one call us “Mommy” and “Daddy.”

Gerald and Mandy

Thank you for taking time to read about us. We hope this letter helps you get to know us a little better and feel more confident about the decisions you are making right now. We want you to know that if you place your child with us, he/she will be showered with love and live in a house filled with joy. We want to adopt your baby because we are ready to start our family with an open heart and open home. Your child will be our first and with God’s blessing they will be the older brother/sister to many more. We are firm believers that a full house is a fun house! 

Brian and Rebekah
We are excited for the opportunity to meet you as it is a difficult task to convey all our thoughts to you on paper.  Your current position is most definitely a difficult one and we are sure this decision has not been easy.  When our culture emphasizes “self” over all else, it is remarkable that you have arrived at such a selfless decision.  Your courage is very admirable.  We would like to take a few moments to tell you about us and the environment in which we would be honored to raise your child.
David and Anjanette

We believe the gift of life is so amazing and we feel very privileged to be a part of your courageous journey through adoption.  We thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and we feel fortunate to cross paths with someone as brave as you. Your selfless decision is a true inspiration and one full of love. We hope you can feel our sincerity in our thanks for considering us in your search for a wonderful home.

Jonathan and Betsy

Hi! We are Jon and Betsy and there are no words that can describe how excited we are to add a child to our family. We have put a lot of thought into writing what we hope is the “perfect letter” that will paint a picture of who we are and how your child will fit in and grow with our family. This is the most important letter we will ever write and raising your child is the most important thing we will ever do.

David and Cinara

We are honored for you to read our letter and look at our profile. We understand this is a difficult choice and you may be struggling with your decision. We hope reading our letter and learning a little bit about us will bring comfort to you.

Michael and Sian

We are very touched that such an amazing person would consider entrusting us with a truly miraculous gift. We’re Mike and Sian (pronounced Shawn) and we wish for nothing more than to provide a happy, healthy home life filled with giggles and snuggles, kisses and cuddles to a child who will be dearly loved not only by us, but by their grandparents, aunties, uncles, many cousins, nieces and nephews alike.

Jeremy and Cynthia

We want to start by saying thank you. Thank you for your selfless gift, thank you for your strength and bravery and thank you most of all for choosing adoption. We are a loving couple with a strong Christian faith. We believe that God has provided us with an amazing life together and would love nothing more than to share our blessings with a beautiful baby girl or boy to cherish and love unconditionally.

Brian and Christine

We admire your courage, selflessness, and strength in considering adoption and thinking about what would be best for your baby.  We have the utmost respect for you and the decision you are making. If placed with us, your child would grow up in a safe, happy, nurturing environment filled with laughter and unconditional love. He/she will be raised with strong values, provided with an excellent education, and exposed to opportunities that develop his/her individual interests and talents.

Peter and Erica

To us, the word “family” has always meant a source of love, support, and joy. More kids bring more joy. It’s as simple as that. Building our family has been more challenging than we expected, as we’ve gone through multiple losses and fertility treatments. We are so blessed to have our son Logan, and we are hoping to share more love, time and attention with another child through adoption.

Sean and Amy
Hi! We are Sean and Amy. Words cannot describe our appreciation to you for looking into our hearts. Our hearts are full of sincerity, compassion, honesty, and pure love; traits that will bless your precious gift with a lifetime of joyous moments. You are a very brave and courageous woman to make such a life changing decision. We want you to know that we are praying for you and for the beautiful life you carry. We understand how difficult this decision will be for you and we hope you will find the comfort you need from reading our letter. Sean and I promise from the very bottom of our hearts that we will forever love and cherish your beautiful gift.
George and MaryRose

We cannot begin to understand the difficult decision that you have to make for your child. We hope that you find the comfort and security that you are looking for in this letter as you get to know more about us and our values. We are George and MaryRose and we would like to take a moment to say hello and thank you for taking time to read about us. We have so much love for each other that we felt it was time to grow and share our love with another.

Joshua and Tiffany

We can only imagine how difficult this decision must be for you, but you can take comfort in knowing that we will cherish your precious gift forever and promise to provide unconditional love and support. Your child will always know how much he or she is loved. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter; it means so much to both of us.

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