Adoption Successes

Milivoj and Jennifer

Thank you for choosing to bring your baby into this world! We hope that after reading our story and seeing our photos, you will feel that we are the right couple for your child. You are very courageous in making this adoption choice for your child and we want you to know how much we appreciate and admire you.

Steven and Karen

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you our hopes and dreams for your child. We know that this is certainly a difficult decision for you and we hope that you will find comfort and assurance from reading our letter. If you choose us to adopt your precious child, we will consider that decision a fulfilled dream.

Bradley and Shelley

We are Brad & Shelley and are so incredibly excited about bringing a child into our lives. We have been together since 2000 when we started dating in college until we were married on May 31, 2003. We were inseparable while we were dating and that has continued throughout our marriage. We have, unfortunately, been unable to complete our family which we want more than anything in life. Our prayers will finally come true if you chose us to adopt your little miracle.

Francis and Gina

First, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this letter and to learn more about us, Frank and Gina. We can only imagine the difficult decisions you are facing right now and we hope getting to know us will encourage you to see that ours is a loving home waiting to share all of our joy and blessings with your baby.

Peter and Jennifer

Sometimes life presents us with surprises. Things happen that we do not plan for, and this leads us to have to make tough decisions. To not only choose life, but to also choose to give your child to a couple who can provide a nurturing and loving family life is a selfless act indeed. Our hope is that we would be able to make your decision a little easier by knowing that your child will grow up with endless opportunities in a house filled with love.

Bryan and Shelley

Shelley, Will and I are truly blessed that you and your beautiful daughter have come into our lives.  We have been praying and preparing for this moment for several years now.  We are so excited and privileged that you have chosen us.  Your daughter will have a tremendous impact on each of us and truly enrich our lives.  For that, we are eternally grateful. You have chosen a family and a home full of laughter, happiness, respect and loyalty.  We promise to provide the very best for your daughter and provide her with the skills and opportunity to realize all that life can offer.

Jared and Jennie
Our lives will not be complete until we are blessed with another baby through adoption. We realize the strength you have in considering giving your baby to us. We appreciate the love you have for this child to give it life and a chance in this world. We can only hope that you find some peace and comfort in reading our letter. We can promise from our hearts that your child will be loved so much and only know happiness, as our boys do.
Robert and Kristi

Our rule to live by is “do the right thing” in life no matter how hard or uncomfortable it may be. I guess in that regard, we already have something in common with you. You are making such a difficult decision, and we hope that you find the perfect fit, whether it is with our family or another. If it is our family, rest assured, our home will be filled with love and laughter, as well as structure and support.

Russell and Sandra

Life is so precious and we are thankful that you have considered us to provide a loving home for your baby. We can assure you that your baby would be an answer to our prayers, and we vow to provide a loving and nurturing environment for your child to grow and develop into a caring, respectful, and productive young adult.

Benjamin and Dana

Thank you for being brave enough to give someone the gift of life. We have longed to be parents for many years and we promise to raise your child as our own, in a safe home filled with faith, laughter, love, guidance, family, friendship and support.


Words cannot express how much admiration that I have for you. Your courage and strength, as a mother, speaks such high volumes of you as an individual.  Please know that I would give your baby unconditional love with a wonderful and safe environment and the encouragement to thrive and be successful. Your baby will always know what a thoughtful and remarkable mother you are.

Brent and Jennifer

I am as excited and nervous about you reading this as you are making this very important decision for you and your child. I cannot comprehend the emotions and feelings you have, but I assure you we are feeling different but similar feelings. We have started a family, but we know beyond any doubt that God has called us to bring a child into our lives and for them to get to be the little brother or sister to our current children. We are blessed in so many ways; however, our lives are not complete without sharing our love with our future child.

Frank and Elizabeth

We are so honored and blessed that you have taken time to read our letter and get to know us. We cannot begin to understand the confusion and turmoil you must be going through. We do know that God will help you through. We promise to love this little one and share with them the love of family, friends, and most importantly God. We are praying for you daily. May the Lord bless you during this difficult time in your life and always.

Brad and Gina

We look forward to simple every day gifts with our children, such as teaching them to love nature, camping, the outdoors, reading and eating together every night.  We would be humbled to be a part of your child’s loving development and wonderful future.  Thank you for taking the time to read our story and for considering us for this lifetime connection.

Howard and Robin

Not many things in life are guaranteed, but there are some things we can promise you. We promise your child will know love, laughter and respect every day of his or her life. Your child will always know how important you are to us. After all, you were responsible for bringing him or her into this world, and we think that is very special!

Ryan and Elizabeth

Thank you for being such an incredibly selfless woman. Your courageous decision will impact so many lives. It is our desire to raise your child in a small friendly town where he/she will feel safe, learn wholesome values and morals, and feel completely loved. We are family orientated and the weekends will often find us visiting family or catching up on a new release. Yet, this is only a small part of what we would like to share with your child.

Daniel and Holly

We feel overwhelmed with gratitude that you are considering our family to be part of your baby’s life. We admire the courage it takes to make this very brave decision. Your gift will bring indescribable joy to our lives.

David and Katherine

Once upon a time, seventeen years ago, a boy met a girl on a blind date after driving 120 miles and love blossomed. In 1998, a beautiful Southern wedding occurred and a couple began a life together. Now that couple, Dave and Kathy, has been given the joy of three boys and is praying for a daughter to complete their family.

Brian and Kelley

We have not been able to add any children to our family and never will without your precious gift.  It would fill our hearts with such joy to be able to provide your child with a solid family unit, and guidance and support to help them grow into an adult that believes in family and the Lord.

Derek and Lori

The celebrated Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once observed, “A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” Our family ties are incredibly strong. From the times of our births to humble but happy, hardworking families, we have both been blessed by the steadfast love and support of devoted parents. It is our dream to pass along our parents’ enduring example of compassion, patience, charity, and responsibility to a child of our own.

Brandon and Tara

We cannot imagine how difficult this decision is for you, but are amazed by your courage and selflessness. Providing this baby with a loving, encouraging, and nurturing home is something we look forward to.

Christopher and Michelle

We thank you for choosing life for your bundle of joy and selecting us to share in one of the biggest miracles of life with you; a little baby.  Your unselfish gift will be the most precious addition to our family.  Our names are Chris and Michelle and we would love to add a second bundle of joy to our family.  Our Midwestern home, on a quite cul-de-sac with apple trees out back, is just waiting for another little child to be babbling up a storm in the kitchen with Mommy, riding their tricycle up and down the driveway with Daddy or playing in the sandbox with big sister Natalie.

Chad and Janaé

We are truly blessed and honored that you are taking this time to get to know a little about us and how our journey has taken us to you. Wherever your journey may take you, we hope you find comfort and peace in knowing that your sacrifice means more than any words could ever say and will make our family joyous and complete. Even though we have struggled with infertility we can finally look back and see God was preparing our hearts for the beautiful gift of adoption. We promise as adoptive parents to provide unconditional love and support so that your child may reach their dreams.

Dustin and Cori

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you a little about our family.  We are Dustin and Cori from Utah.  We are thrilled about expanding our family through the adoption process.  We are looking forward to sharing all the small things with a child like bedtime, walks to the park, and dinner as a family. 

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