Adoption Successes

Becky and Kathryne
We can’t wait to hear your story and to see the incredible journey that that has led your path to cross with ours. We are both people who see unique and varying strengths in every person we know—many would say our ability to see strengths in others is our greatest strength! Therefore, we can’t wait to learn about you and your unique strengths and to celebrate these forever as we begin a lifelong relationship with you. 
Ryan and Roxanne
Please know that whether you choose us as parents or not, you are making an incredibly positive impact on many lives that will be affected by this decision. You should be very proud of that. We only hope that you are able to appreciate the gift you are giving to the world by making this decision. If you feel that we are a good fit for you as adoptive parents, we would love the opportunity to learn more about you and possibly even meet you in person one day. 
John and Ashley
We admire you for the choice you are considering, and we want you to know that we are praying for you. We pray that God gives you peace that transcends all understanding and wisdom to make the right choice; whatever that may be for you and your baby. No matter the choice that you may make, we are thrilled to have you reading this page and hope we can offer encouragement along your journey.
Michael and Ammy
As parents we want to ensure that your child has a supportive family, the opportunity to be educated both in school and in life, and to understand the world through amazing firsthand experiences. Our family is a large one that includes everything from excited and caring grandparents to friends so close your child would call them aunt or uncle. Education is extremely important to us and while normal schooling is important, we will show your child valuable life experiences.
Andrew and Kathleen
We are so excited for the opportunity to build our family and are genuinely humbled by your consideration. Although we may not know you personally just yet, we have the utmost respect for you and the path you will choose for your baby.
Ryan and Vonne
We both absolutely love being around children and take every opportunity to see our friends and family’s children.  We knew we wanted children soon after getting married. Unfortunately, after many years of fertility issues and treatments, we found that having children naturally was not possible for us.  After some deep reflection and learning more about adoption, we thought this was a wonderful opportunity for us to achieve the dream of having a child.

Philip and Stacy
Our small family has so much love to offer. Our days are filled with play time around lots of family, friends and neighbors, laughing at the dinner table after making a home made meal, and going on weekend adventures like hiking and beach trips.
Ronald and Kathleen
To even consider making a decision such as this is probably the bravest, most loving, and unselfish thing you could do in life. Although we don’t know you, we are confident of what a courageous person you are by just reading this letter and thinking this could be an option for your child. We imagine this is a difficult time, but please know we are praying for you along your journey.
Christopher and Regina
The love we have in our hearts, not just for each other, but also for life, compels us to share our home with a baby. We look forward to the experiences that parenthood will bring. We yearn to watch our little baby sleep the most peaceful of sleeps while we dream of a bright future. We can’t wait to chase monsters from under the bed, to kiss scraped knees, and to cheer at any and all endeavors our child chooses. 
Brent and Jennifer
We know this is not an easy process for you, but we hope that we can tell you a little about ourselves and our family and give you the reassurance that our home is a loving home full of fun, laughter, and love! We pray that you have peace in making the best decision for you and your baby. We admire and respect your strength, courage, and love for your unborn baby.
Steven and Angela
We are honored and excited that you may consider us to adopt your child. Our faith and love have lead us to this incredible path in our journey, and potentially meeting you. We promise that your child will receive all our love and commitment in raising him or her. Our hope is to develop a relationship and support you through your tremendous heartfelt sacrifice. You will always have a place in our hearts for the selfless decision that you are making for your child.
Cordell and Jennifer
I think of you often and what an amazingly courageous person you are to be making this decision.  I am an adopted child and have always appreciated the decision my birthmother made to provide me with the home and family that I was adopted into. Now, going through this process to adopt, I am in awe of the strength and unselfish love that birthmothers have for their children in placing them into their adoptive homes. My husband and I are so incredibly grateful to have your baby become a part of our lives.
Daniel and Courtney
Although we are not yet parents, our lives have already been enriched through adoption. I, Dan, was adopted at birth as were my brother and sister. All my life, I have felt that I am part of a very fortunate group of children whose parents decided to place their child with another family. I have always felt rather special because I came from my birth parents, and am loved equally by my adoptive parents. When we faced infertility, adoption seemed like a natural choice for growing our family. We hope you find peace with your decision, and hope your child will grow up experiencing the support that I had with my family. 
Jason and Angela
We realize that your decision to consider an adoption plan is very emotional and requires incredible courage. Should you choose us to care for and raise your child, we will ensure your child respects how much love you have for her/him. We love children and intend to raise your baby in a loving, supportive environment.
Christopher and Kimberly
If you consider us to be a part of your life, our promise to you is to give our unconditional love and support to you and yours. We offer you our help and our commitment to protect and guide your child every day of their life. Your child will know that they were loved before they were ever born. The incredible selfless gift you are giving this child and a waiting family will never be forgotten. We will provide and never let your child go wanting and still instill in them the lesson that life is challenging but with faith, hard work, and a positive attitude one can endure and thrive.
Michael and Heather
You will always have a special place in our hearts since you are the one who will have made our family whole.
Daniel and Donna
You are on a path that is not an easy one, yet very courageous. For this we are eternally grateful. Our prayer is that you find comfort in knowing that your child will be deeply loved and nurtured as we will provide a stable, happy home where he or she will feel safe and loved.
Esteban and Natalie
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about our family.  We can’t begin to understand the feelings and emotions you are going through as you face this difficult decision, but we hope this letter will put you at ease in knowing your child will be part of a loving family.  We thank you for the opportunity and the possibility of our dreams coming true by completing our family.
Jeffrey and Kori
We respect your decision, whatever it may be, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering adoption and taking the time to learn about us to see if we might be a fit. We hope we have found the words to express our aspirations of building a family through adoption as we truly believe our child is waiting for us and know our paths will cross with theirs at just the right time. We hope that moment is now and that you feel the same. Thank you again for reading our letter and allowing us to open our hearts to you.
John and Teresa

Our hope for your unborn child is that their future is filled with love and security, that they grow up knowing that they are valued beyond all else on this earth. We hope that we are entrusted by you to give us the chance to provide that future for your child. If you choose us, please know that we will appreciate your gift every day of our lives and you will be honored in our hearts. 

Lance and Kimberly
We understand that you are going through an emotional process, and we would embrace the opportunity to support you in your pregnancy. We hope that you will consider us the right couple to provide all the love, care, and support that you want for your child. It is difficult for us to truly comprehend or express our feelings for you, but please know that we are so thankful that you are considering such a selfless and courageous act, regardless if you choose us or not. 
Roger and Jennifer
We have so much love to give a child. We hope our profile may help to give you a feeling of who we really are, how much we would love your child and maybe help set aside fears of how much they would be loved or how they would be cared for. If we are lucky enough to have your chi
Gregory and Lauren
We are so excited to expand our family through the gift of adoption once again, and look forward to getting to know you, and your hopes and dreams as well!
Ross and Kathryn
We are so honored you are taking the time to learn about our family. We know this is a significant time in your life, and we recognize how important this decision is for you and your baby. Our thoughts are with you as you make this courageous decision in choosing the best parents to share a life with your unborn child.
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Adoption Success Stories