Adoption Successes

Steven and Martha

Steven and I met through work and started a great friendship.  We later realized that we had in each other exactly what we were looking for in a partner and fell in love.  We married two years later and have been the best of friends since 2004.  A year into our marriage we decided we wanted to grow our family.  It wasn’t as easy as anticipated and so we began fertility treatments.  Five years later, after several IVF cycles, surgery and a miscarriage, we decided that it didn’t matter how we grew our family, we just wanted to be parents.  We cannot wait to have a little baby in our home.  We are very excited for all of the things that come with being parents.

Scott and Jessica

Making a huge decision to pick a set of parents to care for a baby is a difficult process. It is probably the hardest decision you have had to make in your life. Let us give you some peace of mind in knowing that your baby will be loved with all of our hearts and cared for extremely well.  Your baby will also have two loving big brothers.

David and Amy

You will always be special to us.  We know it takes a lot of courage and love to place your child with us, but we promise that we will provide a loving and caring future for your child.  We always knew we wanted to have children and adoption will allow us to have the family we have always longed for.

Jeffrey and Dorothy

Thank you, dear birthmother, for taking the time to consider us to raise your beautiful baby. Our love for God and life will be passed down to your child and he/she will be loved and cared for in the kind way you strongly desire. You are an incredibly special person and will always remain in our thoughts and prayers.

David and Brandy

We do not want to sound like a broken record after you have read so many other adoptive couples' letters, but we all share the same purpose, and that is to adopt a beautiful baby and complete our family. We realize that it is impossible to write our whole life story on one page, but we will give it our best to help you get to know us better.

Darren and Sophie

We can only imagine the enormity of the decision you are facing and we feel so much compassion and admiration for your strength, courage and selflessness. Our hearts are filled with love and respect for you and we are honored to be considered the family you choose for your precious baby.

Curtis and Stacey

Stacey and I began our relationship in the summer of 1999 following a blind date. I knew from the first time I saw her that she was special, and the most beautiful person, and that I would want to get to know her more. In 2003 we had one of the best days of our lives when we were united in marriage. We both had the desire to one day adopt a baby to start the next step in our already wonderful family. Maybe you will be the one that courageously allows us to become the apple in your baby’s eyes.

Kris and Erin

We are Kris and Erin of California and we are so blessed to be considered by you. Through your courageous choice you are making a family’s dream come true. We know you have a tough decision to make about who will raise your child, but what sets us apart is that we’re not the kind of couple to just come home and "veg out" in front of a TV for the whole night until we go to sleep. We look forward to telling you a little more about our exciting life and story.

Bryan and Michele
After meeting in 2000, we have travelled to over 15 countries together, learned to speak a second language together, immersed ourselves in several different cultures and have seen so many inspiring places.  We hope to teach our child about these rich experiences.
Jason and Trela

Jason and I met in 2001 and became good friends, and after a couple of years of dating we got married on October 23, 2004. We have been happily married since.  However, we have had to go through some tough moments in life for we have had many miscarriages. Each miscarriage was painful to go through for both of us, but we feel God has led us to adoption through all of this. The experience has only made us grow closer and caused us to depend more on each other.


Jason and Andrea
Although our family has been blessed with so much we long for the day when we can share that love with a child of our own. We dream of the day when we can hold our child, watch them grow, and love them with all our heart.
Kevin and Aimee

We truly enjoy each other’s company and do many things together like playing board games, getting together with family and friends but mostly we enjoy camping!  Along with an aunt and uncle and lots of cousins we own a lot on a private campground near a lake in Ohio where we spend almost every weekend from spring until fall.  We swim, fish, have campfires and do all the things that go with camping.  We are both so thankful to have found someone who enjoys doing the same things and we want nothing more than to share those fun times with a child. 

Patrick and Linda

Adoption is a promise similar to marriage. It is a promise to be loving parents and to create a loving family for your child. We make that promise to you. We promise to be loving, understanding, creative, hardworking and encouraging parents. We would be so very grateful to become parents to your child. 

James and Stacy

We want you to know that if given the opportunity, we will raise your child with devotion, love and attention. It is our goal to be involved in their life in a meaningful way by helping him or her develop confidence, individuality and compassion. Most of all we want to be there for them to provide a secure and safe environment in which they can be themselves and grow into the beautiful person they were meant to be.

Randall and Miriah
We have been together our entire adult lives; we met in high school at a local grocery store in the Midwest where we both worked.  We have been together for the last 12 years.  We got married in 2004, and quickly adopted 2 awesome cats- Sammie and Pumpkin.  They have been on the receiving end of all of our love ever since.
Daniel and Patricia

When I look at the sky each night, I say to myself…"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…How I wonder who you are?" Under all the stars in the sky we find ourselves in such different positions, yet our circumstances bring us together. We are Danny and Patty and we ended up together by chance of fate. I was riding in the car with a mutual friend of ours and Danny happened to pass us on the interstate. He called my friend while we were driving and said “Tell the pretty blond next to you, I said Hello,” and I said “OMG! He thinks I am pretty!” Following that short conversation we dated and were married 2 years later; truly fate.

Robert and Kaleen

We are Kaleen and Robert- WELCOME to our world!! We cannot begin to imagine the whirlwind of emotions facing you at this time. For choosing life for your sweet baby, we say thank you. We ourselves are blessed with three children- Robert, Lily, and Andrew. Andrew was adopted by us in 2008 from ANLC after being born to the most wonderful birthparents. Andrew has been a miracle child for us as we prayed for 3 years to God to send him to us. We continue to pray for his special birthparents.

Bryan and Barbara

We are Bryan and Barbara and we met five years ago and married in 2007. Even though we lived close to each other and worked for the same law enforcement agency our paths never crossed until the day we met each other online.  Since our first date, we have never been apart.  One of our goals since marrying has been to start a family.  After several years trying to conceive and learning that we would be unable to have our own biological child, we decided to adopt. We are looking forward to the opportunity to have children who we can love and nurture everyday of their life.

Andrew and Amanda

We are Andrew and Amanda. We want you to know how courageous and selfless you are to give your baby up for adoption. We know this because Amanda is adopted herself. She has always felt that the greatest gift she ever received is to have been given up for adoption. She had a wonderful childhood, filled with love and all the happiness that children should have. Amanda’s whole life she knew that if she could not have children of her own that she would adopt because of the wonderful life that she has had.

Craig and Brandi

Believe it or not it is about 3:00 am as I sit here, writing you this letter. Just before going upstairs to bed, I opened the front door and found the information packet from ANLC in between the doors. I couldn’t resist the urge to immediately open the package and begin reading the information. As I read through all the testimonials, I began to see my husband and me going through this incredible journey and bringing a precious baby into our hearts and lives forever. I tried to force myself to put down the information and go upstairs to bed, but I couldn’t. All I could think about was everything I wanted to tell you.

Timothy and Sheila

Thank you so much for considering us. We believe strongly that we can provide your child with a warm, loving home. We are parents before anything else. We would be so happy to have this opportunity to raise your child to be happy and confident, and guide them throughout life. We want to give all that we can to your child and we hope that comforts you. Your child will always know of the courageous decision you made to do what was best for both of you. God bless you and your child.

Charles and Tamiko

Hello. We are Chuck and Tammy. While we have not yet met, you and the little life within you are in our thoughts and prayers. You have brought us great blessings of such magnitude that it cannot truly be expressed in words. You have our greatest admiration for the courage you have demonstrated by making such a selfless decision. We pledge that your child will receive every bit of love and affection we have in our souls. Your precious little one will expand our loving family.

Courtland and Melissa

Wow! I can’t imagine the feelings you must have looking through all these pages, trying to figure out who is the right person for you and your baby.  Well, we hope we are them!  The two of us met when Court was going back to school in 2002.  Missy was living and working in the town he went to college in.  Court was just coming off a hiatus from school and ran into the love of his life.  We were both hooked immediately and have been together ever since.  We married in 2004, and after moving to Tennessee, worked on starting a family.  There were some hiccups in the road, but we think this made us stronger as a couple.  We are ready to adopt in order to complete our lives. 

David and Bethany

While we don’t know exactly what you are experiencing right now, we do know what it feels like when life is nothing like you expected.  Just a few short years ago, we experienced a painful miscarriage and subsequent infertility.  You, too, have likely been facing some difficult and painful times.  Through our journey, we have clung to the promise from God’s Word in Romans 8:28 that all things work together for good for those who love God!  The best thing that has come from our journey is the joy we have about growing our family through the miracle of adoption! 

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Adoption Success Stories