Adoption Successes

Adam and Jackie

We are thankful that you are taking time to learn more about us. We are Adam and Jackie, and we have been married since 1999. We’ve always known we wanted to have little ones who we can teach and watch grow. We tried infertility treatments without success and decided the best way for us to grow our family is through adoption. Our goal is simply to have kids of our own.

Douglas and Shannon

We can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through. We know this is probably going to be the biggest decision you have ever made. We hope to give you the support you need and confidence that we will also give this child everything that he/she needs.

Sean and Kelly

It is impossible to sum up everything about us in just a few paragraphs, however, we hope that as you read our profile and look through our pictures that you will get a sense of who we are, the love we share, the parents we look forward to being, and can begin to imagine the life that we would provide for your baby.

Anson and Venessa
Greetings from Kansas! We are Anson and Venessa, and we want to wish you a calmness and a sense of God's peace and direction, as you go through this time in your life.  We want you to know how very excited we are about adopting, and that there is a special place in our hearts for adopted children. When we found out that the chances of having our own were minimal, we joyfully began to pursue our dream of adoption. We are confident that God will lead us to you, and your little miracle. We are holding firmly to the promise, “With God all things are possible.”
Dennis and Cheryl

Our home is very comfortable. We decorated it with kids and animals in mind. We currently live on two acres with plenty of room to run, play and explore. We have two dogs Riley and Finnegan who love kids. Eventually we want to have a small farm with chickens and maybe a donkey or two.

Robert and Christine

We are so deeply moved by your selflessness as you make this decision and we understand that you entrust this child to us out of deep love and sacrifice.

Harold and Allison

It is with our deepest respect for you and the great love and care that you are showing your unborn child that we believe we were meant to be on this journey together. We want the same thing for your child as you do and that is to give your child the best life possible. We have been blessed with twin boys who we love and adore, and have so much more love and energy to care for another child. We are unable to have any more children and believe that adoption is the best option for our family. 

Robert and Heather
Being able to look outside of yourself and realize you may not be able to provide the life you desire for your unborn child is a very courageous and selfless act. It takes a great amount of strength. You are able to offer the most precious gift of all: a life to those like us, who are not able to have biological children. And, we in turn, would like to provide you with a precious gift, and that is a deep sense of peace in knowing that your child will be treasured each and every day of their life.
Michael and Lee

We would like to thank you for reading our letter. Choosing adoption is a very tough decision, and we commend you for thinking of your child's wellbeing. We are writing this letter to let you know about us.  We hope that giving you information about us will help to make your difficult choice a little bit easier.

Michael and Shawn

We would like to thank you for choosing adoption for your little one. It shows a lot of love and compassion on your part to give your child a chance at a great life with parents who will love and cherish the little bundle of joy you are bringing into this world. Our names are Mike and Shawn and we are excited to get started on our dream of becoming parents. We would like to take the time to tell you a little bit about ourselves.

Andrew and Kimberley

"Born not from our flesh, but born in our hearts, you were longed for and wanted and loved from the start." This quote perfectly expresses our feelings about the beautiful baby your unselfish act will bring into our family. As you read this letter and get to know us, we hope that you will feel that our home will be the perfect place for the precious angel you are carrying.

Scott and Tricia

Hi, we are Tricia and Scott. We have been married since 2003 and are currently the proud parents of our two year old son Jackson whom we adopted in 2009.  We live in sunny California with our two dogs, Cash and Sam, and one very mischievous cat named Bella.  We are very excited to add to our family, and Jackson would love to have a brother or sister. We can’t wait to share our loving family and home with another child.


Thomas and Aimee
We are Tom and Aimee, and we are both so very excited and grateful that you have chosen to learn more about us.   Our sincerest wish is to become parents, and at this challenging time of your life, we imagine that your sincerest wish is to find the right home for your baby, a family that promises love, warmth and security.  We hope that this letter will provide you with a good picture of our lives, personalities, and circle of family and friends in order to give you the information you need to make your decision. 
David and Deborah
We both love cooking and often prepare meals together. This is a relaxing activity which allows us to catch up on each other’s day. On the weekends, we enjoy working in our garden and tending to our orchids. We also support our local community by attending a variety of events, such as the farmers market, art festivals and charity fundraisers.  Most of all, we are looking forward to sharing our interest and hobbies with our child and nurturing every aspect of his/her individuality, gifts and talents.
Donald and Linda

Howdy! We are Donnie and Linda from Texas. We met about five years ago after searching for each other for a long time. We married in August 2008 and the day after our wedding we flew to Europe to visit Linda's family. While there, we honeymooned in Rome, which was so romantic and wonderful. Anyway, from the beginning of our relationship, we wanted to have our own family, but nature decided otherwise and the journey has led us here. We can't wait to see and hold our baby and finally live the life we've always wanted... a family life, being a mom and a dad!

Craig and Kerri

We can only imagine the heaviness of the decision you are faced with and how it must be weighing on your shoulders. Know that you are not alone! We want to share your wishes and your desires as you make this absolute selfless decision; the gift of life to complete our Family.  Adoption found us while on our journey to having a family and it feels like it “fits us like a glove”. We feel in our hearts that adoption is as much a miracle as giving birth.

Andre and Zuzana

We are Andre and Zuzana.  Although we met in 2002, our souls feel like we have known each other forever.   We both had “flying” jobs and were out of town a lot, so when we met at a local coffee shop, we knew it was fate.   We were instantly attracted to each other.  Over a couple of cappuccinos, we discovered that we both grew up in Europe, only on opposite sides of the German and Czech border, and we had many things in common.   It didn’t take long before we realized we were soul mates.    We always knew we wanted to have our own family, but having our own baby just never materialized.  And since Andre is adopted, having a baby through adoption was a decision that was simply “a no brainer”.


Peter and Elizabeth

We are very happy people.  We have a wonderful marriage, a beautiful home, and a large and loving family who live very close by.  Our life is truly blessed.  All that is missing is for the child of our dreams to finally find us.


Emil and Tina

What a difficult and challenging decision you have ahead of you.  It takes so much strength and courage to venture down this path.  We admire you and hope that you will find peace and comfort in your choice.  If it is meant to be that your baby comes home with us, you can be assured that we will do everything in our power to provide a stable, happy and healthy life for your child.

Jeffrey and Sarah

I want to start off first by personally thanking you for reading this letter and our profile. It means so much to my husband and me that you would consider us as your baby’s adoptive parents. This is such a difficult situation for you, and it takes a lot of courage to do what you are about to do. I admire you and your difficult situation. Again, I want to thank you for choosing mine and Jeff’s profile to learn more about our family.

Hiram and Kimberly
Hiram and I grew up in California, but we now live in Washington.  We met at a mutual friend’s house. We enjoyed each other’s company from the moment we met.  After being together for six years we decided to get married.  We married in 2002 at a vineyard in California. 
William and Barbara

As we sit here and write this letter we can’t help but think of who you are and what a difficult decision you have to make. We want you to know that we are praying for you…. wherever you are. We want you to feel secure and confident in your decision so we hope that by reading this letter you can get a glimpse into our life and who we are and what we stand for. We are so thankful that you are giving us an opportunity to complete our family and are so excited to welcome a little one into our home. Our children count down the days to be called “big brother” and “big sister”.

Levi and Crystal

We are a fun-loving, energetic couple that enjoys spending time together. We value time spent walking with our two miniature dachshunds, and share a love for music, reading and traveling.  We are also very athletic and have played on volleyball and softball teams.  Most often, our family (siblings and parents) makes up the team!  We are fortunate to have a large close-knit family that loves doing things together. We definitely cannot wait to share all our family traditions with our child.

Frank and Audrie

We realize that you have a difficult choice to make.  Please know that if you choose us, we will always love and cherish your precious gift.  We will have lots of hugs and kisses to offer.  Our child will never question how much they are loved.  They will be prayed for and taught God’s Word and His endless love.  They will also be told of your brave decision to allow us to raise them.  We will continue to pray for you as you make this decision for the perfect parents for your baby. 

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