Adoption Successes

Ernesto and Christin

We actually met at church while playing in the same fantasy football league.  During our courtship, we loved watching hockey, football, playing the Wii, and just laughing with each other.  We were married in 2009, and have never looked back.  We are very thankful for each other, and are now ready to expand our family, and raise and love children that the Lord gives to us. 


Jon and Barbara

As teachers and as a couple, we are focused on enjoying our time together and on creating a future for ourselves, with new music, hopes and dreams. Our adoptive child will determine the style of that music, the nature of that hope and the content of those dreams. We are delighted to have found each other, so having the child that makes us a family will be the culmination of a very long dream for both of us.

John and Sharon

We met nine years ago through a mutual friend.  After developing a strong friendship, we began dating seven months later.  Inseparable ever since, we married in 2005 and now have a beautiful home in a lovely, safe community located in one of the top school districts in the nation. 

Justin and Jennifer
Not only are we closely tied with our neighbors, but our surrounding community has so much to offer that we can’t help but be active. We live just a street away from our church, schools, parks and playgrounds. We regularly attend community and school events to show our child how important it is to be active and involved in the community.
Bradford and Anita

We have been married since 1995 when we met through mutual friends, and it was love at first sight! We were instant best friends and eager to start a family. Bradford has a daughter, Lindsay, and I fell in love with her as well. Together we have a daughter, Morgan, and both girls are excited to welcome an addition to the family. We have been trying for what seems like forever to have another child and sadly have been unable to do so.




James and Dawn

We are excited to introduce ourselves to you and are honored that you are considering our family to love and raise your child. We hope this glimpse into our life will help you get to know us better and give you absolute peace in your heart that you have chosen the best family for your baby girl.  We hope to convey to you through our words and pictures all of the love, laughter and fun we have as a family. We honor your courageous decision, and will love and cherish you always.

James and Bonnie

Our eyes fill with tears as we continue to ask ourselves “what do you say to an amazing person that is doing the most unselfish act that anyone could ever do.”  You have so much love in your heart for your child and as we have so much love for each other, we even have more to give to your child.  Having gone through the pain of miscarriage and several fertility issues we have decided that adoption is God’s path for us.  We offer you our hands to hold as we take this path together. 

Daniel and Tammy

Although we have not yet met you, we are inspired by your courageous actions and unconditional love for your child. You obviously have a huge and selfless heart! We admire and deeply respect your quest for the best possible life for your unborn child. It is our greatest hope to be the answer to your quest and to provide your child with a beautiful life. 

Franklin and Myra

We are Todd and Myra.  We're so very excited about adopting and we appreciate you taking the time to read our profile and learn more about us.  This is something we've been praying about for a long time now. 


Adam and Maureen

I close my eyes and picture a brave woman who may be nervous about making such a big decision about the future of her child that she so dearly loves.  We wish the best for you and hope to share this pregnancy with you by helping you through everything that you are facing.  We came to the decision to adopt after trying to get pregnant for three years.  We have so much joy, love and blessings to share with you and your child.

Kyle and Sandra
Thank you in advance for considering us to adopt your baby. We are Kyle and Sandra. You will make our dreams to become 1st time parents come true. We love God and each other and will pour all the love we have in our hearts on this child. We will instill good morals and values and teach him or her to work hard to be successful. You are truly special! You should be proud of yourself for making such a selfless decision to allow your child a chance at life.
Brady and Jennifer
We are very family orientated. Specifically my close relationship with my own mom is one of the reasons that I have always wanted a daughter. I have three brothers and it was always my mom and I together decorating and baking for the holidays, shopping, and staying up late talking about school, boys and life. These are all things I envision doing with my future daughter.
Christopher and Christy
We want to start by saying thank you for taking the time to read our letter and giving us the opportunity to tell you a little about us.  We are Chris and Christy and we live in North Carolina.  We have been married since May of 2006.  We met through mutual friends and started a great friendship that turned into so much more.  Family is something that is very important to both of us and we cannot wait until the day we start ours.  We have always talked about adopting someday even before we knew that we could not have our own.  We have since adopted our furry four-legged children who get all our love and attention at this point. 
David and Melissa

Thank you for your time and interest in us as a couple and for considering us as loving parents to your beautiful baby. We deeply admire your courage and strength as you make a decision that provides a wonderful gift to your child and to us. As you learn about us, we hope we convey our dream to build our family, our joy for life, and the deep respect we have for you. We are extremely excited to add to our family through adoption and are grateful for such a blessing.

Ian and Angela
We sit here thinking about what a huge decision you have to make, and have so much respect for what you are doing. We want you to know that your child will have a life full of love, warmth, encouragement and happiness. We live in Washington in a beautiful new four bedroom custom home. Angela’s son Jared lives with us full time along with our dogs Oskar and Chloe.
Richard and Asli

We are Rich and Asla from Southern California. We are a fun-loving and energetic couple who enjoy life and want nothing more than to share our love and life with a child. Thank you so much for considering us as a possible family for your baby. We understand that this is a difficult decision and want you to know that we would raise your baby knowing that your decision was made from the heart with the desire to give him or her the best opportunities in life.


Martin and Mary

We would like to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents to your precious gift of life. We can’t imagine how very difficult this decision must be for you. We would like to build a bond with you by giving you support and comfort during this trying time.

Francis and Henrietta

We are Francis and Ketta from Florida. Before we even start to tell you our story we wanted to thank you for reading our letter and we recognize that this is the most difficult thing you have ever done. From the bottom of our hearts we hope that you find peace of mind on the journey you are embarking on and we hope that we can help you achieve that by knowing we will love and cherish your precious baby if you decide to place your faith and trust in us.

Carlos and Rebecca

You are an incredibly courageous individual.  We can only imagine the difficult choice that lies before you, trying to select a family to bless with your child.  We admire your decision to follow such a challenging and selfless path in life.

Thomas and Cynthia

To us, the decision you are making today is not only the most selfless act you will probably ever make but to me you are our hero because for me all I have ever wanted is to be a mother and I can’t do that without you.  Only the most special person could make this decision and think about what is best for all parties; not only are you giving life to your baby, but you would be giving us the family we so strongly desire.  We promise to love and cherish the gift of your child, because we understand just what a miraculous gift this truly is.

Brett and Lisa
Brett and I live in a historic, single-family home in a family-friendly neighborhood. After relocating from Arizona to Tennessee, we established meaningful relationships with what has become our extended family. We enjoy spending time with our friends and family, including our three favorite pals (dogs), Oscar, Casey, and Archie. Although this time, filled with love and laughter spent with those whom we love the most, is so precious to us, we’ve ultimately realized that we’re missing that final piece of raising children.
Benjamin and Amanda

We are Ben and Amanda from the Midwest.  We knew within a month of meeting each other that we would soon be married and sure enough after 11 months together we got engaged and were married a few short months later.  We have always known that we wanted to have a family but within the first few months of marriage we knew that we were not going to have biological children of our own.  Even before this realization was presented we had discussed the option of adoption and knew that we would be more than willing to go through that process to fulfill our dreams of having a family.


Ralph and Deborah
With every beat of our hearts we will be forever grateful to you for the gift of your child and we will raise your child with the knowledge that you loved them with every beat of your heart. Although we are unable to conceive a child, we still have a strong desire to parent and have so much to offer. Our hearts tell us not to give up, and that there is a very special baby out there and we will be a family one day.
Derek and Denice
We met in college in the early 90s. She had cool hair and I played guitar, so it was a great match from the start. Almost every night a bunch of us would go to this old local Ice Cream & Coffee Bar near the school and talk about life, our studies, and whatever else came up. It was there that we really grew to know and love each other. At our fifth wedding anniversary I had that same Ice Cream & Coffee Bar ship down our favorite flavors, along with cups and shirts from their store.
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Adoption Success Stories