Adoption Successes

William and Tamara
We've been happily married since 1992.  Our relationship started in the baby department at Macy's where Tamara was working over summer break.  She helped me pick out a darling gift for my friend's newborn.  A chance meeting that started over a onesy soon blossomed into a love that's continued to grow ever since.
Christopher and Tracey
Most importantly, I want you to know that your baby will mean the world to us. Chris and I look forward to growing old together and without a child to share our love with, it just would not be the same.
Timothy and Elizabeth

We recently moved into a larger home with the anticipation of starting a family. It is in a gorgeous neighborhood that has a pond with ducks. We have a nice backyard with plenty of room to play and a pool that we enjoy in the summer. The nursery room is mostly prepared also! It has light blue walls with a large tree painted behind the crib and lots of clouds throughout. We will wait to buy the bedding so we will know whether to decorate in pink or blue! The community that we live in has exemplary schools and is very family oriented with lots of parks, biking trails, and organized family activities.

Chris and Carissa

We consider ourselves fortunate to have found our best friend and sealed the deal with our marriage vows. This is the gift we hope to pass on to our children, the example of a happy, healthy, respectful, and mutually nurturing adult relationship. We are both history buffs and enjoy the adventure of seeing and experiencing new places and cultures. The results of that combination have been some wonderful vacations to England, France, Jamaica, Japan and numerous destinations across our own country. We enjoy an active lifestyle often spending time together mountain biking, attending NASCAR races, and working out together.

Robert and Rhonda
We are Bob and Rhonda and we would like for you to know how much respect and admiration we have for you,  to have so much courage to make the decision to choose a couple to adopt your baby. Knowing that you have hopes and dreams for your baby, we want to make those dreams come true for you just as you will also be making our dreams come true.
Ivan and Carmen

Hello!!! We are Ivan and Jannette. Before anything else we want to thank you for your courage, and tell you that we have been blessed in knowing people like you, who even in their hardest moments, are able to make loving choices. You are a very brave woman for choosing life over everything else, and moreover, you are forever changing the life of an individual who deserves a family and the lives of a man and woman who eagerly are waiting to be called Mom and Dad. We would like to take a few minutes to tell you about us.

Dan and Mary
We are Dan and Mary, and we are thrilled that you are reading this letter! First, we want to tell you that we are so grateful for and amazed by the courageous choice that you are making.  Mary was adopted as an infant, and she has never forgotten the loving and courageous decision that made her wonderful life possible!
Robert and Brenda

Our family motto is: The family that prays together, stays together. This has kept our family close. Our desire is to teach your child to love God, and to follow His plan for his/her life. 

Lawrence and Yael

Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. Christopher Robin to Pooh

Please remember these words above while you are making your courageous and selfless choice. These actions are true evidence of your inner strength and the tremendous love you have for your child.

Brad and Melissa

We are Brad and Melissa from Louisiana, and we want to thank you for choosing life for your dear baby.  Your decision of adoption is the most unselfish choice a parent can make for their child, and we truly respect you for this act of selflessness.


Vijay and Nancy

Sometimes life brings people together in unexpected ways. We are Vijay and Nancy. We met and fell in love in a totally unexpected way, online. It happened in an instant and lasted a lifetime. Much the same is the loving, unselfish decision you are also faced with today. We are happy you are taking time to read about us and we will share with you what you need to set your mind at ease.

David and Jill
Dave and I met in 2003 because a friend thought that we would be a good match and might enjoy each other’s company. So off on a blind date we went. We hit it off immediately and have been inseparable ever since. In 2007 we were married and became a family. To our marriage I brought two daughters, Nicole and Sophie. Although Dave loves the girls like he would his own, we knew before we married that we wanted to expand our family.
Gonzalo and Celina

Hi, we are Celina and Gonzalo and we have been married since 2006. We have always known that we wanted children, but after two years of being unable to conceive, we believe that adoption is the path in which God is leading us. We feel fortunate to have great careers that we love. Celina is a successful Project Manager for a large agency and Gonzalo is a talented medical examiner. We are blessed to both have amazing jobs that allow flexibility in the hours that we work and lots of vacation time.

Matthew and Shawn
We are Shawn and Matt. Shawn is a Family Practice Physician, and she first met Matt, a divorced father, after he hurt himself pushing his son on a tire swing. We both were using an online dating service, and Matt recognized her right away, but was too shy to say anything. He asked his coworkers at work what to do, so they all called their own wives who gave a resounding cheer, “Call her!” We began dating soon after, and were married a year later on a beautiful day in October of 2005.
Charles and Valerie

We are Chad and Valerie and we live in California. We have been married since May of 2009.  Our mutual friends tried to set us up years earlier, but neither of us thought we were a match. Turns out our friends knew us better than we knew ourselves. Although our journey to find each other was long and difficult, once we finally gave each other a chance, we knew we had found our life partner. We were married on the one-year anniversary of our first date and have loved every moment of our life together. 

Gary and Dana

We believe that your child is the greatest gift we will ever receive and our hearts are filled with such incredible hope and joy because of you. We truly admire the incredible courage, love, and selflessness you are demonstrating in creating an adoption plan for your child.

Michael and Lindsey
Our greatest passion is travel. Lindsey has traveled and lived in many exotic places including Indonesia and Venezuela. Our favorite trips together were backpacking across China and Thailand. We believe traveling is one of the best forms of education and hope to have many family trips with our children so that they may experience the world first-hand.
Timothy and Jennifer
We are Tim and Jen from sunny California. We have been together since we were teenagers in 1996. We were inseparable after our first date, and after a long and wonderful journey together, we were married in 2005.  Shortly after we were married, we wanted to share our love and start a family, but were unsuccessful.  In 2009 we decided adoption would be a wonderful choice for us, and here we are awaiting a wonderful gift that can be given to us.
Glenn and Rebecca

We live in Louisiana. Because of the awesome weather here, we are able to enjoy our favorite hobby camping. We feel camping is a great way to enjoy quality time together. We have an annual Halloween camping trip that we spend with all of our friends and family, decorating the campsite and trick or treating. This is a very special time of the year for us, as this is the time we met and it was on a Halloween campout in 2006 that Glenn proposed. He put the ring on the crown of a large crystal prince frog and wrapped it up as a gift. We were married in 2007.

Harrison and Mithila

We are comfortable with both a closed and open adoption but feel an open adoption would be better as it is important for children to know where they come from. I was adopted and am in close contact with my biological parents, as I have been since childhood. I have two biological sisters that I am in constant contact with - through email and visits as often as we can. Harrison has experience with adoption as well, as his younger sister was adopted when she was a newborn.

Daniel and Shannon

We have always wanted children but have been unable to have our own so we immediately considered adoption as the best option for us. Shannon has a grandmother who was adopted and we have friends who have adopted, so adoption seemed a very natural choice for us. Although we have many options for childcare such as doting grandparents and an on-site daycare facility where Shannon works, our work schedules will allow one of us to be at home with the baby fulltime.

Douglas and Elizabeth

We are Doug and Lisa and we live in Massachusetts. We’ve been married since 2008 and have been very happy together since the day we met in 2007. Our lives have changed some since marriage, as we’ve settled down being homeowners and preparing for our family, yet we still find time for fun! Although it’s been difficult to learn that we can’t have our own biological family, adoption has given us hope that someday we too can become parents. We have so much love to share and can’t wait to share it with our kids. Our cat, Salina, is reaping all the rewards so far! We believe that we have so much to offer a child and we know it will be as wonderful an experience for us and our baby as it was for Doug, who was adopted himself.


Jarrett and Halle

We both have great parents who taught us that the bond of family is one of respect and joy.  We never miss a moment to spend time with family, talking, laughing and eating delicious home cooked food.  We do not wait for holidays to tell each other and family members we love them. 

Tobey and April
A baby will change our life forever in every way and we look forward to all the ups and downs of parenthood.  We look forward to reading stories each night, sitting down at the kitchen table to help with their homework, and providing an environment that helps our children grow into happy, self confident and responsible people.  We also believe that children need to be exposed to many cultures and experiences.  A lot of learning takes place outside of the school during trips to museums, plays, or while on family vacations.  Both of us have parents and siblings that can’t wait to be grandparents, uncles and aunts and are a great source of support for us.   
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Adoption Success Stories