Adoption Successes

David and Amy

Shawn and I have a simple and happy life. Our home is spacious with a large back yard. The neighborhood is a nice community with lots of kids for running and playing. There is a pond next to our house that is great for first memories of catching tadpoles and watching frogs. The lightning bugs flicker by while the sounds of the night sing us to sleep.

Stanley and Lindsey
We are Stan and Lindsey and we live in the sunshine state, Florida.  We take every chance we get to explore new countries and cultures.  So, it was only fitting that when we decided to tie the knot in 2008 we went to Jamaica, which has become one of our favorite destinations.  We revel in the opportunity to do anything outdoors and really take in our beautiful weather.  We love spending time together.  As a couple, we enjoy traveling, going to the beach, cooking, riding bikes, and just relaxing with the family.  We have two children that we couldn’t adore more and can’t wait for the gift of another child to share our love and support with.
Robin and Courtney

We are both very family-oriented, and come from loving, supportive families. Robin has three siblings; one of his brothers was adopted. I have one older brother. Robin and I were both raised in Christian homes and are still very involved in our church and church activities. Cooper and Kinleigh attend the children’s church program. My dad is currently the pastor of our church.

Timothy and Eryn

While we love spending time together at home, we enjoy experiencing the world through travel - whether it’s pitching our tent at a nearby campground or experiencing other parts of the world.     Between the two of us we have been to most of the United States and even 13 countries around the world.  We hope to instill that same sense of adventure to our children, as well.

William and Gabriela

Hello! We are Gabie and Will from Texas. First of all, we would like to express our deep gratitude that you have chosen adoption for your child. We would be honored if you give us the privilege of raising your child. As background, we decided to pursue adoption after having fertility troubles. We are very excited about our decision. Both of us know firsthand the joy and happiness that adoption brings to a family since Will and his older brother are both adopted. To say the least, we would love to be parents and fill our house with laughter and silliness, while providing a warm and secure home for a child.

Ted and Lisa
We met twelve years ago while we were both working our way through college. While dating, we realized how much we had in common and how well our personalities complemented each other. Our wedding day was ten years ago now, but it still feels like yesterday. Three years ago we were blessed with the birth of our adopted son. We have found so much love and joy as parents that we can’t wait to share our lives with another child.
Steven and Niki

Once Upon a Time…there were two people who met, fell in love, had a very romantic wedding, and looked forward to having a child together. We are unable to conceive and have always talked about adoption so we are both excited to have begun the process of growing our family in this way. We have so much love to share with a little one. If you decide to choose us, your baby will be loved, and will grow up with plenty of hugs and kisses, and lots of quality family time. In the end, you will make the decision for your baby and we wish you much love.

John and Jessica

John and I have a fun-loving life, which includes Madisyn, John’s daughter from a previous marriage. She can not wait to be a big sister. We have two amazing dogs, Sky and Ruxton. They will be glad to have an energetic baby to enjoy. We love entertaining, playing wiffle ball and having cookouts with family and friends. You can often find us playing Wii or making meals together. We love our time as a family, and eagerly await our baby to share in these activities.

Kevin and Tracy

Thank you for taking the time to review this letter. Our names are Kevin and Tracy, and we are thrilled at the opportunity to share an aspect of our lives with you. While we will never be able to understand the difficult decision that you are making, we can only hope that you find peace and serenity with the final outcome. We sincerely hope that you take a chance at staying and getting to know a little bit about our family.  

Wade and Susan

We have always known we would be parents one day – we both love children and we know we can provide a good and happy life for a baby given the chance.  We have many nieces and nephews and they love to spend time with us because we love to play their games – hide and seek is a favorite with the littlest ones and Rock Band World Tour with the older kids.  Our joy comes from seeing them grow and learn and laugh…our only desire is to have our own child or children so that we can have that joy every day – not just on weekends or summer vacations.

Michael and Courtney

We believe you are a very brave and unselfish woman and we would like to express our respect and appreciation for the choice you are making. We are ready and excited to share our life with a child. For us, a child will complete our family and bring endless joy, laughter, and love to our home.

Colin and Kristin

We know how overwhelming these letters and this process must be, so we decided to tell you the eleven most important things about ourselves.

Michael and Ann

You may be wondering what the new baby’s future might be like with us.  We want you to know that we have so much love to give your baby.  All of our children will be raised much the same way that we were raised.  We both come from large families that love to laugh, and have the same beliefs and values.  We will provide your child with lots of love and encouragement, innumerable hugs and kisses, and many wonderful celebrations.

Aaron and Felicia

We hope this letter and our pictures help convey our desire to bring a baby into our family, to give him or her a big sister, and to provide the little one a loving, stimulating, and supportive home in which to grow. Hopefully, after you’ve finished reading our letter, you’ll feel that the baby in our home should be yours!

Kent and Christine

From the moment we said “I do”, we both knew that having a child was at the center of our hearts. You will be bringing us the greatest gift we’ll ever receive and we hope you will know how grateful we will always be for your courage and faith in us.

Frank and Julie

Our home is very cozy yet spacious and is only missing the love and laughter of a new baby.  For the nursery, we have found a huge toy box that we have filled with stuffed animals and books.  Even more exciting for us, Frank’s parents recently gave us the baby blanket that he used when he was a child.  That blanket is waiting patiently for the arrival of our new baby.

Bradlee and Tricia

We are Brad and Tricia and we have been married since 2000.  We met while in college, working in the electronics department of a large store.  We dated for 3 years before getting married.  We love to laugh together – Brad likes to make silly jokes that Tricia insists aren’t funny but they always seem to make her laugh.

Michael and Stephiane

We don’t know what has happened in your life that led you to adoption, but we want to sincerely thank you. We can only imagine at this point what a brave, selfless woman you must be to make such a tough choice. Your strength to do this is truly admirable. Thank you for choosing adoption.

Jeffrey and Sarah
Life is full of challenges and it is how you react to them that is important, and we have tremendous respect for you.
James and Lark

Sometimes the roads we travel on can lead us to unexpected places. When we get there we have to make tough decisions that will have an influence on the rest of our lives. The strength and courage that you have is hard to imagine. Words cannot express how we truly feel in our hearts about you. Know that you are a special person and will always have a special place in our hearts.

Javed and Julie
Our names are Julie and Javed, and we live in California. Our home is in a wonderful, older, culturally diverse neighborhood. All of the streets in our neighborhood are lined with huge trees and we fell in love with it as soon as we saw it. We have many families with young children who live on our street. We are so excited to share with our child all of the fun activities that our neighborhood has to offer.
Jason and Jennifer

Thank you for taking the time to seek out the family that feels right for your child.  Choosing a loving home for your baby is a wonderful and selfless act. You are a blessing! We are honored that you are considering our home for your little one.

James and Courtney

Our names are James and Courtney.  James and I met on a blind date during a surprise birthday party given for me.  The moment we met I knew one day I would marry this man.  We have known both joyful times and times of sorrow.  The experiences we’ve shared have made our marriage better and our family stronger.  We always thought we’d have a second child of our own.  However, sometimes life just does not work out according to the plans we have dreamed about.  Due to some complications and a miscarriage – we have come to realize God had a different plan for our family.

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Adoption Success Stories