Adoption Successes

Tad and Tamara
We know that this time in your life is a very difficult one. We understand that there is no way for us to truly know what you are dealing with nor can we understand the emotions that you are trying to manage. We are amazed by your strength and love and want nothing but the best for you. Please know that you are in our prayers, always. We look forward to getting to know you.
B.G. and Allison
We would like to start off by saying thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell you about our lives and our thoughts of you even though we haven’t met. There is no way for us to imagine how you are feeling right now but we want you to know whether you choose us or another couple, the decision you are making is so brave and honorable. We can tell you how strong and loving you are being for your baby. 
Michael and Michelle
We want nothing more now in our lives than to share it with a child. We cannot even begin to understand what you are going through, but we want you to know how strong and courageous we think you are for making this choice to give your baby life. You are truly an angel for making this decision and whether you bless us by choosing us or another couple, you will always have deep respect from the two of us.
Leroy and Laura
Our promise to you will be that we will provide your baby with a loving, supportive and secure home. Through our love, respect and trust for each other we will show your child qualities and strengths that will carry them through life. Some of the ways we will show your child love for simple pleasures and life are with family vacations, trips to the library or playground, blowing bubbles, sidewalk chalk, baking cookies, playing catch and many hugs and lots of laughter.
Mark and Michele
We don’t even know you yet, but we know you are brave. You are brave to carry this baby. You are brave to consider us as family. You are brave to make one the most important decisions of your life and your baby’s life.
Drew and Sally
We want to share our life adventure and its story with you and the child you are giving life to. Every journey starts somewhere and we would like you to join us on the start of this new one.
Michael and Jessica
We want you to know that we greatly admire and value your choice to consider offering this indescribable blessing to us. If you were to choose our family, we would be dedicated to love and sacrifice for your child and to instill in their life the same values of courage, sacrifice, and character you present through this decision. We simply cannot begin to thank you enough!
Adam and Carrie
As you continue on your adoption path and begin to decide which direction you will go, we ask that you please consider us as adoptive parents. We understand the greatness and magnitude that the gift of adoption entails. We are family-oriented people, and will welcome your little one into our family and our home, and love him or her just as much as we love our other child.
Robert and Paula
We are completely ready and excited to embark on this journey of adoption. While we could never even begin to understand all the emotions you are going through, we want you to know we have the utmost respect for the selfless act of love and courageous decision you are making for your baby. Should you choose us, we will love, nurture and provide for your child forever. We will be forever grateful to you for changing our lives and fulfilling our dream of becoming parents. 
Scott and Mellisa
Although we may not understand what you are going through, we admire your courage and selflessness to do what’s best for your child. Please know that we have a lot of love and support to give and your child would grow up knowing that you chose us because you thought it was best for him/her.
Derek and Stephanie
What do you say to someone that is making a decision that is so difficult and that will change your life forever? We imagine that the road that has led you to this place has been a tough one, filled with difficult choices, concerns, and many emotions. We would like you to know we do not take this lightly, and applaud the courage it takes to make tough life choices, and to know that we will hold you in our hearts always.
Christopher and Lisa
Hi! We are a family of 3, waiting and dreaming for the next member of our family. It has been over 6 years of trying for a baby, years of fertility treatments, and only disappointment. Conceiving our son was a piece of cake but having a second baby has proved a challenge; by the time we welcome a new addition to the family, it will be a miracle! 
Frederick and Vicki
We know that every mother’s journey is unique and no matter where your journey has taken you thus far, know that we commended you for your strength, courage, and the selfless way you are considering the amazing gift of adoption. If you entrust us with your child, he or she will receive the utmost love and devotion we can give as parents.
Jody and Catherine
We are grateful for your willingness to read our story. We know the decision to place your child up for adoption was not an easy one. We have nothing but gratitude and respect for your decision to give your baby life through adoption. We are eager to start our family and we have prayed a child would find their way to us. We are encouraged because your caring and thoughtful decision allows our dream of starting a family to come true.
Thomas and Jessica
It is hard to know where to begin to thank you for the gift you are considering. In an age where abortion is so common, you made the difficult and noble decision to give of yourself so that the baby inside of you may live. We admire your strength and courage in making this most sacrificial decision.
Thomas and Amanda
Hello! We are Tom and Amanda, hopefully the adoptive parents of your baby. Trying to write a letter to you that expresses our profound desire to become parents is so difficult, but in this letter we hope to show you how much love and support we want to provide to your child. If you pick us or not we thank you so much for the courageous decision you have made and know that you have our unending respect.
Todd and Anne
We hope we can give you a window into our family and provide you with a sense of who we are. We do not know all of the questions and feelings you have in your heart and mind as you go through this process, but we hope you will find some comfort and answers in our story
Troy and Barbara
We’ve always known that we wanted to expand our family through adoption, and even though infertility has led us down this path earlier than expected, we couldn’t be more excited. We respect your strength in considering adoption and intend on being completely open, explaining to your child from an early age that you made your decision with love in your heart. Please know that any child that comes into our lives will always be loved, cared for, encouraged, and nurtured.
Geoffry and Rebecca
If you select us to be your partners in this journey we promise to stay true to our word, love your child unconditionally and offer all we have to share with your child. We have been blessed with more than enough love and resources to share and we are looking for the perfect child with which to share all we have to give. 
James and Wendi
We cannot wait to be parents. Your baby would not only make our family even better, but will bring a love that we can’t currently comprehend. While we cannot even begin to understand what you are going through, we do know that this is probably the most difficult decision that you will make in your life. We want you to know that your baby will always understand the reasons that you decided to place them for adoption. They will know of the love that you have for them. We understand that you would be trusting us with something so precious to you. Thank you for trusting us. 
Daniel and Lynne
We want you to know how courageous and strong we think you are for making this decision for your precious baby. Words can’t express the respect and gratitude that we feel for you. Please know that our family will always remember your bravery and love!  More than anything we want you to feel confident knowing that your baby will receive unconditional love, support and guidance.
Noe and Nicole
The gift of adoption is the ultimate act of profound love and selflessness. We promise that your baby will be loved, protected, celebrated and will be surrounded by family, friends and a community who will always celebrate them and love them unconditionally. 
Maik and Dana
Adoption creates bonds of love that are as strong as birth families. We are so amazed at how wonderful being parents is, and are so looking forward to growing our family. Know that your child will be loved and supported throughout their lives.
Jomo and Laurie

A million questions go through your head when you are faced with the unknown, especially when it revolves around one of the most important decisions of your life. During difficult situations, we can only hope that we are making good decisions when our hearts are being influenced. We are so grateful to part of the joy you are sharing with us.

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Adoption Success Stories