Adoption Successes

Daniel and Abigail

We are Daniel and Abbi and we would love to tell you a bit about us and our lives. We met in 2004 through the website eHarmony - (it works)! We dated for about a year before getting engaged on Halloween night. We continued our engagement for a year before getting married on New Year's Eve. As you can see, we do things our own fun and exciting way. We talked about many things while dating, including adopted children, which we both knew we wanted, whether biological children existed or not. Little did we know, the future would hold unexplained infertility issues for us; making the decision to grow our family through adoption, an easy one.  

Cale and Andrea
Hello! We are Cale and Andrea from Texas and it is a great place to raise a family. We live slightly out in the country on two and half acres of land. We have a beautiful four bedroom, two and half bath home, and we are just waiting to fill it up with family. We have been trying to have children since we married almost eight years ago, but have come to realize that having our own children is just not meant to be. Adoption seems to be what we have been called to do. We can give a child a happy, loving, stable home and that is what you are seeking for your child. It is a match made in heaven, and you are our angel.
Vincent and Becky

We are so grateful you are taking the time to get to know a little about us and for choosing adoption for your child. I, Becky, personally know how wonderful adoption is, since I was adopted. I also have an adopted brother. We are both so thankful that our birthmoms chose to place us with our loving and supportive adoptive parents. My husband, Vince and I now long to provide the same opportunities to an adopted child, and hope our heartfelt words adequately express our love and enthusiasm about becoming parents.

Joshua and Joann

Our names are Joshua and Joann and we are both serving in the military.  We met while oversees and quickly learned we shared many interests, beliefs and dreams.  We have been married eight years and live in a nice, comfortable home with our daughter, Corynn, and our boxer, Bucho.  Some of our favorite activities include fixing up the house (Josh is quite the handyman and Joann has a green thumb), hiking, reading, visiting family and friends all over the world, or simply quiet days at home playing as a family.

Kevin and Nickie

We are Kevin and Gianna. We live in sunny Florida and thoroughly enjoy all that this beautiful state has to offer. We have been married since October of 2004 and simply adore each another. We have always wanted a child together and once told we were unable to conceive, immediately turned to adoption. Our priority is to share our love and passion for life with a little baby boy.

Charles and Lori

We live in a welcoming, three-bedroom Cape Cod-style home in a great neighborhood. We have a beautiful tree-lined park two blocks from our home, and excellent schools are only minutes away. We love sharing our home with family and friends, and welcome a precious new addition! We guarantee we will provide a stable home full of unconditional love and a bright future for a child with whom we long to be blessed. 

DaWayne and Lakey

We are DaWayne and Lakey, and we believe that children are a blessing. We are so excited about becoming parents again, and giving our son a little brother or sister to grow up with.

Bradley and Noreen

Everything happens for a reason, exactly when they’re supposed to occur. We believe there is truth to “life happens while we are making plans” for our lives. Every step of the journey creates the special uniqueness of who we are. 

Stephen and Rebecca

It is with much appreciation and respect that we wish you the strength and courage in making your decision and thank you for considering us as parents for your child.  We come from very close-knit families.  Becky’s very large family is only a few miles away and we enjoy spending time with them, and their many animals.  We feel very fortunate that we can consider our siblings and parents our best friends and are excited to bring a child into our family to share our love with.

Chris and Krista

We have been married since 1999. We met while we were both working on a fire department. Chris was a fireman and I was an advanced emergency medical technician. We dated for a year, but I think we both knew immediately we were meant to be together. We have a house in a very quiet neighborhood on a private golf course that is part of a country club. The club house has a swimming pool and several parks for kids and families. We have two dogs that are a part of our family, and go almost everywhere with us.

John and Luisa

What are we like? John is smart, big (6’ 4”) yet gentle, good with his hands, and has a great sense of humor. Luisa is playful, kind, industrious, creative, and likes to laugh. We both love nature, the outdoors, music, dancing, and singing, and we both have a BIG heart for children.

Stephanus and Jonanda

Life has taken us to places we never even dreamt about while growing up in South Africa.  It was unimaginable to both of us as children to one day be traveling the world, and even more farfetched to be living in the United States.  Life is full of surprises, and we embrace our journey.

James and Miranda

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are Miranda and James. We were married in 2002 and our life together has been eventful and fulfilling. We have built our marriage on faith and a close relationship with our families. We believe that our greatest duty as parents will be to ensure that our child knows God and knows they are loved by us. 

Andrew and Stephanie

Recently, we went to see the movie “The Blind Side” and when we left the movie, we knew exactly what could fill the hole in our hearts. It was the miracle of bringing another child into our home. This decision is what brings us to this letter. We are Andy and Stephanie. We met in college and quickly became best friends. We dated, and married three years later. We have been blessed with a son, Kaden. We feel there is no greater miracle than being parents, and would love very much to open our hearts and our home to another child. 

Todd and Christine

As you walk the path of life you come to many crossroads where you make decisions that will impact the direction and focus of your life. It is also at these crossroads where you can meet people that have as positive of an impact on your life as you do theirs. We are Todd and Chris and like you we are standing at a crossroads in our lives. While we can’t begin to understand the difficulty of the decision you are making, we hope we can share enough about our lives with you to help with your decision and know that we were meant to be on this road together. 

Kevin and Camilla

Love is very powerful! It is selfless, from the heart, and its bond cannot be broken. You are the definition of the word “love” in action. Your strength and courage to make such a selfless decision to choose life for your child and make the dream come true for a waiting family through the gift of adoption is overwhelming. We pray that God will guide you and bless you and give you peace.

Timothy and Mary

We live in a small, quiet and safe neighborhood. We recently bought our house and have been spending lots of time together working on making it a great home for children. We have three spacious bedrooms, a large front porch, and a deck in the back for family barbecues. We also have a large yard for playing any kind of sports. Our neighborhood is multi-generational with only four houses on eight acres of land. Our neighbors have become our friends and it’s a nice feeling to know we can count on them.

Avram and Nancy

There may not be a way for us to genuinely understand what you are going through, but we are hopeful that we can help ease your mind and lessen the burden of your decision by taking this journey together.  It is also our hope that as we take this journey together you will learn that it is our sincere desire to love and raise your child as our own with undying love and dedication.

Charles and Tanya

Charles and I underwent two failed attempts at IVF, then in our hopes to adopt a child we became foster parents. However, happily for the child but sadly for us, our foster child was returned to their mother. We again have hope, and believe that we may one day be blessed with a child of our own, thanks to you, through this incredible journey of adoption. 

Lance and Kathleen

We are Lance and Kathy, and we are excited at the opportunity to share our lives and ourselves with you through this letter. We cannot begin to imagine how difficult taking this path might be for you, and we can only wish that our letter might provide some encouragement and hope as you travel this way.

Eduardo and Nelda
Nelda and I live in Texas. Nelda has resigned from her job to prepare our home for a child. She is now a fulltime stay-at-home mom, awaiting the arrival of a child that will fill our home with love, laughter and joy.
Richard and Debra

Dan is a devoted and loving husband and father. He loves playing games and building forts with our son and his friends. Dan is hardworking and successful in his career. Deb is a caring and giving wife and mother. She is a stay-at-home mom and is involved in our son’s school and activities. She is very creative and enjoys doing crafts and making projects on her own or with our son.

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Adoption Success Stories