Adoption Successes

Kelsey and Jennie

We met in 2003 and knew from the start we were meant to be together.  We married within the year and our daughter was born eleven months later.  Both coming from larger families, we’ve always wanted more than one child.  We know firsthand how good it is to have siblings for best friends.  After the heartbreak of miscarrying three little ones, we asked God to place a special baby in our family through adoption.  We are overjoyed knowing he may grant our wish soon.

Lance and Jill

We are Jill and Lance and we hope to convey to you how excited we are to become parents through the gift of adoption. We met three years ago through mutual friends and have pretty much been inseparable ever since! After marrying, we settled into a beautiful new four bedroom home that is just perfect for a family. We already have a spare room designated for a playroom that is ready to be filled with lots of stuffed animals and toys!

Mark and Rita

"Little boys are treasures; who are worth their weight in gold and charm everyone around them; from the time they're hours old.  They're Mommy's little darling, they're a special pal to Dad, and they bring the very happiest days, a family's ever had!" – Author Unknown

Cuong and Milca

We both enjoy spending time outdoors. We travel, visit amusement parks, go to sporting events, play tennis, go hiking, and participate in local community events. As we spend time together, we often think about how special it would be to share these moments with a child. In his spare time, Cuong also enjoys being on the computer and playing musical instruments. He plays the trumpet, the piano, and the violin. Milca enjoys reading, exercising, and playing the guitar.

Patrick and Shannon

Shortly after we met, everyone around us could see something special was happening, and in time, we new we were perfect for each other. With our mutual love and respect for God and family, we both looked forward to creating a life together. After we got engaged we purchased our first home, or should I say project as it needed a ton of work! Over the next year we completely remodeled it ourselves and had our wedding reception in our backyard, which makes our home that much more special to us both. We love to entertain and that is when our gourmet kitchen and great room come in most handy. Our door is always open to our family and friends for a great meal and many laughs.

Daniel and Erica
As the parents of two children, one of whom is adopted, we know you are making a difficult decision.  We admire you for being so brave and courageous in choosing adoption for the child you are carrying.  We are so excited to have another child and will love the new baby endlessly. 
Scott and Donna

We have a spacious, three bedroom home that we remodeled a few years ago. Our home is filled with excitement, laughter, and love. It is decorated with family photos, vacation photos, and memorabilia celebrating our life together. We have a beautiful backyard with a pool that is perfect for gathering with family and friends. Our neighborhood is family-oriented with lots of children. We live near a park, a lake, and an outdoor bike path. My parents live nearby and spend lots of time at our home. Scott’s parents live in Missouri, but visit as often as possible. Our precious pets, Bentley and Chloe, add much enjoyment to our lives and to our home.

Lance and Kelley

Our wish for you is that you will be surrounded by people that love and care for you and we would be honored to become a part of that circle. We know that this is a journey that takes an incredible amount of courage and we would be the luckiest people to be able to take this journey with you.

Sean and Sarah

Our family life revolves around outdoor activities, such as swimming, walking on the beach, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Disney World is just a few hours from our house, and we look forward to watching our little princess laugh with delight as we tour Cinderella’s Castle, ride It’s a Small World, and take her first photo with Snow White.

Charles and Sheryl

“Remember, as far as anyone knows, we’re a nice normal family!” is on a sign that hangs in our kitchen! It reminds us to be ourselves, to have a sense of humor and not to take life so seriously.

Travis and Heidi

We live in an old-fashioned farmhouse with a big yard. Our house is homey and comfy, and our yard is beautiful. We live in a rural area with friendly neighbors. The countryside is dotted with lakes and parks, and we often visit them for picnics or hikes, or just to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There is an excellent private Christian school just a few miles away where we will send our child.

Brian and Gwendolyn
It’s hard to imagine as we write this letter, that the person who reads this may feel like we are the family she will choose to raise her child. It’s such a humbling experience. We thank you so much for considering us, and we will try to give you as much information about us as possible.
Gregory and Cynthia

As we start this letter, we are sitting in our cozy basement watching Monsters, Inc. with our adopted child Alex, who was born in February of 2007. And as we watch him giggle and eat popcorn, and ask us questions about the “friendly monsters”, we dream of giving him a brother or sister to share these times with, as well as so many others.

Christopher and Yasmine

The stars aligned the day we met and our love has blossomed into a tremendous passion for life and desire for a family. The thought of sharing our exuberance for life with a beloved baby brings butterflies to my stomach. You want somebody to love your baby, help them accomplish all of their dreams, and nurture and guide them through life, and we want to be that couple who offers your precious child all of that and so much more.

Mark and Clarissa
We love our life, but it feels like something is missing. We need little rubber boots full of mud by the backdoor, right by Daddy’s. We need cookie dough fingerprints on the oven door, because we aren’t able to wait for the cookies to be done.
Heath and Joy

We talked a great deal about having another child and decided in the end that the best way to complete our family was through adoption. We have so much love that we want to give and our little girl would be eagerly accepted into this family. Our oldest son is excited to have another sibling as he already enjoys being a big brother.

Christopher and Amy

Here’s a little background information to help you get a picture of who we are.  We met while on a mission trip in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1999.  Our friendship grew while we served together in a praise band and helped with the youth group at our church.  Our friendship turned into love, and we were married in 2004.  After a couple of years, we were ready to start a family and were blessed with Ivy in 2006.  She is an active and loving child who asks every day for a baby brother or sister.

James and Monica

We promise to give your child endless love as well as a happy, safe and comfortable upbringing. We would consider your child to be the greatest blessing we have ever received. We have desired a child for years and having been unable to have a child biologically we are excited to become parents through adoption with your help. We love children and know having a child is a big responsibility that will change our lives forever but we are ready to welcome a child into our hearts. 

Ryan and Ashley

My name is Ashley and I am an artist. I want to do craft projects with my kids at the kitchen table some day. I want to make costumes for Halloween and buy new backpacks for the first day of school. I want to invent something called “finger-painting Tuesday” and throw elaborate birthday parties in the backyard. There isn’t a single day in my marriage when I haven’t thought about what an amazing father Ryan would be. He is patient, he is kind, and he has the most fantastic laugh. He loves math and science and will have an answer some day when our child asks, “Where does rain come from?” I want to watch Ryan become a dad and I want to know the joys of being a mom. This is my dream.

Todd and Julie

We have three beautiful children but we long for one more child to make our family complete. We always wanted a big family and we feel God has directed us to this path of adoption. Julie grew up with foster children in addition to her large family, and knows the love that develops between a parent and child is powerful and eternal whether the child is biological in origin or not.

Barton and Margit

Would you like your child to flourish amidst the wholesome goodness of a thriving organic farm? With two loving parents at home fulltime? What better place to cherish life than in the fresh open air and a greenhouse full of amazing flowers? What a healthy place to grow up! Imagine the delight of spending summer days running barefoot through soft grass, snacking on sun-warmed tomatoes, playing outdoors with dogs, climbing apple trees, chasing butterflies and fireflies, or even riding a pony.

Rick and Megan

Since our decision to adopt we have had such a sense of peace, happiness and anticipation. We pray for you every day and we have faith that God will guide the most amazing gift, your baby, into our lives. 

Michael and Marci

Hello. We are Mike and Marci. We were setup on a blind date over five years ago and within weeks became best friends. We were married in 2005. Our marriage’s success is based on honesty, communication, understanding, patience, enjoying every day to the fullest, and laughing together. We cannot imagine being married to anyone else.  

Jeffrey and Lisa

We are Lisa and Jeff, and we fell in love almost immediately after being introduced by a mutual friend. We are each other’s best friend, do most everything together, and are a caring and affectionate couple (we always hold hands in public) that has remained very romantic, sometimes in very silly ways… Lisa is the warmest person you could ever meet, and Jeff has the heart of a lion. We have been married since 1997, and can honestly say we love each other more each day.

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Adoption Success Stories