Adoption Successes

Nathan and Mistila
We hope to teach our children to love the Lord. Honesty and good work ethics are very important to us. Respect and consideration of others are also priorities. Our children will attend a private Christian school.
David and Melissa

We hope it puts your mind and heart at ease to know that we fully intend to raise your child with the understanding that they were graciously given to us as a gift from God through you. We believe that the healthiest way to inform them of their adoption is to share with them from the moment they can begin to comprehend where they came from. To the degree everyone is mutually comfortable; we plan to share as much information about their birth parents as we are informed.  May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Joseph and Jennifer
We met at work after mutual friends introduced us. We hit it off and wasted no time in getting to know each other. We got engaged one year after we met and said our vows in 2007. Children have always been important to both of us and we wanted to have children right away. Our plans were to have our own children and then to adopt, but after two years of trying, we learned that we were unable to get pregnant. Without missing a beat, we started the adoption process. We both have family members who were adopted so our families will also eagerly welcome an adopted child with delight and open arms.
Sean and Kathrina

We have always wanted to be parents and couldn’t wait to have one of our own. We have been trying to have a baby ever since we were married. We decided that God must be leading us down a different path. We believe that this is the right path for us and are truly grateful to you.

Christopher and Amy
We are truly happy in our life together as a family. However, we feel that we have more love to give. Our hearts are filled with longing for another child that we know would be a blessing to our family. Even before we met, we knew that we wanted a large family. We know that our hearts were made for many children and are excited to experience the miracle of adoption once again.
Mark and Serena

From one woman to another, I am overwhelmed with tears at the mere thought of how strong you are to be able to give such a wonderful and precious gift, the gift of life to your child and the gift of allowing us to become parents. We would like to walk with you on this journey and be there to support you in all ways so that your experience will be as special as ours.

Randolph and Laura
We share very similar views and beliefs about being parents and raising a healthy, nurtured child.  We really believe we can give a child a loving home and a childhood full of inspiration, encouragement, laughter, and gentle structure with ABSOLUTE unconditional love.  We welcome all a child has to offer, good and bad, challenges, celebrations, discoveries, and every single moment in between.
Aaron and Jennifer

Since we have been down this path before we have an understanding of the courage and selflessness required to choose adoption for your baby and as adoptive parents, we thank you with all of our heart.  Your baby will be a precious blessing to a grateful family and if it is God’s Will for you to bless our family then we will talk to you soon.

Robert and Brenda

 We long to open our hearts, our family, and our home to your child, and bring peace of mind to you.  Our desire is to put our time and energy into filling your child’s life with joy, and in doing so, it will increase our joy, as well. 

Kory and Claire

We both love children and can’t wait to become parents.  Our lives have been blessed with a wonderful marriage, great home, and successful careers.  The only thing missing is a child for us to love and lavish our attention on.  Our child will be loved unconditionally, and we will provide a safe and stable environment for them to grow up in.  We will do everything we can to give our child the best life possible.

Timothy and Ellen

Our nursery is ready for a beautiful baby.  We can’t wait to complete our family with the laughter and memories only a child can provide.  Our hearts are open and full of hope.

Terry and Kodi
The definition of Heroine is: A woman who commits an act of remarkable bravery or who has shown great courage, strength of character, or other admirable quality. The decisions that face you are what make you a Heroine in our eyes and we cannot find words to express our admiration. We can however, share some information about ourselves to give you peace and confidence in your decision if we are to be your child's adoptive family.
Nicholas and Michele

We have lots of fun with our families at birthday parties and holidays. Family is our priority because they are the most important people in our lives. Our families are looking forward to us adopting a baby. They have been very supportive in this process. We both enjoy spending time with our extended families, especially with the nieces and nephews because we are both kids at heart. 

Delphus and Kimberly

We want to share this vision with you.  Dad is at work at the fire department, so Mom decides to take the “little angel” and Sparky (the Malti-Poo) for a walk.  They put on their jackets (Sparky’s too) since it is a cool, spring day.  Mom holds the “little angel’s” hand in one of her hands and Sparky’s leash in the other as the three of them walk or sometimes run down the quiet little street.  As they continue walking, talking, and laughing for three blocks, the “little angel” sees Dad in the distance.  Quickly, they hurry to get to the fire department to share a few moments with Dad and explore the fire trucks.   Their hearts are overflowing with love.

Matthew and Alisha

We appreciate your strength and your resolve to do what you believe is best for your child in the face of even the most challenging of circumstances.  We would be honored to take this journey with you.  To be chosen to become the parents of your child… will be our dream come true.


James and Amy

God has placed a desire in our hearts to complete our family with a second child.  After much thought and prayer we are convinced that He is leading us to adopt, and that He may have led you to this letter.  We are grateful that you have taken the time to look at us as potential parents of the precious baby you carry, and we ask that you prayerfully consider getting to know us better.

Jason and Caroline

We already say a daily prayer for you and we know that will continue for the rest of our life. We feel that our paths were supposed to cross and that we would affect each other’s lives in a profound way. Even in difficult times, things can sometimes work out for the best.  We have always known that we wanted children.  We have been unable to conceive and when weighing our options we felt that adoption was the right choice for us.

Matthew and Chelvi

God knows that you are making the biggest decision of your life and our promise to you is to be the best parents possible to your child.  After learning that we would not be able to have children, our hopes sank; then on a cross country flight, Matt spoke to a man who had adopted.  This invaluable conversation turned out to be a turning point in our lives because Matt immediately called me upon landing and we discovered that adoption was the answer to our prayers. 

Jeffrey and Anita

Anita and I met in college. We were married in 1992 after dating for two years. Early on we made the decision to put off having children until we felt we had created a stable environment where our child would never have to worry about finances. Well, as you know, things don’t always go according to our plans. Although we’ve reached our goal of financial stability, we’ve always felt as if something was missing. That void in our lives is having a child of our own to raise, teach, and love. After several years of trying, we’ve realized we are not going to be able to have children of our own and that God has a different plan for us, one that leads us to you.

Mark and Jeanne
Our home is ready for your baby. We have a nursery that has everything she will need. She will have a warm, cozy environment in which to grow. We even have a room in our finished lower level which has toys for all ages. Your baby girl will not want for anything, especially attention and love!
Scott and Teresa

We are Scott and Teresa and we live in a suburb of Illinois. We have been married since 1999 and we keep growing stronger every day. We laugh often together, share our dreams with each other and have a deep love and respect for one another. Our lives changed drastically in March 2006 when we were blessed with the joyful adoption of our son Austen. Four months later, our blessing and our joy was doubled when we adopted our daughter Ava.


Mark and Christine

“I had a dream about your child, our child. I told the child to follow the stars to find us. I told the child that the stars would offer guidance. And, I asked, ‘Do you believe me?’  The child answered, ‘Yes.’  To say it is written in the stars to some may be only a cliché. To us it is our destiny, our truth. It is so and it will be so. Our child, through you, is already on the way and guided by the stars. Our child will be home soon. We believe that you are one of those stars. To you, our star, we are absolutely grateful to you for shining your light for our child to see and follow.

Chris and Mary
We wish we could be meeting you right now in person. We want to hear what it is you want for your child. We would offer you reassurance that things will be okay.
Peter and Theresa

We are Peter and Theresa. When we met, we had an instant attraction to one another and knew that we had stumbled upon something wonderful. We have always known we wanted a family. As Peter recalls, I told him I was meant to be a mother on one of our first dates. As a teacher and a school counselor, we both have had years of rewarding experience working with children of all ages. With this strong foundation and having summers off to be with our child, we know that we can provide a stable and loving home.

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Adoption Success Stories