Adoption Successes

Jeffrey and Jackie

This baby you are carrying is blessed to have you making these choices on their behalf.  Though not easy, you have denied yourself and unselfishly placed this child’s needs above yours and we pray you will be blessed as a result.  Thank you.   Proverbs 3:5-6 says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. Though we don’t know what lies ahead for you and your child, we can place our trust in Him. May you be filled with peace as you seek His wisdom.

Robert and Courtney

We love living in our family-oriented neighborhood!  We are within walking distance to our neighborhood park and pool/tennis club where we are members.  We enjoy walking our two dogs, Isabelle and Bo, around our neighborhood and visiting with all the neighbors. We love our three bedroom home with its open floor plan and outdoor living space, which allows plenty of play room for a child. 

Nicholas and Stephanie
We both are currently college-level English instructors at a nationally known university, sharing our passion for writing and education with new students each semester. We both enjoy the flexible schedules and, of course, the summers off. We took advantage of our time off last summer to buy and fully renovate our first home.  We also enjoy spending time with our families as much as possible.  We live minutes from Stephanie’s family and extended family, going to lunch together every Thursday, having game nights each weekend, and getting everyone together for the annual Christmas party.  Nicholas’s family lives a few hours away on the shore of a beautiful lake.  We take trips often to spend time at the beach, go to the nearby amusement park to ride the roller coasters, and just hang out with our siblings, nieces and nephews. 
Stephen and Jana

We live in a beautiful and safe neighborhood. We have a big yard with a swimming pool. It is the perfect location for cookouts, which we frequently have during the summer months. Our families live only minutes from us, so everyone comes over a lot. All of our family members are excited about our adoption plan also. They cannot wait for our beautiful new addition to the family.

Brent and Inglill

We live in a gated community with playgrounds for the many young families with children.  There are numerous lakes full of ducks and geese to feed, and they often swim right up to our backyard for a treat or to splash water on our lovable dog, Maggie.  We are near trails for hiking and biking, and are in one of the top school districts in our community.  The life we will provide your child will be rich in love, family, and experiences.

Gerald and Sarah

We have the tiniest understanding of what you are going through because Jerry’s step-mother was a birthmother herself 40 years ago when she allowed her child Mitchell to be adopted. Mitchell was reconnected with our family and we recently traveled to Seattle to attend his wedding. We’ve shared our desire to adopt with them to gain some sort of perspective from your point of view. We are so proud of the courageous decision you are making and hope that you choose us to provide a loving, Christian home for your child.

James and Jill
As a family, we like to travel, explore new places, and go on adventures.  We travel to Hawaii once a year, and take lots of weekend trips to the mountains to snowboard, and to the ocean to kayak, paddle board or just hang out at the beach.  We love all kinds of adventurous activities like zip lining and driving dune buggies.  Emily is so brave and will try anything.  We also love all the kids’ stuff and really enjoy Disneyland, Disney World and Disney Cruises.
Shaun and Rosalba
We met at a dinner gathering at church. It was love at first sight! We have now been married since 2004 and would love to start a family, but need your help. We know this has been a difficult and emotional time for you. It has also been a difficult and emotional time for us as well. Hopefully, we can move forward together, comforting one another while keeping your baby’s best interest in our hearts.
Allan and Jennifer

“All things happen for a reason.”   This is the motto we have lived by every day since we met eight years ago.  It is also true at this very moment.  We are here together, with you reading the letter we have written, for one reason:  the love we feel for the small miracle you are carrying. 

Mathew and Layla

We enjoy traveling together and seeing the many sights which this world has to offer. Having family in Arizona as well as Germany has enabled us to visit many foreign countries and cultures. We visit Layla’s family every year in Germany and Mathew’s family lives nearby so we visit them regularly. Our families are looking forward to the addition of a little one through which we all can share our love.

Adam and Kristin

We have chosen to adopt our next child because we feel that God has purposefully given us this path. We believe He has perfectly chosen the baby that will be our next child, and we believe that if it is the one you are carrying right now, He will bring us together. Our family and friends join us in our excitement and our prayers. May you know peace as you make this decision and comfort as you choose what is best for this sweet child.

Chad and Mary

When it comes to adoption, we deeply desire to have a family of our own. Mary Beth and I both come from very loving and caring families, and are fortunate enough to have them living in the same area, so we are able to continue many of our family traditions together. We are looking forward to providing a loving and caring home to a child, and providing all of the opportunities that we had growing up. They will grow up in an environment that stresses the importance of God and family, and be provided with all of the necessary tools to live a happy and successful life.

Bradley and Deborah

May God bless you and fill your heart with peace in knowing that your child will always be loved and cherished.

Jack and Christy
We are Jack and Christy, and we love nature, the outdoors, traveling, hiking, golfing and being involved in church activities and Sunday school.  Our dream is to share all our love and all we have with a sweet little child. 
Robert and Amy

Our Noah's Ark nursery is silent and yet cozy tonight, waiting for the right baby to join our happy home.

John and Carla
Our family loves spending time with each other.  Every Friday is “Pizza and Popcorn” night, when we watch a family movie together.  Sunday mornings are spent at church and the afternoon is often spent at the local park.  Any day during the week you might find us playing board games, Wii games, walking in the neighborhood, cooking new foods, watching Harry Potter, or traveling. 
Keith and Erly

Our immediate concerns are with you and we pray that you are in good health.  We cannot imagine the recent decisions and emotional experiences you have faced over the past several months and hope that you are in the comfort of others during this difficult time.  We cannot express our joy and gratitude to you for considering us as parents and guardians of the precious gift that you bear.

Guy and Nancy

You have chosen to do something that will forever change lives in such an awesome and profound way. We will do everything in our power to help you on this pathway of adoption, and to provide you with the security you will need during this difficult time. Our gratitude and admiration of you will forever be in our hearts.

Ryan and Melissa

Hello, we're willing to bet this will be the 100th letter you have read and they are all starting to blend together at this point. We hope our letter is different from all the rest, and is able to ease your heart.

Christopher and Susan

 We have been preparing for this moment for many years - we are lucky to have a loving, happy marriage and have built careers which will enable us to provide a strong and secure foundation for the loving, caring family life we hope to provide for this child.

David and Julia

Please be assured that we will always be honest with your child about being adopted. We will always speak highly of you and assure your child that you loved them and that is why you decided on adoption. We will share with your child what you would like them to know. We know this is probably the hardest decision of your life and want you to know that we understand this and will always love and respect what you have given us.

Andrew and Tara

We believe that the universe has a way of knowing when people belong together.  We also believe that God is leading us down the path to connect us with our future son or daughter.  If you feel that we have a connection, we would be forever thankful and grateful for the most extraordinary gift that could ever be given to us.  Our prayers are with you as you make your decision.

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