Adoption Successes

Thomas and Yukiko
We want to add another child to our family. We want an infant to raise together. We are eager to open our hearts, souls and our home to another child. We are a bi-racial couple and are prepared to welcome, nurture and raise a child of any race. We have discussed this decision with our family and friends. Everyone has been very supportive. We are particularly proud of Kevin and his response. He observed that what’s inside a person is what is important. He will be happy with a brother or sister of any race. We have the desire, ability, energy and means to provide well for another child and we are grateful that you are considering choosing us to raise your child.   
Michael and Karen
To begin with, we would like to say thank you.  By reading this letter, you are showing great courage and spirit, and a willingness to protect the life you carry.  We admire you for that strength. 
Henry and Windy

We do not have any children of our own, although we tried for several years.  We know that God was just preparing us for an even greater journey through adoption. 

John and Jennifer
Honesty.  Integrity.  Love.  Respect.  All of these are core values that we possess and feel are necessary in order to raise a healthy child.  We know that you are making a very important decision that will affect the lives of many people.  We feel fortunate that you are taking us into consideration and can promise that we will love and cherish your child.
Bryan and Erica

Some people come into our lives and they leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.

Amir and Sheila

For us, the addition of a child to our family has always been a beautiful dream.  When we envision ourselves, we see a family with joyful children who are confident and comfortable with themselves, who are kind and respectful of themselves and others, who are concerned about making the world a better place, and who have the security and comfort to enjoy life and their childhood.  This is what we want to ensure for the gift you give us.

Christopher and Merran

We are Chris and Merran and the first thing you should know about us is that we have a loving, stable home and a longing for all the joys and responsibilities parenthood will bring. Yet we know this is true for many other couples too, and we think that’s a good thing because in an ideal world, every home would be safe and every parent would be loving.

Jason and Cristin

Initially, when we were told we would be writing a letter to you, we were so excited.  We thought we would have so much to say, but now as we sit here, trying to express what we feel, we are finding that it is a lot more difficult then we imagined.  We have no idea how to thank someone for giving the gift of parenthood.  A simple thank you seems so inadequate.  Having a child in our lives is so important to us.  We have struggled with trying to conceive for many years, with no success, and are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to adopt. 

Markham and Kim

Hi there. Our names are Kim and Gavan and we’d like to thank you for reading our letter. How can we share with you who we are and what we hold dear in a brief letter? How can we imagine you, your hopes, fears, dreams, and questions about your life and the life of your baby? We are strangers and yet we share something in common.  We are both preparing for the journey of adoption, a journey that is sure to be much like life itself, filled with tears and laughing, hope, and new beginnings.

Tommy and Joanne

We would like to start this letter by saying how much we appreciate the love you have for your unborn baby. We know that choosing to place your child for adoption must be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever have to make. We hope that after you find out more about us, you will give us the gift of being the parents to your baby.

Kevin and Kristi

God loves you very much and we want you to know how much our family will love you and your child. We can not imagine a harder decision than choosing a family to raise your child. You are very courageous and loving to be able to bring such a blessing into this world at your own sacrifice.  We respect you and we pray that the Lord will bless you and keep you in his love.

Marshall and Lisa

We, Rob and Lisa, met through mutual friends over five years ago and as the love between us grew, we knew in our hearts that we were meant to be.  You spend your whole life hoping to find that one person to share your life with – and we were both blessed to have found that in one another. Our marriage is built on living life to its fullest as best friends and partners, with laughter and plenty of love. We can both be certain that the other person will be by our side in times of struggle or when life isn’t so easy.  We do nearly everything together, as we enjoy so many of the same things and we plan to continue to experience the world with our family.

Michael and Nancy

No words can ever express our gratitude if you choose us as your child’s adoptive parents. We believe there is no greater gift in this world than to give life to another. You will be giving life to your unborn child and we, in turn, will give our life to raise your baby. Always, on this you can depend, we will accept and love your precious little miracle unconditionally with a spirit of generosity and kindness, and you will forever be regarded in our hearts and home as our gift from God. We share a common goal, the happiness of your child, and we wish you all the best.

Lester and Laurel

We promise to love your child unconditionally, encourage his or her talents and dreams, and provide a stable home full of love, laughter, faith, and endless opportunities.  We will always be grateful for your courage and strength in turning an unexpected challenge into a miracle.  Your baby will always know you were the first to love him/her.

Mark and Diane
As we sit down to write a few words to describe ourselves to you and try to portray on paper what family life means to us, or how we will embrace your baby, or how we will provide the unconditional love and safe environment that you seek for your baby, we can’t even imagine how you are feeling.  We are absolutely in awe of your selfless decision to bring your baby into the world and for your amazing value of life.  Because of you this is possible for us.  Because of you, our son will grow up and experience the amazing bond and love of a sibling.  Because of you our dreams of expanding our family are possible.  Thank you!
Matt and Candice

Matt was adopted when he was only a few days old.  Since Matt was adopted he will be able to help our child with any questions they may have about their adoption.  Matt was raised on a farm, learning how to work the ground and make a living from the land.  He loves what he does and couldn’t imagine his life any other way.  In his free time Matt loves fishing, playing on the 4-wheeler, just driving around, and has recently begun swimming.  Matt experienced his first water park this summer and much to his surprise, loved it.  It was harder to get Matt to leave the water park than to get our friend’s kids to leave!

Lokanathan and Padmabharati

We write to you with our hearts filled with hope and prayers for both you and your baby. Only God knows the reason why he made us childless, but I have now come to believe he has a higher purpose. He wants to match us with a wonderful woman and her baby.

William and Amanda

Living in our coastal area is like being on a permanent vacation. We love the water and are blessed to have a boat.  Migratory birds and butterflies, dolphins, sea turtles, deer, and occasionally bears are found in abundance in the area.  We bicycle, walk on the beach, hike, camp, and kayak and just enjoy nature. We believe that a child would be blessed by being raised in such a beautiful area. We have a wonderful support system of family and friends here that want to be part of your child’s life.

Gregory and Nancy

We were both raised in New Jersey.  Nancy is the second of four children; Greg is the oldest of three siblings.  Both of our parents were very involved in raising us, and we want that same experience with our own children.  We can’t wait to help them with their schoolwork, teach them about God, share family dinners, take them on vacations and just shower them with the same love and attention we received when growing up. 

Blair and Kathleen

When we think about the type of parenting we will provide, we often think back to our own childhood, as well as to the parenting styles of our brothers and sisters.  We admire the strength in holding true to raising kind, curious and happy individuals.  We want to provide a loving and stable environment and support our child in his or her dreams. We want to help instill a strong sense of self in an ever-changing world. And we want our child to know just how much their birthmother loves them.

Deryl and Heather

 It has always been our dream to start a family and this plan has always included adoption.  We cherish life with all its gifts and experiences and cannot wait to share ours with a child.  We are very excited about welcoming a child into this world and sharing life’s many joyous experiences with them. 

William and Amanda

We want you to know that we are praying daily for you, your baby, and your decision. We cannot begin to understand the emotions you are experiencing and the decisions you will be making in the coming weeks or months. But, we want to let you know how very brave we think you are. Considering adoption for your child is an amazingly selfless and courageous decision.

Alex and Patricia

Wow! How do you write a letter to someone you have never known or met? We can't imagine what is going through your mind right now, reading letters, and trying to decide who is going to parent your child. This is such a big decision. Thank you for the opportunity to share a little about us with you.

Timothy and Wendy
Hello!  We’re Tim and Wendy.  Thank you for giving us this opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you about our family, our home and our hopes and dreams of another child.  Choosing the right family for your baby is one of the most difficult and courageous decisions you will ever make.  We admire you for this and would like you to know we are prepared and dedicated to give your child a life filled with much love, laughter and a very bright future.  Adoption was the path we chose three years ago and it was one of the best decisions of our life.  We are hoping to make our family complete by adopting again.
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