Adoption Successes

Daniel and Nicole
Words cannot express the admiration we have for you in your unselfish and loving choice. To give your baby life and want to give her the best start is truly commendable. We want you to know, if you choose us, your baby will always know where she came from. She will know how hard it was for you to make this choice and will always carry a piece of you with her.
Scott and Rebecca

How blessed we feel that you have taken the time to read our letter!  First, we want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to be considered for the most important role of your child’s life.  We graciously and humbly ask you to have an open mind and heart as you make one of the most challenging decisions of your life.

Robert and Darcy

Reading stories at bedtime, getting up in the middle of the night to make our child feel safe after a bad dream, going to dance class, little league games and school concerts, celebrating birthdays and holidays, we will cherish every moment with our child, and take nothing for granted.

Mark and Sandra

“There is nothing more contagious than the laughter of a child.”

Hello, our names are Mark and Sandi, and we hope that this letter touches your heart and helps you gain some understanding about us, so you choose us as the family that brings happiness to your baby and peace of mind to you.


Matthew and Heather

We spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to express to you our understanding of your decision to consider adoption for your child, what we realized is that we can never truly understand what you must be feeling.  We do understand however, sometimes what is best for your child can be the hardest decision you will have to make.  We hope that we are able to answer your most important questions and concerns during your consideration of the family you choose to place your child with.

John and Cristina
Community involvement and volunteerism play an important role in our lives.  Travis is on the Board of Directors for the American Cancer Society, Big Brothers, Big Sisters and First Tee. Cristina works with several charities through her involvement with the Junior League, most notably organizations that benefit women and children.  She has also served several terms as a member of the Board of Directors. When raising our child, we intend to emphasize the importance of giving back to the community and helping others.
Simon and Marina

We hope to pass onto our child, our passions and abilities. I play the piano and am fluent in German and hope to be able to teach both to our little one. We love to read and can’t wait for the opportunity to take turns reading our child bedtime stories. Encouraging our child to find a lively interest in their world is something we are also looking forward to.

Kelly and Janelle

You are courageous and strong and we respect you for the decision you have made. Our hearts could never express the gratitude we feel towards you and the love we are so ready to give to this child. We have desired to be parents for so long, and we are overwhelmed by the joy that this is finally happening for us. We know it is only out of love and God’s grace that we are being so blessed.

Jack and Dawn

We firmly believe we are meant to have another child. We know there is a little one somewhere out there who God has intended to complete our family. We are trusting Him to lead our birthmother to us. We have a peace in our heart and minds that if we are the right family for your child, you will know and it will all come together for you, and for us.  

James and Jessica

We appreciate your interest in our story.  We believe in our hearts that while life sometimes brings people together in unexpected ways, they are always brought together for a reason.  We pray for you that you will find exactly what you are looking for in a family for your child, and we pray even more that you will find that in us.

Matthew and Theresa

Let us tell you a bit about who we are.  We met and fell in love while attending graduate school to become clinical social workers.  Neither of us expected to find our soul mate in the middle of pursuing our master’s degrees, but that is in fact, what happened. We have a deep and committed love for one another, and we are truly best friends.  When we were newly married, we didn’t know that adoption was the path that would lead us to parenthood.  We soon learned however that pregnancy would be highly unlikely without invasive treatments, which we were unwilling to undergo as this felt too much to us like ‘playing God.’  We fully embraced adoption as God’s answer to our prayers for parenthood. 

Aaron and Amy

Hi, we are Amy and Aaron.  It is hard for us to believe that we have been married since April of 2000.  We feel so blessed to have a loving relationship, to be healthy, and to be surrounded by great, supportive family and friends.  We love being parents to our daughter and look forward to adding another child to our family.

Kevin and Ann

To us, adoption is a natural decision. We were both adopted, and were both given wonderful families. We never take for granted that we were graced with parents that raised us with patience, where strong values were nurtured, and love was boundless. To be given a chance to raise a child and share these gifts would be a dream come true for us.

Walter and Michele

Our names are Michele and Walter, and our lives have already been touched by the gift of adoption.  Walter and his two siblings were adopted as infants, and it has always been our desire as a couple to adopt a child.  We have one biological child, our daughter Isabella, and we wish to complete our family through adoption.  Our hope is that the adoptive child who joins our family will feel an extra sense of support and understanding by having a parent and extended family members who are adopted.

Joseph and Lynn

Hi, our names are Joe and Lynn. We fell in love from the instant we met on the dance floor. We realized right away that more than just loving to dance, we loved one another’s company. We dated for six months before getting engaged. We had a small wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada with a large group of family and friends there to celebrate with us! We’ve been married since 2004 and are both so excited to be building our family and planning for our future! 

Joseph and Dorcas
Hello from Luis, Dorcas, and Alex!  We have no idea who you are or what brought you to this place, but we do know that by placing your child for adoption, you are doing something far more courageous, unselfish, and, we are sure more painful, than most humans have ever done.  We pray that God will give you peace in your decision!  And, please know that you will forever hold a special place in our hearts and in the heart of your child!   May God bless you for choosing life for your beautiful baby!
George and Margeaux

Where do we begin?  We guess like any story, from the start would be the most perfect place. When George first laid his eyes upon Margeaux, he never knew she would be his soul mate, and he never imagined us to have the kind of relationship we have. Margeaux was working for a well known fashion boutique, and George worked for a radio station and did many large events.  What we had at first was one of the most purest forms of friendship any man can have with a woman. As the months went by, it blossomed into so much more. 

Jeffrey and Christine
Those who know me would say I am never at a loss for words.  At this moment I would tend to disagree.  What do you say to someone who could possibly make all of your dreams come true?  Sitting here I wonder what you must be thinking and feeling during this time.  I try to put myself in your position and I am overwhelmed by your strength and the love you have for your unborn baby.   It is through this love you will give a couple the greatest gift of all, the miracle of life. 
Joseph and Theresa

I can’t imagine how difficult a decision you have in front of you.  All I can do is hope that you find some peace and reassurance to make the right decision for you and your child.  If that decision is to choose a family that will love, protect, nurture and guide your child to a place of self-love and accomplishment, then let me take a chance to tell you a little bit about our family.

Charles and Sara

A living miracle is within you and you are a catalyst who will forever change people’s lives. Searching deep within your soul, you’ll take the biggest chance of your life that your child will be unconditionally loved, treated with kindness and given all the opportunities that life has to offer. Your amazing capacity to love enables you to give a very part of yourself in exchange for the chance that your child will have the life that you know they deserve. It’s the ultimate sacrifice. We’ve made it our life’s mission to ensure that our baby’s birthmother is happy and satisfied with her decision to give her child a better home.  That is our promise. 

Steven and Rachael
I have always wanted to be a mom.  Ever since I was a little girl, my twin sister and I would put real diapers on our dolls and smell the sweet scent of Baby Magic.  My dreams of becoming a mommy were not easily realized.  But all of those trials and heartaches seem so distant since the birth of our adopted daughter, Georgia, in August of 2008.  Never could we imagine loving a little person as much as we do.  We are so blessed to have built our family through adoption and are longing to love another child.   
Francis and Elena

Knowing that this must be the toughest decision you will ever make and at the same time trying to find a couple who will give your child the life you envision for them, touches our hearts.  Should you select us as your baby’s adoptive parents, we would be forever grateful to you for making our dreams come true.  We would like to welcome your precious child into our family.

Dennis and Mary Jean

We are Dennis and Jeanie.  We know that this is an emotional time for you; it is for us, too…but we feel a sense of peace in believing that God intends for us to adopt again. We have already been blessed with our adopted son, Gregory.  We want you to know that our prayers and thoughts are with you during this difficult time.  We are very happy you decided to choose life for your child and we can’t wait until we can hold, nurture and love this little child as the adoptive parents.

Daniel and Tammy

We want you to know that we will take care of your baby and we have much love to give to him/her. Adoption is one of those rare times in life when two families who were once strangers are brought together to create a miracle. You are struggling to do what is best for your unborn child and we are struggling with the pain of infertility. We cannot understand what you are going through; however, please know your unborn child will be taken care of with much love and support. He/She will be raised as our own.

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Adoption Success Stories