Adoption Successes

Timothy and Jeanette

We have nothing but wonderful things to tell our son about his birthmom.  Through her courage and strength, she was able to give him the life she wanted him to have. We, Tim and Jeanette, are eternally grateful for the privilege of being Michael’s parents, and we would love nothing more than to share this journey and experience with you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this sacrifice you are making, so that we can offer our love, life, and opportunities to your precious child.

Gregory and Julie
We are Greg and Julie, and we met on a blind date at Angels Stadium set up by mutual friends in 2005. After almost two years of Angels games, dinner dates, and time with family, we were married on a beautiful spring day. We united our lives, our families, and our faith as Christians on that wonderful day!
Alan and Jennifer

Hi! We are Jennifer and Alan. We have always wanted to open our arms to an adopted child.  Alan and his brother were both adopted as infants as was Jennifer’s mother. Having all of these adopted people in our family has always made adoption a natural choice for us.

Jay and Tracy

As we sit down to write this letter it is hard to know where to begin.  We never imagined we’d be writing a letter like this to you, and you probably didn’t expect to be reading one.  We are Tracy and Jay, and we have been together for over eight years, married for six.  Tracy is a senior manager in a law firm, and Jay is a political reporter.  We have a strong, loving marriage, a wonderful family, and a four-year old son named Jackson who is a constant source of light and joy in our lives.  As is surely true for everyone, we are lucky in some ways and less lucky in some others.  Since our son was a baby, we have been hoping and trying to expand our family, but we have had a few disappointments along that road.  It’s been hard to take at times, but as we always do in tough times, we’ve come together to figure out what is the best path for our family to take.  For us, we believe that our family is not yet complete, and our best path is the one that leads us to you. 

Brian and Dana
We wish we could express our admiration for you, in person.  We’d look you in the eyes and explain how strong, brave, and loving you are for what you are doing.  If you chose us to be the parents for your sweet child, we would not be able to put into words how much love we have in our hearts for that little angel, but you would see it in our faces and hear it in our voices. 
Max and Gina

We have been married since 2004. We met in a most surreal way; it was like something out of a movie, since we met at a department store while Max was shopping for socks! Gina thought he was cute, so she approached him and the rest, as they say, is history. We continue to live our love story each day, and we strive at being the best life partner for each other. We are each other’s best friend, and we are very complementary. Max is very organized, an excellent planner, and attentive to details, while Gina sees the big picture, and always cheers up everybody around her with her patience and positive attitude. We feel so blessed to have found each other, we have a happy life, and there is nothing we wish more than being able to share our love and happy home with our child.

Benjamin and Michelle

Our names are Ben and Michelle. We are trying to fulfill our dreams of having a family. We know what a tough decision this must be for you. Please know we will be with you all the way and even into the future; you will always remain a part of our family. The love in our hearts is so great and we know a child will only make our love even stronger. It is an unselfish gift you are giving and we are ever so grateful. This is our story.

Matthew and Bobbi
Everything happens for a reason. The challenges you may face today will make you a stronger person. Take a deep breathe and know you are the only one that can make the decision that will change you for the rest of your life.  As we write you this letter we want you to know that although you have all these things running through your head right now, you truly are an angel in our eyes.
Thomas and Amanda

We realize that you are making the most difficult decision of your life – a decision that will impact many people in many ways for years and years to come.  As we sit down to write this letter, we feel that whatever we say will be inadequate, for we can never thank you enough for even considering us to parent your child.  The honor of parenting itself is beyond words.  No matter what we say, choosing us as the couple to parent your child based on our brief profile, a letter and some pictures, doesn’t feel like we are able to give you an entire picture of why we want to parent a second daughter or what we would be able to offer you and your child.

Bryan and Kimberly

We are an active couple and our activities are usually centered on the change of seasons.  In the winter, we will teach our child how to ski at an early age.  This is a must in order to travel to Norway to see our closest friends.  Our baby will look so cute in a hand-knitted wool stocking cap.   In the spring, our family will play in the dirt by planting all those wonderful vegetables and flowers.  A little dirt tasting keeps all those public germs away!  In the summer, we will teach our child how to fish, camp in a tent, water ski, swing a golf club, and ride a four-wheeler.  There is a mini dirt bike with our child’s name all over it!  We must not forget fall.  There will be the largest pile of leaves available to wrestle in while we are preparing for our favorite holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Nick and Julie

Your baby is the greatest gift we could ever expect to receive and we would surround him or her with the caring, loving home that you dream of.  This is the miracle we have been praying for and are so grateful you have chosen to consider us. 

Todd and Kelli

We are huge animal lovers.  Todd has always been involved with horses, and team roping, and own several horses.  We have two big kid loving Chocolate Labs, Kaiser and Mattei, two rabbits, Sparky and Dixie, a Koi pond full of beautiful fish and quail Todd has raised from incubated eggs.

Alan and Michela

We are Miki and Al, and we are happy and ready to make a home and family for the child you are bringing into the world.  We can’t have children naturally but we have the desire and means to raise a child and will give them every care and moment of our lives as he or she grows into the person they are destined to be. Please trust we will love our baby unconditionally.

Christopher and Elizabeth

Hi, we are Chris and Ann and we have a place in our home and hearts for your child.  We can’t begin to fully grasp the emotions and decisions you are struggling with at this time, but admire your courage and selfless act of love.  We dream of sharing with your child a home where they will always feel safe and know they have loving arms to call home.  Our arms are open and ready to begin this journey.

Thomas and Amy

If you decide that we are the best choice for your child, know that he/she will go through life being loved with all that we are and with all of our hearts.  He/she will never fall short on being supported, encouraged, loved, or appreciated.  We pray for you every step of the way on this journey in your life and hope we can make it together.  We know that you’re a very brave woman for making this choice and what you are doing will never be unappreciated.  Thank you!

Mark and Tracy
“A word’s just a word, ‘till you mean what you say.  And love isn’t love, ‘till you give it away.  We’ve all got a gift, yes something to give, to make a change.  Send it on…on and on…just one hand can heal another.  Be a part…reach a heart… just one spark starts a fire.  With one little action, the chain reaction will never stop!  Make it strong, shine the light and send it on.”  Whatever decision you make, we know you will make the right one for both you and your baby.
Marc and Jami

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our profile. We know this may be the most difficult decision you may make in your life, and we want you to know that if you choose us, we will raise your child in a life full of laughter and love, silliness and stability, hugs and kisses, and the knowledge that they will always be loved unconditionally.

Brendan and Lynn

As we sit down together and talk about what we want to put in our letter, our thoughts go out to you. What can we say to the woman who is thinking about making the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of her child? Your compassion, commitment, and love for your child are extraordinary and inspiring. What can we say to the woman who may help us add a child to our family? Words can’t describe how much being parents means to us. Thank you would be a start, but there aren’t enough words in our hearts to describe our gratitude.

Trevor and Sarah

We are Trevor and Sarah and before anything else is said we want to acknowledge your courage and selflessness during this difficult time.  We are here to support you and give you the love you deserve.  Our arms are around you and although we cannot be by your side, you are in our hearts and prayers. We feel we have been put on this earth to be parents and looking forward to adopting a wonderful little son or daughter.

Dennis and April

Hi, we are Dennis and April and we are excited to tell you about our family.  We met fifteen years ago through mutual friends while attending college. Our friendship led to dating and nine months into our relationship we were engaged and planning a summer wedding.  We have a young daughter, Amanda, who started kindergarten this year.  All three of us are eager to share our love and lives with a new baby.  We hope you will allow us the joy of being adoptive parents to the precious life you are carrying.

James and Shannon
We met when we were teenagers but our lives took different paths until seven years ago when we reconnected and we married two years later. We’ve been married for five years now and it still feels like our wedding was yesterday! One of our biggest dreams has always been to have children together. James has two girls from a previous marriage. After we learned it was not possible for us to have our own children, we never hesitated to pursue adoption. We are so exited!
Cyril and Sharon

Now, I would like you to imagine a Southern neighborhood where children can ride bicycles and play ball in the streets, and where just a short walk from our house there is a pool and tennis court. You’re picturing the subdivision of our little town.   We also have the advantage of being close to a large metropolitan city where there are many cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities for all to enjoy.

Richard and Laura

When we think about bringing a child into our life, we can imagine the laughter and commotion that will fill our home as the baby grows and matures.  Our funny cat, named Peanut, will have an absolute ball having another person in the house to play with!  Rooms will be filled with toys and the yard will be complete with a play set.

Richard and Khristina

We consider you our hero.  Making this difficult decision to give your child an opportunity that they may not have had otherwise is to be admired.  If you choose us, please know that this baby will be cared for and loved dearly.

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Adoption Success Stories