Adoption Successes

Todd and Anne
We hope we can give you a window into our family and provide you with a sense of who we are. We do not know all of the questions and feelings you have in your heart and mind as you go through this process, but we hope you will find some comfort and answers in our story
Troy and Barbara
We’ve always known that we wanted to expand our family through adoption, and even though infertility has led us down this path earlier than expected, we couldn’t be more excited. We respect your strength in considering adoption and intend on being completely open, explaining to your child from an early age that you made your decision with love in your heart. Please know that any child that comes into our lives will always be loved, cared for, encouraged, and nurtured.
Geoffry and Rebecca
If you select us to be your partners in this journey we promise to stay true to our word, love your child unconditionally and offer all we have to share with your child. We have been blessed with more than enough love and resources to share and we are looking for the perfect child with which to share all we have to give. 
James and Wendi
We cannot wait to be parents. Your baby would not only make our family even better, but will bring a love that we can’t currently comprehend. While we cannot even begin to understand what you are going through, we do know that this is probably the most difficult decision that you will make in your life. We want you to know that your baby will always understand the reasons that you decided to place them for adoption. They will know of the love that you have for them. We understand that you would be trusting us with something so precious to you. Thank you for trusting us. 
Daniel and Lynne
We want you to know how courageous and strong we think you are for making this decision for your precious baby. Words can’t express the respect and gratitude that we feel for you. Please know that our family will always remember your bravery and love!  More than anything we want you to feel confident knowing that your baby will receive unconditional love, support and guidance.
Noe and Nicole
The gift of adoption is the ultimate act of profound love and selflessness. We promise that your baby will be loved, protected, celebrated and will be surrounded by family, friends and a community who will always celebrate them and love them unconditionally. 
Maik and Dana
Adoption creates bonds of love that are as strong as birth families. We are so amazed at how wonderful being parents is, and are so looking forward to growing our family. Know that your child will be loved and supported throughout their lives.
Raymond and Claudia
Thank you for taking the time to get a glimpse of who we are. We cannot begin to imagine what you are going through. Your selfless act will be proof of the love you have in your heart for your child. t would be an honor and blessing to be entrusted to love and raise your child.
Jomo and Laurie

A million questions go through your head when you are faced with the unknown, especially when it revolves around one of the most important decisions of your life. During difficult situations, we can only hope that we are making good decisions when our hearts are being influenced. We are so grateful to part of the joy you are sharing with us.

Erik and Stephanie
We have been thinking and praying for you every day that you may come to the decision to choose us to care for the child that we have long been waiting for. We would feel so blessed to be able to receive such a precious gift which is to love, care and raise your child. Our commitment is to give your child the best home filled with love, care, support and the opportunity to achieve all their goals, hopes and desires! 
James and Rachel
We cannot even begin to imagine how difficult the decision to create an adoption plan for your baby must be. We commend you for your bravery and strength as you go through each stage of the process. We know that you want your baby to grow up in a happy and loving family and we would love to be the parents who provide your baby just that.
Jordan and Lori
We respect the courage it takes for trying to make the best life possible for your child. We not only hope to be the family you are looking for to welcome your child, but also to grow our relationship with you through the years if you choose to place your child with us in our loving and silly home.
Julie and Hannah
We are mindful that just as we are on a journey that will change our lives forever, so too are you. With that awareness, we want you to know: 1) We deeply value open adoption and are committed to raising a child that will always know their roots; 2) We welcome a child of any race and are dedicated to educating ourselves and our families on their developing needs, and 3) We are devoted to cultivating an environment in our home that is filled with warmth, respect and safety.
Thank you for considering entrusting me with the greatest gift of all - your child. I can provide your child with a loving, safe and happy home. I am amazed by your strength and courage as you make such a difficult decision out of love for your child.
Russ and Shannon
Thank you so much for taking the time to read our letter. We also want to thank you for choosing life for your baby, and choosing to place your child in a loving home so he or she can have the best life possible. The qualities that allow you to make these decisions during a difficult time in your life are so admirable. We are grateful for you, and are very grateful for your consideration.
Lucas and Lisa
If you decide that adoption is the right path for you, we hope you’ll consider getting to know us. Our dream is to provide a great home and wonderful life for a child. We can’t promise every day will be perfect, but we do promise it will be filled with unconditional love, kindness, and patience.
Jonathan and Kelly
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you about our family. We are Kelly and Jon. We are grateful you love your unborn child so much you are willing to consider adoption for him or her. We do not have any children yet but we have seen the unconditional love between a mother and her child.
Alan and Emma
We are both grateful for the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and to potentially be parents for your little one. We could never know what exactly you’re looking for in choosing adoptive parents, but we can tell you that we would give much love, attention and support to our new family member.
Michael and Preslie
Whether or not we have the opportunity to meet you, we wish you the very best in your journey to discover the right path for you and your precious baby. As hopeful parents we understand that as a mother you will do whatever is best for your child. We can’t wait to do the same for ours. We have been dreaming of the day that miracle happens for us. When it does, we will find our best selves--just as you have found yours. 
Lee and Toni
Thank you. Those two words are small, but hold the key to our hearts and our future. We have the utmost respect for this decision you are considering. Whether or not you choose us, we are in awe of your love, strength, and selflessness. We feel compassion for your situation. We would like to give you a glimpse into our lives and the dream we share with you of creating the most incredible life possible for the precious baby you are carrying.
Jim and Kelly
While we have not met, this is indeed how we think of you…as a very special friend. You are truly a remarkable person to consider such a difficult, yet love-filled decision. Friends generally have certain values and beliefs in common and we know that we all have the desire to give your child the best life possible in a home filled with love and surrounded by a loving community of family and friends. 
Kevin and Keri
We are a loving couple that have been married for 6 years and live in Southern California.  We have been on a long road to starting our family. Despite experiencing some detours, thanks to the possibility of adoption we can see our exit to that road ahead. We are excited that you are considering giving us the opportunity to provide your child a safe and caring home and to raise that child as our own.
David and Cynthia
As you make your brave decision we hope that knowing how loved and well taken care of your child would be with us be will help you feel comforted. We wish all the best for you at this time and throughout your life. Again, thank you for helping our dreams come true.
Paul and Curtis
We cannot begin to appreciate the struggle and sacrifice you face as you consider placing your child for adoption. It would be a true act of love and a selfless decision and we would ensure that your child would be fully aware of this. We acknowledge the bond formed with your child as he or she grows inside you. You will always be his or her mother.
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Adoption Success Stories