Adoption Successes

Donald and Kathy
What makes a birth mom special? She believes in life. She can fulfill another’s dream…that is beyond being special, that is extraordinary and exceptional! We hope our letter and photos help you understand a little about who we are, and how much we are committed to each other, our families and what kind of fun, loving and secure environment we can provide for your child.
Tony and Lisa

We are Tony and Lisa and we are really looking forward to being parents. From our first meeting we felt an instant connection. We have been married for 15 years and are still deeply in love.

James and Ellen

You are a beautiful person because God created you.  You are a beautiful person because you chose life for your baby.  You are making such a brave and selfless decision for your baby. We respect and admire you. Thank you for considering us as parents for your precious child.

Richard and Lisa

Rick’s sister, who is also adopted, lives in the area and is looking forward to a new baby in our lives. She would like the opportunity to one day share her adoption story and be available to answer any questions her niece or nephew may have. Lisa has a large extended family who is also very excited about the addition of a new member to our family.  All of her family members live just minutes away so we get together weekly, to enjoy Sunday dinner.

Francisco and Bibiana
Our values are very important to us. We believe in family time, respect, compassion, patience, guidance, encouragement, communication, and gratitude. The biggest thing we can happily offer the baby is our unconditional love and support for all the years to come. Thank you so much for reading this and getting to know us a little more. Thank you for bringing a beautiful new baby into this world and for considering us as the family. We want you to know that regardless of who you choose, you and all the other mothers are in our thoughts and prayers. We are very thankful for how strong and selfless you are in this path you are taking.
Randall and Wendi
Life often takes turns you can’t expect.   But sometimes the scariest things in life turn out to be the most amazing.  The chance to provide a couple with the opportunity to have a family is probably not what you thought life would have in store for you at this point.  But your brave decision to give the gift of life to a child and the gift of a family to a couple, is evidence that situations that don’t seem ideal at first, can turn into something wonderful.   It takes courage and unconditional love to make the decision that you are making, and we commend you for it.   We hope that you find peace in your journey and comfort in your choice of adoptive parents. 
Marc and Alma

Please accept our prayers and positive thoughts as you embark in this difficult journey.  Know that we would be honored to walk with you every step of the way.  While we have never met you, we already admire your great strength and courage.  Your selfless act will provide joy for another family, and we greatly honor you for your decision.  If you allow us, we will share with our child your incredible love and resolve and will teach him/her to respect and accept your choice as one motivated by your incredible love.  May God bless you!

Darrel and Lara

We both have always wanted a large family.  We have two boys, Brody and Isaiah, who light up the room with their smile and laughter.  They are ready to share their world with another brother or sister! 

Michael and Stephanie

We have truly been blessed by the miracle of adoption through the birth of our son 3 ½ years ago and are so looking forward to experiencing this miracle again.  We are putting our hope and faith in God that he will guide us to the child he has chosen for us and the wonderful birthmom who will bring her into our lives.  Our love for you will forever be present and our prayers for you will be many.  You are a special part of making our dream of expanding our family come true and we are truly thankful for your decision to look for a loving family to raise and nurture your child.

David and Angela

Our names are Angela and David. We would very much like to adopt a baby boy to complete our family.  We're so grateful for this opportunity to interact with special mothers who are looking for a safe, happy, and loving environment for their child.

Steven and Christina

A mother does everything she can to put the needs of her child first and as difficult as this decision is for you, your child could not ask for a better start in life than what you are giving them.  We truly respect and admire the strength and courage you have to make this difficult decision and want you to know that we are looking forward to sharing our lives with your child and putting your child’s needs before our own to help make their dreams come true. 

Charles and Jennifer

We know this was not an easy decision for you to make.  We chose adoption because we know that this is the path God has chosen for us.  If it is in God’s plan to take care of your child, be assured that they will know love and be cherished everyday that they are with us.  We will be forever grateful for your allowing us to become parents.

Wade and Tabitha

Hello, our names are Wade and Tabitha and we would like to first thank you for choosing to read about our family and considering us in your decision of adoption.  We can only imagine how hard your choice is right now, and can not adequately say how grateful we are for this decision. We want you to know we would love the opportunity to raise this wonderful child, and he/she will always know of you and your selfless decision of adoption. We will give this child the most love and care possible, to bring him/her up as a stable, caring, well adjusted adult. 

Gregory and Kara
We have been married since 1999, and our hope has always been to have a home that is filled with the sounds of children and laughter.  We adopted our son Vincent in 2006. Vincent lights up the room with his smile and we have no doubts in our minds that he will be a gentle loving big brother. We feel the bond between siblings is a special one and we can’t wait to give that to our son and to the precious baby you carry. They will become lifelong friends.
Corrado and Marusia

This precious baby you are carrying will grow up knowing that your decision was loving and completely unselfish. It is from the bottom of our hearts that we thank you for choosing the path of adoption for your baby and giving us the opportunity to fulfill our dream of completing our family and becoming parents for the second time.

Daniel and Solange

After years of struggling with infertility treatments, we feel strongly adoption is how we are meant to grow our family. We want to be parents and are excited to form our family through the blessing of adoption. We will teach the importance of having faith in god and give him/her all the opportunities to become a successful person in a loving, happy, and stable family environment.

Tory and Michelle

We feel very privileged that you are reading our letter, and feel very humbled at the same time. We have such respect and admiration for the courageous decision you are making. This is a testament to how much you love your child.

Anthony and Donnis

We are blessed to come from loving families.  Anthony’s mom “Nona B” is just minutes away, and Donnis’ parents “Mimi and Granddaddy” are only minutes down the road.  Between the two families, there are ten nieces and nephews.  You can imagine the excitement when we get together!  Music is a big part of our lives. Jacob and Jonah take piano lessons, and Jacob takes drum lessons as well.  Donnis enjoys singing in the choir, praise team and playing her saxophone at church.  We believe music brings families together in a very fun and unique way.

Kevin and Lisa

Our story began in our college Physics class. We were study buddies; it was obvious that Physics was not Lisa’s favorite subject.  This study-buddy system blossomed into a friendship. One day we decided to bet on who would receive a better grade on the next midterm.  The winner would get to tell the loser what to do for a whole week!  Needless to say, Kevin received a higher grade. Kevin took advantage of the situation and asked her to wash his car and prepare meals, multiple times over!  This is when we fell in love.  Who would have guessed this would lead to where we are now.  We’ve been married for eight years and have created an amazing life, family and home full of love and laughter.

Mark and Teresa

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter, and considering us as parents for your child.  We admire your selfless and brave decision to consider adoption for the wonderful gift of new life you are about to give. Please know that your child will be shown unconditional love in our family.

Chad and Paula

You are in the midst of a difficult journey and are selflessly making a choice to give your child up to be raised by someone else. No one can stand in your shoes and truly understand what you are going through, but be assured, there is a couple on their own difficult journey, filled with disappointment at their own inability to be exactly where you are right now in your life, and be able bring a beautiful, healthy child into the world, who will ultimately become the greatest blessing that couple has ever known. You alone carry that gift, and you alone can bestow what is surely this most precious gift to someone else. There are no words of gratitude that can express how grateful we would be to receive such a gift, nor to express the hope we will scarcely allow ourselves to feel, that someone in your circumstances would consider us to receive such a blessing.


I am a single, independent, successful woman who yearns so much to have a child to love, to cherish and to bring up into a wonderful person.  Just because I am single, doesn’t mean your child will be loved any less.  In fact, just the opposite; your child will have my undivided attention where my sole focus and priority will be on my child.  No dividing my time or affection between baby and husband, just me who will love your child with every beat of my heart.

James and Jill

As you read this we have yet to meet, however, we do know that you have made a difficult decision to protect the baby you carry and are now faced with a very difficult decision for the future benefit of the baby.  The selflessness you continue to demonstrate in a world where most look out for only themselves is nothing short of amazing.  My wife and I are honored that you wish to learn more about us as you evaluate various couples to be parents to the child you carry. 

Robert and Kristan

As we sit down and write this letter to you we begin this remarkable journey in meeting you. Words can’t describe how grateful we are for your selfless and admirable decision in choosing this path for the baby growing inside you. You are a very brave person who we admire very much. If you choose us as the parents of the baby that you are carrying right now we would be very blessed. That child would be loved, safe, adored, respected and provided for always. We are honored that you want to get to know us better as a couple and future parents.

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Adoption Success Stories