Adoption Successes

Alex and Annie

We would like to acknowledge your bravery, courage, and resolution to make this difficult decision for yourself and for your child and most of all your ability to open your heart, and possibly place your child and your absolute trust into our devoted hearts. We have the utmost respect, admiration and appreciation one human could ever have for another…for you.

Paul and Shannon

We want to express our gratitude for this opportunity.  We honor your decision to bring this beautiful life into the world and thank you for taking the time to get to know us. 

James and Jennifer

Even before we were married, James and I always had a very specific vision of what our life together would be like. Having grown up together from adolescence to adulthood, we are each other's best friend and soul mate. We knew long ago we wanted to be a family, one with several children and a dog or two to keep things interesting. We have a wonderful marriage, a lovely home and two great dogs. The only thing missing is the blessing of a beautiful little baby.

Louis and Edith

We have been blessed in so many ways with the exception of a child of our own. We have so much to offer. Not only a loving home, family and laughter, but also financial security, stability, and support throughout all they choose to do in life. We want to be there to see him or her throughout everything that life has to offer. If you let us, we promise to give your baby the life that you would want for them. We would be eternally grateful.

Troy and Rita

Lee and I have a very happy and loving life.  We have one son, Colt, who is two.  He would love to have a baby sister or brother.  In fact, every time he sees a child younger them him he screams “baby” and wants to hug and kiss them.  We also have a beautiful little red-headed puppy. 

Michael and Robinn

My parents are VERY ready to welcome their first grandchild into the family.  They have already picked names to be called…Grandpa David will be called Pappi and Grandma Dede will be called Nanny.  This little bundle joy has no idea how spoiled they are going to be.  That’s not all; Robinn’s grandpa is still alive too! So our baby will have a Great Grandpa.  Papa is still going strong at 84 and can’t wait to take our baby fishing and horseback riding.

Andre and Heather

We are Andre and Heather.  We met in Illinois traveling on the train to work in 2000.  We were married November 2001, near Wrigley Field, as we are Chicago Cubs fans.  We have always been the best of friends.  Andre can always make Heather laugh no matter what.  Laughter and being silly is a very important in our relationship.     

David and Stephanie

We are Stephanie and David.  Thank you for considering us to raise your precious child.  We have yearned for another baby for many years now, and are so grateful for this opportunity to experience the miracle of life once again.  We are committed to doing everything in our power to ensure your faith in us is rewarded. 

Barry and Molly

It is hard for us to think of the right words to express our love and respect for a woman that is giving her baby so much.  You have such love in your heart to give the child you carry life, and a home and family that you are unable to provide at this time.  We know that God will bless you in the difficult decision you are making.  The scripture Romans 8:28 has always been special to us, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God…”  We feel that God has a special blessing for you.

Mark and Kristin

We can't begin to imagine the difficult decisions you are facing.  Please know we admire you so much for choosing life for your baby.  The gift you are giving your baby is selfless, brave and full of love.  It is also an amazing gift to an adoptive couple like us who cannot have children on our own.  We would be honored and thrilled to raise your child as our own.  We welcome a baby to love, nurture and cherish every day.

Dax and Rachel

As the parents of two children, one of which we adopted, we know you are making a difficult decision.  We respect and praise you for your decision and will love your daughter endlessly.  You are very brave.  This is a lifelong blessing you are giving us. Rachel and I know this is a trying time and we want to reassure you of our thankfulness for you and your baby girl.

Michael and Michelle

Our names are Michael and Michelle and we met in May of 1990.  We fell in love quickly and in 1997, after seven years of dating we were married on a gorgeous spring afternoon.  Our relationship is one based on mutual love, trust, support and understanding.  We consider ourselves soul mates ready to take that next exciting step in our lives.

David and Kimberly
If you choose us, we can make a promise to you for life. We will do everything in our power to make you feel that you have given your child a wonderful life. Our hope for you is not to feel a constant void, but to feel that you have brought a miracle into this world. You will always be referred to as our angel. If you wish, we will tell our child from birth, everything you want him or her to know about you. Also, we will let him or her know that they have a true guardian angel. This will be our tribute to you.
Brett and Lane

What an awesome blessing, and what a courageous choice!  Although we can never fully understand what you might be experiencing right now, we want you to know how much we appreciate the gift of life you are offering for your child.  God has blessed us with a son, Benjamin, who will turn three this September, and we have always felt that our family was still incomplete.  After trying for a second child for a while, we were told we would be unlikely to conceive.  But God can work in many different ways, and I know He has a special child for us to complete our family! 

Matthew and Amy

Where do we begin? What do we say? How do we steady our nerves long enough to write to you; a woman we have never met and yet, have already begun to grow quite fond of? Matthew and I must have written and rewritten your letter a 1000 times. I guess it’s a good thing then that our letter is typewritten, not hand written (imagine the writer’s cramp!) and that paper can be bought by the gross!

Thomas and Amber

Hello, our names are Chris and Amber and we are honored for you to be reading our letter.  We are extremely excited about the chance to become parents for the first time.  Chris and I want you to know you are a very special person.  You have the ability to give us the most precious gift ever, a child that will enrich our lives and bring us more joy than we could ever imagine.  It is impossible for us to understand what you are feeling right now and what you have gone through to get to this point in your life.  Even so, we have so much respect and gratitude in our hearts for you in your decision to choose adoption. Adoption is something we have thought long and hard about and there is no doubt in our hearts or minds that we will be welcoming a new addition to our family one day very soon.

Joseph and Wendy

Wow, what you have decided to do is so very awesome! It is a very unselfish decision and we are sure it was a very hard one. Let us tell you THANK YOU! Your decision to give life will add so much to our lives should you choose us to take care of your precious child. The words in this letter could never convey the gratitude and excitement we have because of the decision you have made. Giving your child life is so wonderful and noble. We know that your child will be thankful for your loving choice. We are so proud of you!

Braden and Tamara

We having been praying for this opportunity and there is not a day that passes where we do not do something to further prepare for the blessing we so dearly hope to receive.  God has guided and directed us every step of the way.  You are truly a blessing to us and we admire your selflessness and conviction.  We thank you for your desire to learn more about us and we pray for your safety, comfort and peace.

Joseph and Stacy

We feel so very blessed that you would consider us as parents to raise your child. We understand how difficult this must be for you and cannot thank you enough for this opportunity to have another child to love, care for, teach, support, and show them all the amazing things God has given us. It has been our dream to adopt. We have four children Taylor, Dakota, Kinyon, and Amari. Kinyon and Amari are adopted and are incredible blessings to our family. We eagerly await your child to give him or her a loving, Christian, and happy home to grow up in.

Stephen and Valerie

Steve and I have been together for over thirteen years and have built our relationship on love, trust, compromise and understanding.  We have both been in the military since we graduated high school and have traveled to over thirty countries between us. We believe our experiences with other cultures give us the opportunity to raise a child with a broad world view and respect for diversity.   While Steve continues to fly full-time with the military, I am continuing to serve in the reserves part-time which keeps me flying but also allows me to be the stay at home mother I’ve always wanted to be.

David and Jeanette

If you wish, we promise to keep you updated on the life of your child as he or she grows.  We will take good care of this precious child and give what they need; love, education, self worth, and a desire to be the best person he or she can be.  As they grow each day we will remember that you made it possible for us.  Our lives will change and we will be a complete family because you have done a very unselfish act of giving life to a child.  Thank you!  We look forward to being the ones that you choose to raise your child. 

Elery and Charlotte

Some people are just called upon to parent. We feel we were chosen by God to adopt. We have three adopted daughters.  Chelsea was adopted in Kyrgyzstan and attends a private Christian high school.  She is a wonderful student and a lovely girl.  Charity was born in Russia and enjoys art and likes to draw and has taken guitar lessons. Caitlyn is our youngest.  She likes to swim and shoot basketballs, ride bikes, and play at the park.  She is most excited about having a new little sister.

Brandon and Angela

Our names are Brandon and Angela.  We have dreamed of being parents since the day we met and are excited about making our dream come true through adoption.  We are thrilled you are considering us to raise your baby.  Through this letter and our photos, we hope to give you a glimpse into our life so you can see how much we want to share our love with a precious baby.

Jeffrey and Patricia

What a wonderful, selfless gift of love you are giving to your child.  We admire your courage and the unconditional love you have for your child. We know this is a big decision for you and we admire your strength and courage as you search for the right adoptive parents who will provide your child with the best future possible.  It is our hope that we might play a part in that and at the same time, you find peace and comfort knowing your child would grow up in a home surrounded by love.

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