Adoption Successes

Timothy and Lisa

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter! Tim and I met by chance and have been happily married for 4 ½ years. We have dreamed of having a child of our own and feel that adoption is the answer to our prayers. We found our way to ANLC and now to you! We promise that your child will be loved and treasured beyond measure, as the greatest gift we will ever receive.

Phillip and Denise

We won’t presume to know the energy and emotion that it takes for you to work towards this decision.  We only hope that you have loving, caring people surrounding you while you are making it.  We want to tell you how sincerely happy we are that you’re taking the time to consider us as a family for your baby.  We believe we will be wonderful parents to a beautiful baby one day and would feel blessed if you chose us to love and care for your child. 

Marion and Trudy

We met through Marion’s cousin and dated long distance for awhile. We were married in October of 2007, just over a year after our first date. We moved into the house that is situated on Marion’s family’s farm. We have wonderful friends and neighbors who are always willing to lend us a hand whenever needed (even at 12:00 midnight when our cows need to be chased back into their pasture). 

Andrew and Carol

When you read our biographies and look at our photos, you will learn more about us, our background, and how important God and family are in our lives.

James and Jeanne

Children truly are a gift from God.  The wonderful child you have been given is so very special and is destined for an amazing life.   We know adoption can be such a blessing for both birthmoms and adoptive moms.  It seems like just yesterday that a courageous young woman blessed us with our beautiful adopted daughter.  We pray that you receive guidance and strength in the decision that lies before you. If you have ever wondered if you are making the right decision, be encouraged.  As you follow the peace in your heart, you can know that you are choosing what is best for both you and your child.   Our hope is you find comfort and lasting joy in knowing you are giving your child the opportunity to one day fulfill all of their hopes and dreams.






John and Michelle

My name is Michelle, and I've always wanted to be a mom. I was the oldest of two girls and my Mom's right hand. I knew from an early age how to change a diaper, tend to a scraped knee, calm a bad dream, and find ways to keep my sister entertained. I grew up babysitting and was thrilled when I became an Aunt.

My name is John, and I've looked forward to starting a family ever since I was a boy. I anticipated meeting that special person, getting married, having children, and building a home together as a family. I've been fortunate enough to achieve most of those life goals, and I'm excited to embark on the next phase of my journey.

Christopher and Emily

We try to complete our housekeeping and chores after Will has gone to sleep. We will spend every waking moment devoted to your baby and our family. Will knows that he is adopted, in fact, he has 3 books that he really enjoys that are about adoption. Our favorite is called “We Belong Together” by Todd Parr. It starts out, “We belong together because you needed a home and we had one to share. Now we are a family.” Another book called “You Are Special” talks a lot about the birthmother’s role and her sacrifice. It is a beautiful book that touches me every time I read it.

Alexander and Susan

We have known each other since college and knew from the very start we were meant to share our lives with one another.  Having been so young when we met, we not only grew as individuals but also as a couple.  We instantly became each other's best friend.  We were and still are inseparable.  We got married two years after college and have always known we wanted to have a family.  After some unsuccessful fertility treatments, we realized God had another plan for achieve our dream through adoption.  We are ready, willing and able to offer a child a home filled with unconditional love, laughter, faith and strong values.  We both come from families who have taught us the value and importance of family. 

Eric and Colleen

You are doing such a courageous and selfless act by choosing life. You will forever change and brighten the lives of two very appreciative people, who were no doubt made to be parents. Please know that the joy your child will bring will also brighten and enlighten the lives of our very large family!

Shane and Misty

Our home is in a wonderful neighborhood with lots of trees and a park nearby. Misty has already picked out which room is the nursery and cannot wait to decorate it! The only question is boy or girl? Pink or blue? We anxiously await the news of a little boy or girl to share our lives and love with.  

Michael and Katherine

We are Kay and Mike and are completely happy and excited to be starting the process to build our family. Our story is a little different from many other adoptive families in that we are not even attempting to conceive a child on our own. We are both adopted and have always imagined building our own family this way. We were both raised with adoption as such a positive, happy thing, and we yearn for the chance to give that happiness and love to our children. Both of our parents shared with us that we were adopted from a very early age and always spoke about it in a way that said they were the lucky ones to have us.

Michael and Julie

If you choose us as your adoptive parents for your child we can assure you that your child will be raised in a Christian home with very loving parents and a loving sister.  We will tell your child how he/she became a part of our family; in fact it will be a part of his/her baby book.  He or she will know that your decision was made out of love and unselfishness that gave us the opportunity to be a part of their life.  We will be happy to share pictures and letters with you for as long as you would like.

Joseph and Angela

We are surrounded by loving family and friends and have included them in our decision in moving forward to adopt.  We value their guidance and embrace their excitement as they see us move closer to enriching our family with your child.  We have great faith that everything will work out.

Brian and Amy

Starting a family is something that Brian and I have talked about since we met.  Being a parent is what we know in our hearts we are meant to be.  We feel like we have so much to offer a child.  Besides unconditional love and support, they will be welcomed to a family of cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and close friends.  I have a four year old niece and she just might be as excited as Brian and I are about welcoming your child to our family.  She even started a piggy bank just for the baby. 

Bernard and Monica

Our names are Bernie and Monica. We have a 23 month old daughter, Juliana. She is a “miracle baby” of sorts. Monica and I endured seven in-vitro cycles before getting pregnant with twins. Our surrogate mother contracted a serious virus and we lost our baby boy at 23 weeks.  Juliana was very fortunate to survive and miraculously was born healthy and happy. Unfortunately, we failed a couple more in-vitro attempts. We are praying that adoption will allow us to complete our family dream. We want to experience the joys of loving and caring for an infant again.  Mostly, we want our children to experience the unique, life long bond that siblings share. We promise to love your child as our own. We believe Juliana will be a nurturing older sister. She is very loving and compassionate. Together ... we can make a lovely family.

Patrick and Jennifer

Our names are Patrick and Jen and we are so excited for the opportunity to grow our family. Our only child Katie, turning three this summer, is looking forward to being a big sister.   After many years of trying to expand our family, we have accepted that God wishes for us to adopt and we will be grateful for the opportunity to love and care for another little one.

Michael and Melissa

We love the outdoors. Tod’s passion is fishing, and he loves taking his boat out and fishing with friends. Of course, he prefers me to go more than I do. He never gets enough time to fish according to him. My passion is shopping, traveling, cooking, and scrap booking. God is fundamental in our lives, we attend a Baptist church each Sunday, and we get involved with church activities. I have always dreamed of taking our child to Sunday school as I watch other mothers take their children.

Armando and Tracey
As we write this letter we would like nothing more than to offer our arms to hug and our shoulders to lean on as you make this difficult decision of carrying this blessed gift.  We would feel honored if you selected us to be the parents of your child. 
Brian and Rebekah

Ever since we got married, we have always discussed the possibility of adopting a child and now that we have started the adoption process, we are more excited than we even imagined.  We have seen how wonderful adoptive families can be and how they fulfill both the dreams of the adopting parents, but also the dreams of the child.

Paul and Melinda

You are an angel sent from above to fill the piece that is missing in our life. You are our blessing for choosing to give your baby life. You are a pillar of strength and courage to be able to love another individual more than yourself. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten. You will always be remembered for the miracle you created and brought into our life. Words can not express our gratitude to you for making our dream of being parents a possibility.

James and Katie
From the beginning of our relationship we both knew we wanted to have kids and began talking about adoption before we were married.  The decision was not a hard one but very natural for us.  We both knew that our number one priority in life was to have a family and raise children. 
Russell and Kelly

Our immeasurable, inseparable love came eleven years ago.  Our marriage is truly one of friendship, family, and faith.  The friendship we have is amazing; from the first day we met a deep bond emerged.  We share the same hobbies: horses, animals, and the great outdoors, which includes acting silly, playing jokes on one another, and focusing on the other’s happiness.  Our immediate family is in the local area and always in touch.  Our faith in the Lord through Jesus Christ is the corner stone in our life.  Our faith has and is built by a strong and realistic biblical study.  It is truly a blessing to know that while we have worked so hard on our educations and professions that our love for each other has come so easily.

Terry and Danielle

“Aloha and Mahalo nui loa” ~ Thank you very much for taking the opportunity to get to know our “ohana” which means family in tradition Hawaiian language.  We are so grateful to you for taking the time to learn more about us and our dream of becoming parents. Please know how much we love children, and know that we will love and cherish your child for all of our lives. We promise that they will grow up in a safe, nurturing, supportive environment, with lots of opportunities, and surrounded by loving family and friends. We hope you'll read more about us and agree that we would be the right parents for your baby.

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Adoption Success Stories